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24 Sep
I can't even remember the context now but in my dream last night I had to explain why PC-DOS wasn't some weird MS-DOS spin-off, but actually the original DOS for the IBM PC, which later had a MS-DOS branded version, as well as explaining how the IBM PC had three OSes at "launch"
just in case you were wondering if I'm always Like This.

Yes, yes I am, even in my dreams.
I'm wondering down the Champs-Élysées and Elvis waves a floppy at a friend (Lil Nas X) and says"what the heck is this PC-DOS? some kind of MS-DOS knock-off?" and I have to but in and explain YEAH SO PC-DOS WAS THE FIRST VERSION OF DOS FOR THE IBM PC 5150 RELEASED ON AUGUST 1981
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24 Sep
not to pointlessly complain about games I haven't even played, I'm just watching a letsplay of, but why the heck does the video camera in Observation clearly point out that it's 4:3... when it's definitely not? it's 16:10! Image
oh sweet jesus, they're using netscape.

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24 Sep
ahh, yes, the latest version of unicode, 1.1, the one from 1993. Image
I'm glad they mentioned "simulations", but clearly now we need to be able to support real firearms in USB. Image
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23 Sep
you know what doesn't exist as an all-in-one product, and I'm kinda surprised because it wouldn't be that hard to do?
A pre-programmed emoji-keyboard stick, of like 1-8 keys, which just come pre-programmed and type those emoji/arbitrary unicode when you press them.
like you'd just go to the site and custom-order it with whatever emoji (or other unicode characters) you want, and you'd get back a USB mini-keyboard you can place alongside your regular keyboard, and it just has buttons that type those emoji.
it wouldn't be Super Useful or anything, and it's not anything you can't do with an existing macropad design and some soldering and ordering of custom caps, but doing it all-together would make it possible to easily buy it as a gimmick or gift
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23 Sep
Letsplayer: so this thing outputs power when there's no power going in, and no power when there is power going in! It's like... Like...
Me, leaning forward on the chair: SAY IT!
Me: *falls out of my chair onto the floor*
I had to learn logic gates the hard way, back in the early 2000s.
Now we can just explain NOT/AND/OR with minecraft!
Gonna start a gang of criminals called The Boolean Outlaws.

