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Former Senior Border Patrol Agent/Intelligence turned whistle blower. Immigrant rights activist. Advisor, speaker, writer on BP/CBP/ICE corruption/rape culture.
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3 Mar
1) Latest story: White educated woman, former cop went to pick a friend up. Had her 2 kids in the car. Friend throws his backpack in back & before she takes off, Border Patrol lights her up. Friend had some weed and Xanax. She knew nothing about it of course. Plus, weed is
2) is legal in her state. Agent said he didn’t care bc he was federal. Never said why he pulled her over. Never once asked her citizenship, which is required by 8 USC 1357. Even though friend did the right thing and admitted it was all his, they arrested her in front of her kids.
3) Kids are screaming and crying. Take her to the station and make her kids sit in the cell with her. Never booked her or charged her and ultimately let her go the next day. Seized her car. She is a single mom and needs the car for work. Even though she did not commit a crime,
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3 Mar
1) Since 2016, ⁦@USBPChief & ⁦@CBP⁩ Pursuits have been responsible for over 20 deaths. Deaths by Border Patrol - Southern Border Communities Coalition…
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3 Mar
When I was a new @USBPChief agent in Campo, CA, we were taught how to get away with pursuits that end in crashes. We were trained to turn of our sirens and say over the radio that we terminated the pursuit bc they were driving recklessly and that we were stopping 1)
2) on the side of the road. Dispatch will have recorded us saying we terminated, but we were actually continuing the chase. Then we claim we were looking around and just happened upon that car and they wrecked. Bc we worked in such desolate places, there was rarely ever any
3) witnesses. The migrants could claim whatever they wanted. We knew no one would listen to them. Plus, we would just deport them before anyone could interview them. You should know that I never did this. You should also know agents still do this.
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28 Feb
Border Patrol Rape Culture. C/W: sexual assault
2) Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Gus Zamora was charged w/raping a junior female agent in May 2019. Charges were filed but no trial date has been set.…
3) @USBPChief agent was charged w/sexually abusing several children April 2020.…
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26 Feb
1) Important thread by Joshua Rubin of @WitnessBorder as posted on Facebook: When the US government was sued by attorneys representing a little girl named Jenny Lisette Flores, a few principles were established that were intended to improve the experience of migrant children who
2) were going through traumatic transition as a result of their migration to this country, often involving separation from their families.

It was determined that the most damaging thing you could do to children was to restrict them, in other words, to lock them up.
3) So, the language, “least restrictive” plays a prominent role in the settlement. It has been interpreted to mean, first of all, that children should be transferred from border security facilities very quickly. Transferred to places that are usually referred to as “shelters.”
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5 Feb
1) John Paul Markowitz died in @USBPChief custody a year ago. His family still does not know why. Border Patrol claims he died of an overdose but that’s what they said about Anastacio Hernandez Rojas and they beat him to death. It’s important to note that Markowitz 1)
2) was pulled over by @USBPChief agents because he was behind another car that contained undocumented migrants. Markowitz’ car had no one else in his car other than himself. Agents claim he had a small amount of drugs in his car. This is why @SBCCoalition has fought so hard
3) to bring out the truth of Anastacio’s case. While we do not know what happened to Markowitz, we can clearly see @USBPChief is covering up for something and that CBP OPR is stalling for a death they claim is just an overdose. Did their CIIT teams run a cleanup like they
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4 Feb
1) Wow! Case before UN Inter-American Council shows how @USBPChief himself & other @CBP leaders obstructed justice & covered up the extrajudicial killing of a migrant by over a dozen Border Patrol agents when they beat & tased him to death in 2010. His is huge.
2) Includes affidavits from high ranking @CBP accusing @USBPChief & others of crimes including running an illegal parallel investigation where agents destroyed video evidence and hid witnesses from investigators. I know this unit well.
3) It’s the Critical Incident Investigative Team. It was used to cover up evidence of agent crimes and to tell management what the FBI or other investigation teams have on the agents so they could develop a plan. It is still being used today to coverup crimes.
