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ex-Military (Z.N.A) R&D Electronics Engineer Royal Member of the Rozvi Empire(MRE) Proudly Karanga and African. #OneZimbabwe #NoToTribalism
8 Apr
If I ever become the President of Zimbabwe:

1. I'll limit parly seats to 100 and reduce gobbling tax payer's money
2. I will remove redundant titles like minister of state, deputy minister etc
3. The government vehicles will be purchased locally
4. 4x4 vehicles will only be for
parly members outside major cities. PAs must not get 4x4s and stay whole day in airconditioned rooms. 4x4 is for rugged work and terrain
5. I will leave ministers to do official openings of projects in their line of ministry. I can't be officially opening a powerstation when the
minister of energy is there. Same applies to roads when the minister of transport and infrastructure development is there.
6. I will change the education system we have right now. ECD A&B, Gr 1- 7, Form 1 - 6, Gap year, First year to 5th yr, 21 years of paying fees is not a joke
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6 Mar
Our education in Africa is not helping us that much anymore. Bachelor's degrees produce a lot of managers. Polytechnic college diplomas produce handsmen and technicians. Now we have lots of degree holders (managers) than diploma holders(technicians and handsmen).The end result is
companies and organizations end up creating numerous managerial posts than to hire actual people who do the work. You have Director, Deputy Director, Assistant Deputy Director, PA to the Director, PA to the Assistant Deputy Director, Manager, Supervisor then the guy who does the
job. Now we wonder why there is no production yet half of the company is working on people instead of on production. In Zimbabwe, during Ian Smith's reign, he had one university and a lot of polytechnic colleges around the country. It made sure that it produced a lot of handsmen
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3 Mar
As Africans, we have a lot of unproductive things we spend much time on. Imagine watching 4hrs+ of TV series per day. How much could we learn/do in that time frame? How many tutorial videos have you watched this year so as to learn a new skill or replenish an existing one?
How many TV series titles do you know if you are being honest with yourself? We are very good at plugging each other with movies and series. "Une ma movie here" is the question of the day. Rarely do you hear someone asking for tutorials.
We are all responsible and if we really need change, we need to consider this angle too. Yes entertainment is needed but in moderation. Same as gaming. If we channelled that effort to learning a skill or improving an existing, we would really be the best in our fields and craft.
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