For our next crime, the AND Caper, we can only pull it off if both our other jobs succeed.
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23 Sep
Does anyone else get out of the shower and go grab their phone to calculate how many punch cards you'd need for doom? Or are you normal?
An normal 80 column card used with EBCDIC encoding stores something like 5 bits per column, times 80 columns, or about 50 bytes a card. Shareware Doom is around 1.8m, so... 38,000 cards.
A binary punch card ups it to 12 bits per column, so with an 80 column card you get 120 bytes per card.
That means you'd need a mere 16,000 cards.
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23 Sep
All devices. Not just all devices that have USB ports, but ALL DEVICES.
your toaster? USB-C. Electric toothbrush? USB-C. Vibrator? USB-C. Smoke alarm? USB-C.
You could flee the EU in terror but your passport will be USB-C
Also I hope they do do this, they include a provision that says "if you try to get around this by simply including a usb micro to proprietary bullshit adapter in the box, we will throw your iPhones into the sea, Apple"
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23 Sep
Someone asked me to put the Elvira game in the death generator and I agreed it should go on the todo list, but I didn't make the connection to the Recent News about her.
I'm downloading it now.
Weird fact about this game: it's running a graphical extension on AberMUD, an open source MUD engine written by Alan Cox.
Yeah, the same Alan Cox who was a major figure in the development of Linux for many years.
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23 Sep
Maybe it's just my personal flavor of brain damage but every time I see extension cords sold as "kink free" I read it like "this cable doesn't like feet. Don't worry, we checked."
If you try to tie up your partner with this cable it WON'T WORK! it kink-free, baby, get out of here with that BDSM shit.
Speaking of which I've always thought it would be amusing to tie someone up with a cat5 cable, and then plug in the cable ends and send BDSM porn through it.
It'd be like being tied up by the concept of bondage itself.
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23 Sep
Anyone else live near a road that is supposedly under construction but you're beginning to suspect some madman with cones is just waking up every morning to roll some dice and close lanes based on the results?
I was on this road yesterday too and I remembered the left lane was closed, so I got into the right lane but SURPRISE! it's the right lane today.
Actually in the mile or two I drove down this road it turned out four of the three lanes were closed.
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23 Sep
Scam website hacked, replaced with different scam
In my dreams I just woke from I was walking around the park after horribly disappointing Kanye West and there were two young guys dressed like Mormon missionaries but they were just standing near people and having conversations about how great ether*m is
And acting like they didn't know each other, despite being dressed exactly the same. They were basically pulling one of those scams where you have a plant go "wait I, an expert, think this thing is really worth 1000$, I must have it!" so you buy a 1$ thing for 50$
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23 Sep
the prerendered backgrounds, bluescreening, and terrible timing of the CD-i Jeopardy adaptation makes it absolutely hilarious to me.
sound engineer: so this cd-i thing runs off CDs, right? so we can just pre-mix the audio, both music and dialogue, and get cd-quality sound mid-game?
cd-i engineer: hahaha oh god no.
video from this letsplay:
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22 Sep
preparing to install
god I love installers that test your PC. such a thing of the past
this installer is somewhat minimal
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22 Sep
Gonna make a bot called like "unrealistic transition goals" that just posts picture of low polygon enemies from 90s first person shooters.
Doctor, what hormones can I take to become a lizard with a concussion rifle from Star Wars: Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight?
Someday I can't wait to be a Nali Cow from Unreal
Thanks to all my recent shitposting about dentists, I feel my body goals have shifted to the Fiend from Quake
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21 Sep
I realized, the moment I fell into the fissure, that the book would not be destroyed as I had planned. It continued falling into that starry expanse of which I had only a fleeting glimpse.
The amusing thing about this "game" (Vision - Multimedia Bible for the Entire Family) is that all the CD dates point to it being released November 1992, which is 10 months before Myst's release date of September 24th, 1993.
I'm running a VIS game in DOSBox, which I'm slightly amazed even slightly works. After this intro, it takes me to this screen, which... I can't get past because I have no VIS gamepad input
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21 Sep
Ebay alerted me that this keyboard showed up for sale again, and I'm tempted but it's too much for me.
This thing is special. It's USB, but not normal USB: it's one of those PoweredUSB variants which has 12v/24v supplied as well.
so the reason this thing needs more power than usual keyboards is that it's designed for use on forklifts and other industrial machines, which might be outside in the cold, or inside in the industrial freezer
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21 Sep
ahh yes, my favorite flavor of security questions, "ones you can figure out by just searching my public twitter"
my second favorite flavor of security questions are "ones that make me make 'your mom' jokes"
and there's so, so many of those.
what's my favorite toy, what do you like to do on vacation, what's your dream job, where did you meet your spouse, favorite thing to eat... really it's half the questions, if you get creative.
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21 Sep
hot take: if you have a ticketing system you are making employees (or general users!) use and it's a web-based system but you do not let them have access to the website, and just make them reply to the emails so it can get automatically tunneled into the site?

I don't know why I keep running into organizations within organizations who are like "we're all in the same big family here, but I'll die before I let you see your JIRA tickets!"
I can maybe see that if you're talking about a company helpdesk and random users without accounts out in the world, that's not that big a deal. letting them make accounts and see tickets could have privacy implications.
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21 Sep
and now I have another HackerNews bot to block
@newsyc200 is the new one
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21 Sep
The one thing I really liked about the 90s is that I never had to lie in bed and say "Velveeta replied to my teeth tweet"
Anyway this just ensures I'm buying these teeth and some melty cheese and making a very cursed video
Crunch crunch
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21 Sep
Whenever I see "fintech" mentioned I intentionally misread it as findom, and it makes the world slightly better
It's too bad college classes are all online now.
Or it'd be really funny to show up to a fintech class in full dominatrix gear
Alternatively find a fintech company and go there and whip them until they stop.
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