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2 Sep
I quit my 6 figure agency

here's what happened👇
I can already see some of you reading this shocked and confused with that clickbaity headline

well here's an explanation
to be clear,

NO, I didn't shut down the complete agency and fired all the clients and team like most people do when they shut down their agency.
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17 Aug
I've generated $3,000,000+ in LTV for clients in the last 10 months

Keep reading I'll show you exactly how you can do it too

Disclaimer: This is not a get rich quick scheme.

This thread is gonna be long and actionable

If you do what I say, you can quit your 9-5, drop out of school and do what you want.

Bookmark this, take notes, and most importantly, apply it.
No this is not about dropshipping, Shopify stores or doing Facebook ads for HVAC companies.

This is b2b outbound outreach.
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17 Aug
There is no single best niche or industry you can choose to work with.



The top 1% collect 97% of the gross volume

and the rest 99% fight for the rest 3% of the supply
1 guy on money twitter makes $1M+ per month from his courses and community

while all the platitude accounts keep selling a $9 ebook on 9 left every friday

it's NOT the business model

it's the positioning and the back-end work
1 upwork freelancer charges $50k per project

while rest everyone fails to make $50k per year

it's NOT the business model

it's the positioning and the back-end work
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15 Aug
The amount of money you can charge depends on just 3 things

1) The specific problem you're solving
2) The time you'll take to solve that problem
3) The confidence you have in your offer

Improving just 1 of these can help you charge 2x more of your current price
1. The specific problem you're solving

SEO agencies charge $500

SEO agencies working with ecom stores to improve the organic traffic on revenue-generating keywords charge $5,000

Be specific.
2. The time you'll take to solve that problem

Unless you charge per hour (which you shouldn't)

The faster you solve the problem, the more they will be willing to pay you
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13 Aug
Everyone keeps asking me about what niche they should choose

Here’s a list of 22 niches you can target:

Just choose 1 and start!

1. Info-product sellers on Gumroad/Instagram
2. Fitness Coach/Personal trainer
3. Social media influencer
4. Coaches and consultants
5. Ecom brands
6. Info-product sellers
7. Cold Outreach:
8. Mobile app dev companies
9. Web dev agencies
10. CRM consultants
11. Integration consultants
12. No code agencies
13. B2b saas enterprises
14. Marketing agencies (SEO, FB ads, etc)
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11 Aug
How to use a 10-page pdf to close $3000+ deals

With the exact cold email scripts you can use!

Subject line:

{{name}}, I can help!
Hey {{name}}, [unexpected icebreaker]

{{personalised line}}

I am Donvesh, {{case study}}

We’ve put together a short PDF that explains how I got the results above (in Case study) without x

Just reply to this email with a simple “yes” and I'll send it over!

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2 Aug
I was struggling to get results for one of my clients

We had been working for over 7 months but the last 6 weeks were difficult

Here are the 3 steps I took to improve the results and retain them for another 3 months

Step 1: Analyse the metrics

You want to start from the numbers closest to no. of new deals and work backwards from there.


If the end goal is no. of deals closed

Check the no. of qualified prospects on the phone

then move to...
Check the no. of sales calls completed (excluding no shows)

then move to no. of total appointments done

then at no. of interested replies

and finally, the total no. of outreach messages sent
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29 Jul
i have switched from fixed $ to completely % based pay for everyone in my team

i don't care how many hours or how hard you are working

if you get good results for the business & clients overall

you get paid more
this will result in lower profits % for me

but I want to increase the total pie itself and thus get more $ from less %
the choice was between:

1. staying a little small, pay an average $ to team, getting average results for clients


2. scaling more, paying more, getting better results

I chose the second option
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28 Jul
21 tips to get better at marketing:

1. Bleed on paper. Call out their pains
2. If you don't show people you know them, there's no marketing
3. If you get lazy & don't do the research, there's no marketing
5. Entertainment is the best marketing. Education is the second-best
6. Make them dream about the future
7. Focus on your BIG Idea
8. Word of mouth is king
9. Learn to tell stories
10. Understand the awareness level of your market
11. Tackle objections before they arise
12. If you don't overperform, there's no marketing
13. There is no such thing as too much marketing
14. The more you promote, the more you sell
15. If you overcomplicate your campaign, people will ignore you
16. Sell the transformation
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24 Jul
Unpopular opinion:

If you're good at what you do

You don't need diversification.
FOCUS is far more high ROI than diversification.

