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Now here to stop Louise Mensch's cyberbullying. I can't believe I have to say this, but retweets are not necessarily endorsements.
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22 Nov
*** THREAD ***

Some Thoughts on Trump and Trumpism, and the Way Forward, From a Conservative Who Always Detested Him

Some of my Twitter followers have stuck around with me since my first Twitter account, years ago.

You may recall that my Twitter handle in those days was @b_ofrights .

Trump was the reason I actually jumped on Twitter in the first place.

I had been calling out and confronting Russian trolls on Disqus. The Disqus administrators were generally not too skilled at determining who the trolls were, it turns out.

Those were interesting times.

I would have direct conversations with the trolls and, quite often,

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16 Oct
*** Mini-Thread ***

I was silent for years.
I ignored it.
But when a blue checkmark, whose multiple Twitter accounts you have had blocked for years, cyberstalks & cyberbullies you, spreading lies about you & your family members, month after month, you reach a breaking point.

I didn't stand up when my friend was cyberbullied by Mensch and took his own life.

I regret that.

See here:

I didn't stand up and fight back when she began calling me a "serial harrasser" of women.

I wish I had.

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12 Sep

A Little Lesson in Trustwashing

Example One:

Assad and the Armenian mob are neck deep in child sex trafficking.

Tulsi is an Assad apologist.

So the goal here is for you to reflexively take the opposite position and defend the show.

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27 Aug
I cannot state this enough:

The fact that bad actors are exploiting racial issues in America does *NOT* mean that racial issues don't exist in America.

Quite the CONTRARY.

The reason they are able to exploit them is because there ARE racial problems in America.

I am disheartened to see people getting emotionally triggered on this point.

Unless we call out the bad actors, many of whom are hiding in wolf's clothing, we cannot begin to solve the problem.

And, unfortunately, the history of subversion and disinformation that has

targeted minority populations in America goes back many decades.

And now, in 2020, it is not just Russia, Cuba, Iran, and North Korea engaging in this kind of warfare.

It is now also transnational organized crime.

But they don't wear badges and name tags.

Hence, if you

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