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27 Jan
Imagine bragging about the fact that Border Patrol only has been able to retain 5% female agents. They are right about how tough these women are. You have to be pretty fucking tough to pass that academy while standing next to your rapist everyday like I and others did. 1)
2) You have to be pretty tough to survive the Game of Smiles like some women did.…
3) You have to be very tough when an Assistant Chief rapes you and the agency allows him to retire with benefits.…
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14 Jan
It’s not lost on me how similar Trump & Q followers are to what Americans traditionally believe of terrorist groups. Ideologies based in hate & misogyny, claims to religious motives, cult-like devotion, willingness to murder others & leaders, social media platforms 1)
2) to spread disinformation, etc. We’ve dealt with foreign terrorism by bombing the shit out of countries they lived in and countries we claimed had ties to terrorists. We’ve killed innocent people bc we said they were harboring terrorists. What if those innocents
3) were just trying to survive those terrorists like we are today? Should we bomb the shit out of ourselves? Should we assume our domestic terrorists are a lost cause like we do with foreign terrorists? I don’t know yet what the answers t this are. I think it’s like most
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13 Jan
Hearing that Republicans are afraid to impeach this president, afraid his followers will hurt them or their families. I know a lot about this fear. It is what kept me quiet for nearly 2 decades and what nearly killed me. Whether you choose to stay quiet or openly defend him, 1)
2) it will hurt you and your family. If you refuse to take a stand against this insurrection, this white supremacy attempt at overthrowing the government, they will still come after you. Know that these people are relying on your fear. They rely on you being a coward and keeping
3) quiet. And if you do, it will eat you up as it did me. You will be forever shamed and vilified as will your family and generations after you. However, standing up against white supremacy and this coup will make you stronger and actually brings you closer to safety. This is
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13 Jan
In the last 4 years, we’ve heard extensively about how Trump is a bully, a narcissist, an abuser. This is all true, but I think we also should realize that his supporters, especially those within government that have made all of this happen are as well. We’re not just dealing 1)
2) with one narcissist or bully. We’re dealing with many who’ve found their Bully in Chief in Trump. These are the people who are now calling for forgiveness and unity without accountability. This is how abusers and narcissists roll. It’s their game.
3) The one thing I’ve learned in dealing with people like this is that if you do not hold them accountable, if you do not ensure they pay for their crimes, they will keep coming back. They do not learn lessons. They only see openings to once again take advantage.
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12 Jan
Ok, finally had a chance to listen to Trump’s speech in Alamo, TX today. Thankful there was no violence. As I thought, it was a call to the “we hate immigrants” base and to cops. I know that some had asked me to comment on their opinions that this would be another coup attempt. 1
2) But honestly, I could not see any reason why Alamo, TX would be a place to lead an insurrection. Also, as I said, there was no intel to suggest this. Some did, and that is their right. Although you may want to consider the fear you cause when you do that.
3) Will there be another attempt? Maybe. Will @CBP and @USBPChief back him? They already do. They also helped the first insurrection by refusing to send agents. Not responding when they had agents waiting is supporting the coup. Lastly, I will always tell you if I know.
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2 Jan
🧵 This is for those fearing the violence that Republican leaders are threatening. None of this is new. I was born in 1971. I cannot remember a time when there was no white male violence or the threat of it. Those who are older than me would likely tell you the same.
2) In the 70’s, white men were mad at women because they demanded equal rights. My mother and those like her worked to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. White male leaders did everything they could to kill it. They were also mad about the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s.
3) They murdered our leaders, labeled us as terrorists, criminalized our actions. In the 80’s, I can remember them bombing our abortion clinics and shooting doctors. In the 90’s, they “went postal” when they lost their jobs and blamed it on immigrants and women.
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30 Nov 20
A covid story.
My wife & I have been extremely careful regarding covid. We believe we likely had it in February or March but obviously didn’t get tested back then. Still, we take all the precautions: masks, distancing, don’t go out to eat even though you can. Not only am I high
2) risk bc of my weight, but I also have asthma. Then there’s my wife’s mom. She’s 80 & in assisted living. We talk over and over with her about it. We make sure she has all the masks and hand sanitizer she needs. We even told her she could live here but she prefers living there.
