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6 Mar
Just like a person who suddenly got retired from his/her day to day Job: boredom, having nothing do, feeling empty for days are the first feelings of becoming financially free..!

It happens as every other person around u seems to be be busy with something.

Whats Next?

Give it a time!

Pick some petty work at home, do!
Wash your car!
Make your room!
Learn to cook!
Get your cloths done!
In short,
Do everything that an other person was doing it for you!

Become self-reliable!

Wake up in time.
Take your dog out, walk.
Pick up a book, read.
Think, pen down your experiences.
Pray, Meditate.
Eat healthy.
Sleep well.
Respect your body & mind.

Become self-disciplined!

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22 Feb
#OptionsTrading thread that may save you!

Now a days we started seeing MTM for Crs & some people call it fake, but I see them as real & possible BUT its not as simple as they show it.

Simple Reason:
When asked about open risk & position sizing no one answered.

1/n Image
A friend clearly putted it saying "lot is unknown" as no one will share their pains & secrets on #socialmedia

Which lead to do some simple calculations that how things really look while writing #options using different styles.

2/n Image
Ac size 1cr
Naked positional option writing
1% risk
Qty arrived keeping total premium received as stoploss
means we are ready to lose 1rs to gain 1rs to start

Out of expiry days these guys write 25 to 30 rs options. Next day if those open as ATM then the %hit on ac👇

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12 Aug 18
How greed and fear affect you?

People show some ponzi scheme and say monthly 10% income - Greed kicks in and people put lot of money to become rich overnight!

Society say your kid will lag behind if he is not in top school - Fear Kicks in and you pay lacks on nursery kid.

Example : Many people just reject to pay some small amount to learn about markets but get in to such schemes and lose out heavy :(

Example -FEAR :
a Private School ask you to pay 100,000 donation just to admit your 3 year kid to school and people feel and act as if its there responsibility to pay that large chunk.. imagine what kind of investment its going to be till child get a job after some 18-20 yrs

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