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FA is my Muse. Hunting early entries on DeFi gems. FA Threads: https://t.co/iszd5kQ9Zq @heat #Bitcoin #DeFi #Uniswap
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3 Apr
1/ $AC @NUTSFinance (acoconut.fi).
Here is a low-cap gem that is bringing cross chain liquidity and yield aggregation to $BTC, with a platform already live on Ethereum and BSC, and more blockchains to come.
This is a <$10M MCap, $BADGER ($326M) meets $MTA project...
2/ Just looking at the team and some of the project’s backers, we can see that @NUTSFinance has high ambitions. The team includes former managers/partners/employees of S&P Global, China Growth Capital (VC fund with over $1.2bn AUM), Google and Yahoo, to name a few.
3/ Angel investors include the co-founder of $DODO and the former head of Apac for @Ledger, and in February the project received a $500k strategic investment from @Block_Ark. Considering this was an under $5M MCap project at the time, this is a major vote of confidence.
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28 Mar
1/ $ALCX @AlchemixFi (alchemix.fi)
This one most of you already know, but their product is so unique and there’s so much bullish stuff coming for Alchemix that it still deserves a thread. Because come on, loans that repay themselves! What’s not to love about this?
2/ To put it in more accurate terms, $ALCX actually gives you an advance on the future yields on your deposits. So imagine depositing funds in a @iearnfinance vault, but instead of seeing your yield returns grow over time, receiving an advance on these yields right away.
3/ Alchemix does this precisely by depositing funds on yearn vaults, so that these funds can generate yield, and by minting a synthetic stable coin alUSD that users receive in exchange of their deposits, and that represent the advance on future yield.
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23 Mar
1/ $EGT @ElasticDAO (elasticdao.org). A super innovative approach to governance, an elastic token backed by $ETH reserves, some brilliant game theory, and an amazing team including former @SushiSwap devs..

This is the most excited I’ve been about a project in a while.. Image
2/ @ElasticDAO is a platform to manage decentralised organisations and make governance fairer.
Projects will be able to launch their DAOs and governance tokens through the platform, and ElasticDAO itself is the first of them all, with $EGT as its governance token.
3/ IMO, ElasticDAO’s solution to governance achieves three main goals. It is whale proof, it is free-rider proof, and it is very much a “skin in the game” approach where token holders are directly incentivised to participate and contribute to the project’s success.
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17 Mar
1/ $MONA

One of the many innovations in @DIGITALAX_'s NFT gaming ecosystem that we didn’t have room to cover in our joint thread with @CryptoSpider1, is the possibility for top gamers to get sponsorships from major brands and to use their branded digital garment NFTs in-game. Image
2/ Successful gamers within the @ESPA4play platform can be voted by $MONA token holders to be eligible to receive in-game fashion brand sponsorships through a quadratic funding vote (meaning 10 people voting with 1 $MONA have more voting power than 1 person voting with 10 $MONA)
3/ The fashion brand will then fund $MONA amounts to a Player Development funds pool, which will be used to sponsor the selected players both through $MONA pay-outs and by providing branded digital fashion skins for them to wear in-game.
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16 Mar
1/ $INV @InverseFinance (inverse.finance)
- A "Deposit X / Earn Y" yield earning product
- An innovative lending protocol based on a mixed synthetic/credit stable coin
- A star lead dev
- And one of the most active community governances in Crypto... Image
2/ Inverse Finance is one of the most promising projects in #DeFi right now and for good reason.
It is on track to establish itself as a major DeFi primitive after barely 3 months of existence and its founder @NourHaridy counts @AndreCronjeTech among his earliest supporters.
3/ Most of CT probably knows $INV as the largest airdrop in crypto history. 80 $INV tokens were sent to early supporters, and were initially non-transferable and to be used for governance only. But as the tokens later became transferable, that airdrop is now worth over $100k pp
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12 Mar
1/ @Polkadot $DOT #parachain
With all the excitement around the upcoming launch of parachains, I thought it would be a good time to do a TLDR on what they are, how they work, some of the main projects launching parachains, and how all of this will co-exist with other chains...
2/ At its core, @Polkadot will be an infrastructure layer for Layer 1 blockchains, with a Relay Chain acting as a base security layer (a “Layer 0” chain) and multiple parachains (parallel chains) attached to this Relay chain and benefiting from its security and interoperability.
3/ This is similar to an ETH 2.0 type sharded network, but while on ETH 2.0 all shards will be substantially similar, on Polkadot each parachain can be completely different, using different consensus mechanisms, different (or no) native tokens, or concentrating on specific apps.
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6 Mar
1/ $PLOT, @TryPlotX (plotx.io)
Here is the “Uniswap for Prediction Markets”, an undervalued project ($3M MCap) offering AMM based prediction markets, with a proven experienced team, soon to be launching their brand new version on @0xPolygon’s L2. Image
2/ Imo, the reason for such a low current valuation is that high gas fees resulted in their product becoming unusable. However, all this will change by the end of March as the team will be releasing PlotX V2 on ETH L2s, with effectively gasless transactions for the final user!
3/ The platform will go live on @0xPolygon (ex Matic) before the end of March, and the team confirmed in a recent AMA that it will also work on @optimismPBC & zkRollups, and will include fiat on-ramps directly to their L2 platform, making new user onboarding a whole lot easier.
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2 Mar
1/ As the @optimismPBC team has dropped news that their mainnet launch has been brought forward, I thought it would be useful to go through what the Optimism ETH Layer 2 solution is, how it works, and what it means for #Ethereum...
2/ The reason for all the excitement is that L2 solutions such as Optimism will help increase Ethereum’s throughput (tx per second), decrease latency (how long a tx takes to be confirmed) and greatly reduce gas fees. All without losing the security of the Ethereum mainnet.
3/ This is the main difference between “side-chain only” solutions (such as @0xPolygon or @xdaichain) and actual Layer 2 solutions. Side-chain solutions have their own consensus mechanism and security, and do not benefit from ETH's Layer 1 security, while L2 solutions do.
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1 Mar
1/ $WAULT, wault.finance, @Wault_Finance

