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I ask questions for people who don’t know what questions to ask. Métis. Я не Русский бот. Air Traffic Control. Parler: 8notables IG: https://t.co/QyToWlbTde
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9 Jul 20
So, anybody want to try and figure out what words we can make from these pictures?
Pic 1. Our letters. Given by the General.
Pic 2. The mathematical variables we can use to cross check Q posts
Pic 3. Shows letters chosen. Pic 4. Shows broFlyn pic with mirror of GenF shifted 134 ImageImageImageImage
Let’s use a topic found by frens.


We’re missing letters. Hmm. We need an A. And an H. The total squares add up to 24...24...23
We can go backwards from any letter to see what previous letters we can access, provided math checks out. ImageImage
Now the H
This is found by using the control. 5x5 repeating squares. The colors only matter to signal the pattern, and how to find things that stand out. In this checker board, the standouts are circled. They are off color of what should be on their square.

Using Tap code: ImageImage
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21 Jun 20
What does Q mean when we are told:

“You are watching a movie”

Has everything been ‘scripted’? Do people have a choice whether or not to follow the script? Are people acting? Would they know if they were acting?

Thoughts? ‘Cause I’m feeling comfy.
Have you ever watched public-pranking shows?

It’s somewhat ‘scripted’, but not all of the actors are told the script.

What’s the difference between the budget and available technology of a small production company and that of multiple military and intelligence agencies? Imagine how [they] can be forced into acting a part.
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12 Jun 20
Time = frequency difference between interference events squared.

Gravity = speed of light times interference squared

Light = square root of mass divided by energy

√m/e = t = c(Δf)²
Time must therefore be independent of mass energy field.
The brain acts as a receiver to these interference events by being a platform within which neutrons are fired. Existence is not independent of the observer.
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9 Jun 20
Linear is a four letter word

The reason that [they] are losing their minds, is really quite simple. When it was written, we set it up so that anyone who entered, either alone or in a group, could experience the same base from which stories could be written from.
This time, we got together ahead of time; The greatest teams from around the entrances to all of the universes, and turned it up a notch. 3-D is so last eternity. [They] are programmed... and getting very afraid - We know the source code.
Day infinity of one

I’m always Nick. That is the name you’ve always known me as, but this time I’m Nick T. Dropped a little pebble in the wishing well. There’s a reason for this as you will come to see: more similar differences will abound like this all the time.
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2 Jun 20
Roger ball:
Coming in for landing. ILS comms recently. Now Carrier comms.

This is different than how it appears to be read:

“Roger, ball has been called.


“Roger ball.... has been called.”
"Maverick you're at three-quarters of a mile, call the ball."
~Top Gun~

Are comms related to the referenced movies found within various Q posts?
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30 May 20
1/5 If you think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration, the inability to explain the reason WHY the observer effect is real, can be explained (also quantum). The observation requires all three above, the resulting waves interfere at [...]
2/5 [...] the point of observation on the object’s energy, frequency, and vibration waves. The point of observation IS the point of interaction. The interaction creates a resonance effect on the object. The proper resonance, can effect gravity, visibility, and more. [...]
3/5 [...] Sufficient energy would be required to reach optimal resonance for a required effect to adjust the properties. Each set of properties sits in a different dimension. Do not confuse density (location) with dimension (a set ‘space’ to adjust a specific property). [...]
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22 May 20
I can’t wait for Trump’s new book, “The Art of Trolling”
By Fun Tsu
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22 May 20
I was sitting here watching a group of masked people lined up to be allowed access to a store, like good little sheep. Then staff member came to the lady at the end of the line and handed her a laminated piece of paper that say “I’m Last”, and told her to keep passing it down 😂
FYI: They’re not accepting cash due to the potential of spreading the virus on the bills.
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21 May 20
It’s beautiful. I’ve been trying to see this for years.

This is closer. Need to solve the proof and allow another floating point variable to create a 3d isometric triangle (pyramid).
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21 May 20
Tell me I’m not alone. 🙏

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20 May 20
Come together. Acknowledge the good.
Self-referential by number and keyword. Future proves past.

Welcome to The Bible - Chapter 3
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20 May 20
The Q posts, news, tweets are part of a numerical and keyword, self-referencing loop. The news has to happen in order for key parts of the code to activate the full sequence.
Each code is initiated by a keyword/number match. Those initiating-segments start a circle loop of their own. Matching more numbers/keywords within each article of the loop.

The code becomes a set. Each set can reference another number/keyword with any other initiating Segment.
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14 May 20
Who “pushed” for Dan Coats?
Anybody know? I’m looking into Denis McDonough.
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11 May 20
Obamemes anyone?
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11 May 20
Everything is vibration. You can see the future by looking to the past. It’s like fractal waves.
The brain is a very capable frequency receiver. We are tuned in to short waves at the moment. Hours, days, years. Years seem big to us in this frequency, because the vibration is so short. Minutes.

Tune in to the longer waves. Tens of thousands of years.
You start seeing patterns: Stone Age, Iron Age, Bronze, industrial, space age. Nothing set in stone, as the little vibrations change everything slightly. But these little vibrations are carried along by the long wave. Creating cycles of Age progression, think Mayan calendar.
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