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There has been a hell of a lot to process today, but the biggest story that you should absolutely be freaking the hell out about is this thing about ICE "losing" 1475 children.

You aren't freaking out about that right now, because you have not truly processed it. It will likely
be quite a while before you are able to even partially process it, because it's something so horrific on such a shockingly huge scale that your brain frankly isn't able to really handle it. If you don't actively try and break that information down to a format your brain can make
some kind of sense of, it might never really sink in, which is bad, because you need it to sink in to get properly upset about it, and you need to get properly upset about it to take action against it. I haven't really processed it myself, but I'm chipping away. Here's my method.
First, still in abstract bloodless terms, try to get your head around what the phrase "ICE lost 1475 children" even means. ICE is a group of fascist thugs simultaneously working for the government and not at all working within the confines of the law, whose jobs basically amount
to being racist thugs in general, and in particular fulfilling every racist's fantasy of hunting for Mexican immigrants in some weird sort of Blade Runner/Terminator/whathaveyou power fantasy. That's already most likely something you can't process as an actual real organization,
but OK we'll let that slide for now. You can at least picture them as part of some dystopian novel/action movie, and really, if you do that, the rest of this chain of thought should go down smoother.

So OK, cartoonish army of fascist thugs, going around rounding people up. Those
people have kids sometimes, and again, at least if you think of this as a fictional thing, you can get your head around them getting rounded up too. It's that scene from everything where the mother's screaming with outstretched arms as she's getting dragged one way, and the kid's
getting dragged the other, probably dropping some stuffed animal that gets stomped on. Again, not something you can likely process as really happening, but you can picture it right? Now let's try and at least abstractly consider where those kids are dragged off TO. This is harder
because fiction using this as an establishing emotional beat doesn't generally go there. I've got a nice terse document right here explaining it in detail, but, again, hard to process:… Basically, they get warehoused for a bit. Since we're already coming at
this from a fictionalized direction for now, let's just say they're getting packed off with a bunch of other kids to one of those corrupt movie orphanages. Some stern authoritarian yelling at them, having to eat bowls of gruel, whatever. All very horrible and traumatic, something
that if you could really process it would potentially have you working out plans to rescue these kids or be constantly protesting this whole mess or something. Anyway, these kids get warehoused for a bit while their parents' basic human rights are being violated, and then mostly,
they're eventually sent home, for some questionable value of home. To their parents roughly half the time, wherever their parents are released to, maybe to an aunt or something most of the rest of the time. And then there's 10% whose fates I'm still not really able to process.
So, OK, we have a hell of a lot of kids here being shuffled around and interviewed to work out where to send them "home" to and everyone's obviously crying and it's... a logistical nightmare, and the fascist goon squad isn't dealing with it because they're really just in it for
the rounding up not anything past that. If it were up to them everyone would just be shoved into open-air cages in military bases or something pending execution or something. So, other government agencies are having to deal with this as best they can, and they were all founded in
the normal world where fascist goon squads aren't roving the streets ripping children from parents arms and don't really particularly have the infrastructure to deal with that in place to clean this mess up. So they're doing their best and improvising some and trying to take head
counts, and call and confirm that hey, these kids are all making it back to their families, right? And in... 1475 cases they're... not really sure where those kids are. Presumably they keep pretty good tabs on them in the orphanage type setups (which according to someone in the
replies to this who has some actual first-hand knowledge about this (so maybe scroll down to those Lysinely posts) aren't cartoonishly bleak) but between sending them "home" and calling "home" to check on them nobody's really quite sure what's up. Maybe they got where they should
and there's a communication breakdown checking in, maybe that sketchy 10% of "not parents or close relatives" coming to collect these kids includes abject monsters taking advantage of this chaotic mess of a system to nab kids for unspeakable reasons as per…
Literally, we don't know what's up here. Big ol' question mark. The government isn't really set up for tracking kids abducted by goon squads en masse, and you have overworked agencies being repurposed to try.

So, now that we have this framework, rather than try to picture 1475
children who are who knows where, try maybe focusing on just one child. Let's say her name is Maria. Her family came here from Honduras. One day her parents came to pick her up from school, everyone got snatched up in a terrifying ICE raid. It's been a couple months. They've been
released (whether that's sent home because hey they were actual legal U.S. citizens with good lawyers, or they were deported), and... they don't know where Maria is. At some point someone came to collect her from where she was being temporarily housed. Someone was pretty sure it
her uncle. They sent her home with him, and... nobody can really work out where she is right now. Terrifying, yes? And... this is where we are with a significant number of kids. So... again, try to get your head around that and freak out in the most productive fashion you can.
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