Here is one of the most legit projects on Binance Smart Chain #BSC, working to bring much needed products to the ecosystem...

h/t @AlgodTrading
2/ $WAULT is going to offer a full suite of DeFi products on BSC: yield aggregator, AMM DEX, lending platform, staking/liquidity mining, Wault LaunchPad, Wault Locker, an elastic supply stable coin, and “Dextools” for BSC....
3/ Essentially developing the tools that are needed for the BSC DeFi ecosystem to mature and become safer for investors; and these are not far-away goals.
These tools are in active development and $WAULT is dropping new announcements almost daily!
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22 Feb
1/ $BONDLY bouncing back nicely after the dip

>Great marketing and mainstream exposure - 1st #NFT album in history!

>This coming Saturday is another @LoganPaul event which will increase exposure further

>Some @nansen_ai analytics below to get you feeling even more confident...
2/ Here are the # of individual addresses holding $BONDLY. Look at this beauty...
3/ Now a spot of $BONDLY whale watching...excluding project reserves, team wallets, staking pools etc)..

25 out of the 30 top $BONDLY balances have either been buying (13) or hodling (12) over the past 7 days...
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21 Feb
1/ $QUICK @QuickswapDEX. ETH L2 projects are in vogue, so it’s a good time to speak about Quickswap, a Uniswap competitor built on Matic's L2 infrastructure. $QUICK, sitting at ~25M Mcap, is seeing impressive increases in trading volume and liquidity, and for good reason... Image
2/ To get straight to the point, on Quickswap you have the same AMM Dex experience as on Uniswap or Sushiswap, BUT with 1 second confirmation times, transaction fees that cost a fraction of a cent, and without sacrificing decentralization as you would when using a BSC Dex.
3/ While Quickswap is not the only Uniswap competitor, what is notable here is that Quickswap is starting to see real use, with volume and liquidity increasing fast.
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20 Feb
1/ xDai STAKE, $STAKE, xdaichain.com. Given how crazy ETH fees have been recently it’s a good time to talk about what’s probably the most used L2 scaling solution for Ethereum right now with only a 150M Mcap, xDai $STAKE Image
2/ The xDai chain is an Ethereum sidechain where ETH smart contracts can be written and deployed in the same way as on the mainnet. So any asset on Ethereum can be bridged to the xDai chain and used there, with a fraction of the fees, and faster confirmation times (5s per block).
3/ xDai is not the only L2 side chain solution on Ethereum, but it is crazy how much adoption it has been getting lately and how undervalued their $STAKE token is compared to other L2 sidechain solutions
$MATIC $854M
$OMG $925M
$STAKE at only $150M
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18 Feb
1/ $RGT, rari.capital (@RariCapital). This is one most of you already know, but there is so much happening and so much great innovation coming from these guys (Fuse + Tanks + RSS coming in a few weeks…) that I thought it deserved a proper review
2/ @RariCapital is a yield aggregator allowing users to earn the best yield on their crypto within different risk appetites. They currently offer 3 yield pools (2 stablecoin & 1 ETH pool), applying funds across DeFi protocols such as Compound, dYdX, Keeper, mStable, Aave, etc.
3/ But the point is that for Rari this is just the beginning. Their current product competes with existing yield aggregators (Yearn, Farm, Alpha...)l leveraging on the same available DeFi protocols (the Aave’s, Compounds, etc) to earn the best available yields.
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16 Feb
1/ $DFD, @defidollar, dusd.finance. This is a project that i've mentioned over the last few days and that I believe is massively undervalued (~$10M market cap) and deserves a lot more attention. Image
2/ @defidollar offers a risk-insured stablecoin layer for DeFi. It does this through $DUSD, a stablecoin backed by an index of stable coins and leveraging on DeFi building blocks to ensure a $1 peg is maintained even if one of the stablecoins in the index loses its peg.
