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21 Feb
Kuroo and Daichi love each other and their love language is affectionate bullshittery
Kuroo: Daichi. Hey. Hey Daichi.
Daichi: what?
Kuroo: :)
Daichi: ...

1 minute later
Kuroo: Daichi. Daichi, hey. Daichi. Daichi. Daichi!
Daichi: What?!
Kuroo: I love you :)
Daichi: why are you like this
Kuroo: Hey Daichi?
Daichi: yes?
Kuroo: do you love me?
Daichi: yes
Kuroo: haha simp!
Kuroo: ow OW let go of my ear please I'm sorry!
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21 Feb
I miss UshiKita... Today I will think about ... Ushijima and Kita gardening quietly ....
They live in an apartment on the second floor, and they have a nice north-facing balcony with wrought iron grills
Kita trails vines along the grills... They have a standing rack for pots and they also have a decently sized trough on a table where they grow some
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21 Feb
Good morning to Daichi! Bad morning to Meian. Rest of you have a morning I
I guess .
Jenna can have a good morning too .
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21 Feb
Okay how about. MeiKuroo but Horny

Just... Kuroo constantly needling Meian and Astsumu joining him too but Atsumu knows when to shut up when Meian tells him to.
Kuroo gets quiet too, but his type of quiet isn't the obedient, okay topic done quiet, it's the I'm-biding-my-time type of quiet, accompanied by sly smiles and lowered lashes
Meian on one hand wants to just ignore the overgrown brat, he's seen these kids play in high school, he knows that's just Kuroo's MO But despite knowing better he lets himself get needled and lets himself snap at Kuroo just to see how things play out
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21 Feb
So! MeiKuroo, right
Meian is an expressive talker so his hands are usually moving all over the place
And when he explains volleyball plays he demonstrates with his hands, and it's all Kuroo can do to actually focus on his actual job and not just stare at his hands
Meian's hands are just. So big. So broad. He has calluses on the tops of his hands, calluses along his fingers. Kuroo thinks about what they will feel like on his face, on his skin, against his lips
Kuroo had always had big hands and everyone is always playfully comparing theirs to his and saying how huge his hands are in comparison and Kuroo really, really wants to know if he's finally met someone that has hands bigger than his
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14 Feb
KuroDai for #DaichiLoveFest : At Home
Kuroo and Daichi go to the same college. They aren't too familiar with each other still, but they do end up on the volleyball team together as 3rd string players.
Their circles don't mesh much, Daichi is in an engineering program and Kuroo's in management, so their schedules are hectic and they don't really see each other outside of volleyball practice every day.

Kuroo sees Daichi at practice every day.
Kuroo sees Daichi with his friends sometimes, when he's out with his own. He sees Daichi at the library sometimes, when he's picking up books. He sees him at the cafe. He sees him by the vending machines.

But he doesn't really strike up a conversation with him.
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22 Jan
Meian thinks Bokuto is damned adorable

Adorable is not really a word he'd use for a man that can flatten a volleyball with his bare hands, but it fits Bokuto really well.
He's like a giant puppy, that one, especially when Meian's involved, always eagerly offering to spot him or spike for him, asking for advice on anything from sports gear to vitamin supplements, following Meian around the gym wanting to show him pictures of random things
He's always leaning on Meian or hugging him or high fiving him

He's not subtle at all with his affection, and Meian has to quietly grumble his way through Barnes' and Tomas' teasing about Bokuto's little crush on him
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22 Jan
Hinata would be more subtle in getting Meian's attention, playing up his sunshine persona to make Meian coddle him
Oh, Meian-san, I left my water bottle in my bag can I borrow yours?

Meian-san is that the new flavor that came out recently? Can i try one? My hands are dirty tho, feed me?

Excuse me Captain can you please help me stretch?

Excuse me Captain can I help you stretch?
No one suspects a damn thing. Hinata is so sweet and chipper and he really likes the captain, huh? Ah that Hinata is so helpful

Meian knows though, right from the first time they met as teammates and Hinata checked him out, so smooth and subtle Meian was actually impressed
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22 Jan
Sakusa just twitchy and irate all day at practice because he's just frustrated and horny and Meian finds him after practice in the locker rooms like U ok bud
Sakusa and Hinata are the youngest on the team and Sakusa especially has Meian feeling like he should look out for him, poor kid is so damn touchy

So when he asks his question he expects something like Sakusa's having a spat with Atsumu or his ankle is giving him trouble or shit
But Sakusa is like 'its not anything you can help me with' in that snooty way of his that Meian secretly finds hilarious and maybe kinda cute

And Meian is like well you don't know that. Do you want help? If you tell me we can figure it out
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15 Jan
extremely tired concept but i'm so so so heart horny for tired Kuroo and ASMR comfort video youtuber Daichi
Kuroo goes to sleep every day to Daichi's voice gently reading bedtime stories or boyfriend or brother experience cuddle roleplays, with the niggling feeling that he knows his voice from somewhere
then he and daichi actually meet through work and become friends verging on something more and during one of their late night phone convos, Daichi is speaking to him softly and Kuroo's like. Wait. I know this voice
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