Let's take the example of a usual beginner trying to build an audience

Starts posting on Twitter, IG, Quora, and 9 other platforms at once

1 year later, he has 500 followers on each of them with 20% of them, common followers
what if instead

he just focused on growing 1 traffic source

it could've easily been 10k-25k+
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19 Jul
In the past 11 months

I've sent over 350k cold emails

5 timeless lessons I've learnt:

1// The best cold emails have 3 main components:

🤜 Well personalized

Research the other person.

It takes just a few minutes but the returns are exponentially higher.

100 personalized emails >> 10000 copy paste spammy cold emails
🤜 A short intro that instils trust & authority.

Tell them who you are, what your experience is & why they should care

Tell them how much money your clients have made because of you
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18 Jul
5 people who join my email list in the next 24 hours

Will get 2 modules from Agency Cashflow Roadmap for FREE

retweet and join here

Winners will be announced tomorrow
Everyone who signs up gets:

🤜 13 cold email scripts that work and get you booked calls?
🤜 11 hot services that everyone is buying right now
🤜 9 profitable niches that could make you a ton of $$$
🤜 My omnichannel guide


For free
So much free value

but only for the 3,000 people subscribed
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16 Jul
I get so many requests

"Donvesh, how to start agency"

"Donvesh, what skill should I learn?"

"Donvesh, which is the best niche?"

So finally I compiled a list

> 13 cold email scripts
> 11 services
> 9 niches

Want it?

Reply below & I'll send you a DM

100% FREE

RT to share🔥
fuck it

also giving out a free Omni-channel guide

reply and rt and expect a dm from me soon!
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15 Jul
Why outsourcing is more high ROI than you think

Let's say you want to outsource the kost basic things

> Cleaning your home & cooking

Now how much time would it take to do that everyday?

Let's say 3 hours (random number)
But does it only take 3 hours?

What about the time you keep thinking

" Oh I have to get my stuff cleaned"

Let's say cooking a dinner takes 60 minutes

Well how about the time taken to get the groceries

What about the time and mental real estate going to think about
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8 Jul
Easy business idea

Charge $1,000 for 15 minutes of work.

Target market: Local businesses

1. Med Spas
2. Roofer
3. Plumber
4. Landscaper

Outreach medium:
Cold email (won't work that well)
Cold call (easy and good ROI)
Walk-in (high close rate, high ROI)
Your offer:

"We will build you a digital call booking and brand awareness calendar to help you close clients, according to your comfort zone."

Here's what you will do for them
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1 Jul
How to think about pricing

Here's the 1 sentence rule:

If you're not confident, charge based on the work you do.

If you're confident, charge based on the value you generate for your client
This is exactly why most small companies charge a fixed fee per project

While most big agencies charge based on their performance.

Because they are confident about their work.
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30 Jun
My thoughts about platitude motivation wealth accounts:

1. They have absolutely no future other than selling something related to twitter growth or affiliating for gumroad course

2. No one respects you even if you have 100k followers

3. Followers is not equal to money

4. Twitter is much more about making friends and meeting high value people than it is about doing 9 left every friday

5. Your followers don't care about you.
They just get the quick dopamine and forget about you

You're no different than 100s of other almost same accounts with some variation of wealth/motivation/hustle

Now what's the solution?

It's okay if you don't have any skills

It's okay if you're not making money outside of Twitter
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25 Jun
How a simple question could make you an extra $100k for each client

Let's say you're doing lead gen for them

The average agency has a retention rate of just 3 months

What if you could expand that to 12 months or even multiple years

And then sell them other services and high ticket programs

Let me show you how:
Ask them about their current revenue

Ask them how many clients do they have right now

Ask them about their target revenue for:
1. Next 6 months
2. Next 12 months

Have a look at their systems
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22 Jun
You don't start an agency in a day

The "right" way of starting an agency

First, the wrong way of starting an agency:

"Oh man, I see all these guys making a shit ton of money with their agency.

Imma start one today"

*Goes to buy a domain and watching how to start an agency youtube videos*
Why is this the wrong way?

To understand that, we need to understand what an agency is.

"A service-based agency is just a fancy way of saying that you have an expanded freelancing business with MORE clients and a BIGGER team"

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17 Jun
6 rules of writing cold emails that get replies

Rule 1: Follow this formula: PITC

Personalise the email right from the beginninng

Subject line
First name
Personalised lines
Random weird but specific things

Just make sure the receiver knows that the email was sent only to them
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17 Jun
Twitter growth in 1 sentence:

Do something in real life that makes you worth following
Honestly hate these platitude accounts

They don't tell you to do something real

To start a real business

Their business model is to post platitudes all day

Pretend to be rich

Then start selling a course on Twitter growth and all it has is comment under big accounts
Next comes a community to keep you accountable for commenting "value" under big ac6
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