3/ So let’s take it step by step. Supported stable coins (DAI, USDT, USDC, sUSD…) can be posted as collateral to mint $DUSD and are provided as liquidity for yield generating DeFi products (such as @CurveFinance, yearn or $AAVE). And here is where the interesting stuff begins… Image
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14 Feb
1/ Here is another potential game-changing project that I am very bullish on: $BONDLY / bondly.finance (@BondlyFinance).
There is A LOT to say about $BONDLY, and each part of its offering (OTC swaps, DEX, NFT Launchpad, ecommerce gateways) could be a thread of its own!
2/ But the best way to summarise it would be to say that $BONDLY aims to address a simple but major issue, which is that OTC selling / trading of digital goods (crypto, NFTs, gaming items, social media accounts…), has always needed a trusted 3rd party to act as an intermediary.
3/ This 3rd party can range from being a helpful admin of a coin’s TG group, to the pro crypto OTC desks. But they all have 2 things in common: 1) you need to trust them and 2) they ALWAYS take a meaty fee.
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13 Feb
1/ A thread on $APY @apyfinance. I believe this could become a major DeFi bluechip, and I’ve been waiting since the 10th Feb for the price to settle before posting this! But it just won’t. So I’ll post it now, but please go slowly if you buy it. It just did a 5x in 2 days!
2/ So the APY platform is a yield farming aggregator that uses a single pool of liquidity and automatic rebalances the portfolio among different strategies to optimise risk adjusted yield revenues. It is basically like having an automated fund manager managing your portfolio.
3/ Today, if for example, you have funds in a yearn vault and you realise another vault launched with better returns, it can cost 100’s of dollars in ETH fees to switch between them. For anyone not investing huge amounts, this makes switching strategies completely unpractical.
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13 Feb
I'm not really sure how to say all this but here goes.
I would like to say a big thank you to all the new followers over the last 6 days.
It means a lot that you've found some value in these threads.
I will continue to try and shine a spotlight on some of the hardest working and most innovative teams in the space.
I'll always be keen to hear about any genuinely interesting projects so don't hesitate to drop me a line.
The projects already discussed: $OCTO, $ID, $ROOM and $APY all have fantastic teams behind them and i cannot wait to see all that they achieve through 2021 and beyond
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11 Feb
1/ So guys, here’s is the 1st thread on $ROOM (@option_room) the project that practically broke Ethereum when it did its IDO on Feb 5th. $ROOM’s TG group has 29k members and their token has over 8k holding wallets. This is crazy for a 6 day old project, even for DeFi!
2/@OptionRoom is a decentralized oracle / prediction market built on @Polkadot and based on governance, so it won’t rely on external data feeds, but on users as data source, incentivized by token rewards for honest behavior & token slashing in case of dishonest behavior.
3/ The project has a dual token system, with $ROOM used to pay platform fees and rewards, and $COURT as the governance token, that will need to be staked for voting power. Users will be able to stake ROOM (or ROOM/USDT & COURT/USDT LP tokens) to earn $COURT once staking starts.
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10 Feb
1/ So guys, time to talk about $ID @EverestDotOrg, a new project I’m very bullish on. Everest is a full stack fiat onramp + KYC + DeFi + L2 project that will offer a regulatory compliant solution to link the regulated fiat financial institutions world and DeFi.
2/ And this is not just idealistic fancy talk. Although the token was launched just 2 days ago, the project has been in development since 2017 and has existing partnerships with major financial institutions (more on that later), and OG crypto projects like Aave and Kyber.
3/ Not to mention that the actual Ex-President of Estonia is an advisor. And not just a headshot-in-a-white-paper advisor. The guy is actually doing Youtube videos with Everest’s co-founder and discussing the project.
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