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Yes. Dr Peterson thinks he's proving "hierarchies are over 300 million years old!" & thus some kind of universal law.

If he or his audience knew biology, they'd know that chordata (our phylum) and arthropoda (lobsters' phylum) diverged over a billion years ago.
That's kind of like positing that humans in Europe and humans in China are related, and humans in China speak Chinese, therefore humans in Europe also speak Chinese.

Anyone see any problems w taking life lessons from a dude who can't get basic shit like that straight?
If he wanted to score some points by using nature analogies to prove that humans Must Behave A Certain Way, there are several thousand species on the planet with more in common with us than lobsters.
The closest relative to humans is Pan paniscus, the bonobo.

-Have sex A LOT
-With pretty much everyone except close relatives. Male, female, doesn't matter. They're pansexual.
-But only reproduce every 5-6 years.
-That's right, sex is unlinked from reproduction in our closest living wild relative.
-Have female orgasms on the reg
-Bonobo troops are run by female coalitions, solidified by lady-on-lady sex
-Male bonobos get their social status from their moms.…
Or, if you wanted to learn about the "natural state" of human relationships & society, you could look right at human anatomy.

Unlike philosophers who waste their time butchering lobster neurochemistry, biologists know you can tell a lot about critters by looking at their junk.
In primates, there's a connection between testicle:body mass ratio and monogamy vs polyandry. Humans are ... not on the monogamous side of the spectrum.

If we want to take lessons from nature, here's one: humans are NOT evolved to be monogamous.
Ever wonder why the human penis looks so different from other mammals'?

(No? is that just a biologist thing?)

It ain't just built for putting sperm in. It's also built for plungering other dudes' sperm out.
Which demonstrates in the ~natural state~ human women were out there having enough sex that a penis specially crafted to nudge the last guy's out of the way was a clear-cut evolutionary advantage.
But enough about dicks!

The female orgasm is a bit of a rare beast in the animal kingdom. This tells you that in the species that have it, it's probably important.
If you're not female, I want you to think about what it'd be like to go all-out in a sexual encounter & still be left with blue balls.

That's what being female is like.

How might this affect your interest in doing sex with someone?
Do you think it might get you to cross someone off your "cool to have sex with" list?

If so, there's some insight into one of the functions female orgasms may have served. You know, back in the days of natural living before "you must marry a man in order to eat" became a thing.
Lemme tell you IME there's a pretty tight correlation btwn dudes who can't be arsed to put in 20 min of work for a female orgasm

& the ones who can't be arsed to put in 20 min of chores or parenting.

Ability to deliver orgasms is a fairly decent predictor of partner potential.
In species that actually use "alpha male"ness to determine who gets to reproduce, the paternal contribution is just genes. No caretaking after birth & during childhood.

Whereas in humans, partner potential has very little to do with genes. If you doubt me, google "the Hapsburgs."

In that time period, paternal contribution was all about wealth.
However today's society actually has one key thing in common with early humanity prior to the very recent concept of private property:

the father's personal wealth stash is not the sole/main predictor of child & maternal health & survival.
But! Partner/father support still matters a lot. Boring stuff like chores, helping kids with homework, "not being an abusive jackass who beats and/or murders family members," these all make really big differences in the life outcomes of everyone around him.
Men are VERY IMPORTANT in keeping society together. What's needed from men is really straightforward: just normal everyday having-one's-shit-together. Willingness to put in work on boring stuff that's not instantly rewarding. THAT MATTERS.
What was that one thing that's a good indicator of a man's willingness to put in work on something that's not instantly rewarding to him?

That comes up early enough in the relationship to ditch him before he gets you pregnant? Oh right. The ability to meet female desire.
Taking lessons from biology is a fine idea.

The way to do that is look at species close to our own, or- gasp- our own species!

Then you draw conclusions from that, *casting aside preconceived notions that may be received from one's culture for reasons unrelated to biology.*
The proper scientific method approach to the incel problem would be to look at the story our own reproductive anatomy tells loud & clear, & conclude

"If a man truly cannot convince any women to fuck him, there's a reason, and the women's judgment is valid."
The wrong way to take lessons from nature is to *start* with preconceived cultural notions, then look for just-so stories to justify your foregone conclusion.

That's called pseudoscience.
Like. When somebody's scraping so hard they're digging into lobsters to explain human behavior, you know they're fucked. What the fuck
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