3) She assured us that she is taking all the precautions, and though she has some memory issues, she is not having trouble with covid. Their facility has been covid free. Every week, they send us an email bragging about this. But then I noticed we hadn’t received one since
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25 Nov 20
Thread on accountability and forgiveness : I have a unique perspective on this. I used to be a Border Patrol agent. I used to enforce racist, brutal policies aimed at Black and brown migrants. It took me many years and a serious suicide attempt to come to terms with my actions.1)
2) My anger during those years was aimed at everyone but myself. It’s only when I took responsibility for my own actions, accepted what I had done and what it did to others than I could truly heal. You see, accountability isn’t just about the victims getting justice. It’s about
3) offenders seeing their wrongs. Admitting their failures and listening to those they’ve harmed. This brings me to forgiveness. I ask every person I meet who has been affected by our immigration policies for forgiveness. I ask this because my actions helped create this system.
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9 Nov 20
Thread about not going backwards: I was born in 1971. This means I was in high school in the 80s and college in the early 90s. I joined the Border Patrol in 1995. Back then, equality for me meant joining institutions that had previously shut me out bc I am a woman and gay.
2) Progress meant becoming a part of those institutions and the systems that run them. The hope was that we could make changes. The hope is that with more women, LGBTQ and people of color, we could change the systems. These systems and institutions were made by and for white men.
3) What you see today with the openness of white supremacy, police brutality, Trump...this is the result of us trying to change the system. It is the backlash. It’s their response. Every time we made changes, they corrupted those changes. A good example is how the
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8 Nov 20
After hearing about Joe winning, that feeling that you are getting, like you have more mental space to deal w/other things in your life? That‘s bc living under Trump is traumatic. He has traumatized Americans.
I have had a lot of trauma in my life. I’ve discovered this to be true: when you are being traumatized, it takes a lot out of you mentally. You got every day tasks, but if you add a traumatic event like being raped or losing a loved one, your mental space to deal w/everyday tasks
2) become more difficult and then you can’t deal w/that shitty neighbor. When the trauma is removed, and you start to recover from it, you suddenly don’t hate the neighbor as much and maybe feel bad for being mean.
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7 Nov 20
1) I want to talk to those of you who keep tweeting me this photo. I notice how many of you are male and young. As someone who worked in law enforcement in the 1990’s, allow me to enlighten you of what it was like.
2) This is me in 1995. To be a woman, white or of color, in those days meant you were repeatedly sexually harassed if not assaulted on a daily basis by men who controlled your career.
3) Maybe even you were raped by a fellow agent like I was and all the leadership covered it up. And when you finally passed all their stupid tests, they said you only passed because you probably fucked someone in leadership. And if you got promoted, they again accused you of
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30 Oct 20
I see these cops and think, this is border policing coming to your community. Every time agents kill someone, they claim that they were the actual victims. They were the ones assaulted. Every single time. 1)
2) They said this shooting was because a migrant viciously stabbed an agent. He was life flighted out after killing the man, but he was released from the hospital that night & returned to full duty the next week.
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24 Oct 20
I have just returned from walking last night’s shooting in San Ysidro by a Border Patrol agent. There are at least @CBP 4 cameras and 4-5 private business cameras that @SanDiegoPD should have custody of that were aimed at the area where the shooting occurred.
2) These 3 cameras would show people entering and leaving the scene.
3) Cameras at the port that can see the area.
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3 Oct 20
You don’t have to take the high road in this. You don’t have to be civil or respectful. Trump is an abuser. His policies have separated families, killed children in custody, drowned families in the Rio Grande. His policies have torn parents from their children while being taken 1
2 to school or to church. He has poisoned our water and air. Thousands of Americans were left to die in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. He attacks women, children, gays, transgendered, Muslim, Black... And don’t feel you have to respect him because he is president.
3 He abandoned our allies and sided with dictators. He supported men who kill journalists and jail and torture their political enemies. He has stolen our tax money and used it to pay his own businesses. He’s taking away healthcare and never n made a plan about covid.
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