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Fighting to free detained migrant children. Every. Last. One. Executive Director @kiddyshrink.
21 Nov 20
Every day, families like Adrian’s* are torn apart. We do everything we can to reunite families. Help us bring families back together by getting involved today.


11 months ago, Adrian* (8) and his father were forced to remain in Mexico while his pregnant mother was allowed to cross the border. Adrian’s father worried. Not only was their family cruelly separated, his life and his son’s were in danger.
After 10 months trapped in Mexico, the situation grew worse, and Adrian’s father feared for his son’s safety. He did what he could to protect his son: He made the heartbreaking decision to send Adrian across the border alone.
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4 Mar 20

This comes from our Executive Director @kiddyshrink

First, some background: abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/c…

After countless hours of effort and the involvement of as many as 10 lawyers, we finally forced ICE to take a 5 year old boy who’d fractured his skull...
...and had an epidural bleed, we finally got ICE to agree to take him to the doctor he was supposed to see a whole week ago.

It took a last-minute stay from the 9th Circuit Court and a court order just to get this child the basic care he needed...
...If he had been in his parents’ care instead of ICE, they would have been deemed negligent for failing to manage his injury.

It’s a 5-6 hour drive from Dilley to where arranged for an evaluation for Marco.

ICE wanted to wake him at 3AM to go. We insisted they go today...
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