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6 Aug
My roommate got some Highly Technical Stuff which came in a big fancy box and SCSI says like "cool, thanks for the new toy/bed!"
what's going on outside of my castlebox?
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6 Aug
spot the one really out of place word on this aliexpress item title
fox mulder, I know this is you
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5 Aug
I wasn't sure if npm had hung or was merely slow, but after 16 hours of no output, I think I'm a bit more sure now.
# npm config set loglevel info
# npm install --verbose

and NO OUTPUT for 16 hours.
something is exceptionally fuckt.
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5 Aug
my "cancel me over this" gaming shame:
I've never really played Space Cadet Pinball.
I'm not even sure where you'd get it. Everyone seems to have it, but I never did.
like even looking at wikipedia, it says it was included in XP, but my version of XP doesn't include it.
There's mention of it being in Win98, but my two installs of win98 (original and SE) don't have it?
Supposedly it's in the Win95 Plus Pack. I never used that, so I don't know. I'm afraid I'm gonna track that down and it'll be a lie too.
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4 Aug
I've been seeing these e-ink pricetags in a few places so naturally I decided to look into them.
It turns out these are called Electronic Shelf Labels. E-ink is a great choice here, since it requires no power to maintain the display.
So they don't have any obvious programming headers on them, meaning they're wireless. I expected they'd be RFID or NFC, but after looking into them I've seen several models described as "RFID" but when you look closer, they don't actually use RFID.
Instead all the systems work on a longer-distance wireless method. None of them are just wifi that I've seen, instead they seem to all use a 433mhz protocol that talks to several basestations (which are themselves WIFI or ethernet)
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4 Aug
Trying to download PCB component footprints and it turns out you can't do that unless you register an account and you can't do that unless you agree to their gender trinary.
Let's see how well they sanitize their database inputs
Not very well.
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4 Aug
Here's a question I've been idly wondering for years:
Imagine you're designing a DOS games "controller". Like a gamepad that pushed keys on the keyboard.
What keys would you need to have a reasonable set of games coverage? My first try:
Menus are always going to be a problem. But once you're past that, actually playing the game should be possible.
for reference:
Duke Nukem 1's keyboard controls
and Commander Keen 4
and Major Stryker
and Doom
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4 Aug
I wonder if anyone has made a torrent that's just all the movies that appeared on mst3k, but without the mst3k

like if you need to make a clip from It Conquered The World, it'd be handy.
and I'm totally not saying this JUST because I'm currently LEGALLY ACQUIRING a copy of Space Mutiny
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4 Aug
I haven't even had my breakfast yet I can't hanlde this
I thought they were talking about half life 1.

there's a lot of things you could complain about that game but I was having trouble figuring where the lesbophobia was, given that it has no named female characters
I mean... does the training hologram count?
she is a real human character and has a name in Half Life: Decay but that was an expansion only included in the PS2 port
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4 Aug
the ponytail on this bumper sticker is killing me
"I love to fish, but no homo"
The car also had this sticker, which I'm sure makes Bill Watterson proud
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4 Aug
I saw a link to the old Argos catalogs on reddit so now I'm looking at TVs from the 83/84 catalog and look at these beauties…
I like that portable boombox-style one. 10" CRT, and it is a radio and tape player too!
ooh, one of them even has a remote control! Fancy.
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3 Aug
friendly reminder: Everything that can connect to the internet or your phone is either:
1. based on open standards and just connects to whatever client/server you point it at (like a web browser or FTP client), or
2. going to turn into a useless brick at some point in the future
you'd think that the local-networking-to-your-phone ones would be immune to this, but you're wrong for two reasons:
1. NAT is a nightmare so a lot of the "local" systems go through a remote server anyway
2. what happens when the app goes away?
apps get obsoleted or removed from sale or replaced by a newer version that doesn't work with the old hardware.
and then even though it doesn't depend on a remote server, it still bricked your hardware unless you keep an old phone with an old version around.
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3 Aug
People still talk a lot about that since-discredited study on wolf dominance hierarchies but if you read the original paper it actually shows they postulate three types of wolves, not two:

Alpha wolves,
Beta wolves,
And the rare golden-master released-to-manufacturing wolves.
(aren't you glad that shitpost at no point contains the word "omega"?)
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3 Aug
My kingdom for a spellchecker that doesn't have Opinions about if words are Capitalized Right.
This is currently mainly about my phone deciding for some unknown reason that Skirt is a Proper Noun and must always be capitalized
But in the past I've been very pissed off at Linux spellcheckers for insisting that words like "portugal" or "gregory" are misspelled.

No, they're not. They're incorrectly capitalized but spelled correctly.
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3 Aug
every time I hack an alphabet into a game to try to extract the font I end up rechecking it like 3 times because I'm terrified that I made a stupid mistake and it doesn't have an M or something
wow, this font doesn't even have digits! instead it has some punctuation and glitches
I wonder if they realized that too late to draw them, and that's why it says "Copyright Nineteen Ninety-One" instead of ©1991
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3 Aug
I got another video card today! It's a Video Seven V-RAM VGA from 1988.
It's LONG.
Seeing uncovered EPROMs makes me nervous.
This card is 32 years old. that's plenty of time for UV to sneak in there and erase it.
It's got 8 soldered in ram chips and then 8 of them that are socketed.
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2 Aug
it still is baffling to me that Walmart in California sells Ferret food.
Ferrets are illegal to own as pets in California!
I imagine you pick it up and everything rapidly goes wrong
Is it illegal to have a ferret fursona if you live in California?
Asking for a friend.
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2 Aug
Check this out.
It's a medical device! it hooks up to ECG sensors and some other things, but that's not the interesting part.
So on the back, there's a network port, and... DVI? huh. WAIT, IS THIS A PC?
Yes, yes it is.
"Windows Embedded Standard". That is any sort of Windows from NT 4, XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8, in a modular form so you can easily build it into ATMs and the like.
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2 Aug
Remember kids, when you have trouble with your USB keyboard, just hook it up to a USB-to-PS/2 adapter, and then plug that into a PS/2 to USB adapter!
This is from the Deskthority Wiki. It's done because some gaming keyboards have broken N-key rollover on non-windows OSes, but they have working N-key rollover in PS/2 mode.…
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1 Aug
the ROM of the neo geo game Riding Hero seems to fill in most of empty spots of the tilemap with little smiley faces
it sure isn't fun to try to play through an arcade racing game when the ROAD isn't working
The game is supposed to look more like this but the road is done using some raster effect that's not being emulated properly
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1 Aug
Got in my ATX2AT Smart Converter! This is a neat project: It's an open source ATX to AT power supply, complete with -5V generation but it's also got lots of extra functionality to diagnose problems and protect your hardware.
Like when it's running it can tell you how much amperage is being pulled on each of the rails
And then detect and prevent frying the motherboard if something shorts and pulls way too much current.
(It's got both "smart" microcontroller based protection and fallback fuses, so you're doubly safe)
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