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3 Jul 20
COVID-19 update, Sweden: ICUs are emptying out. Stockholm region (capital city & main population center) is seeing very few COVID patients.

New cases have been rising with more testing, deaths have been plummeting.

No lockdown. No masks. No problem.…
FYI, since many asked: vast majority of Sweden's COVID deaths are nursing home residents. Avg age of COVID death is 82. They have the same nursing home problem that we do. COVID deaths largely did not occur in gen population, so it wasn't the open society that resulted in deaths.
Sweden currently has 129 people in ICUs. That's a 2/3 reduction from last month. Their new cases "spike" began early June. ICU numbers+deaths are falling big time. Panic peddlers in our media should take note. Our "spike" is in same younger demographic.…
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29 Jun 20
For the mask proponents: Where is the data showing cloth masks are working to stop the spread of the virus? It seems many are simply pointing to Japan but falling to acknowledge their COVID-19 prevalence study that invalidates the premise.
Japan had no idea how many ppl were infected bc, like most countries, they are not testing people with no symptoms. In Kobe City, they found that hundreds of times more people were infected than actual numbers, disproving thesis that masks stopped spread.…
Japan's not seeing the deaths we are seeing bc:
- Obesity & obesity-related conditions are most common underlying conditions in patients who die from virus.
-US has 14x(!) the obesity rate of Japan.
-In Japan, elders move in w/ family, so u don't have a nursing home death trap.
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27 Jun 20
Thousands and thousands of professional athletes in the major sports leagues have acquired the coronavirus. How many of them have succumbed to it?
Idk about you guys but maybe having a healthy immune system seems like a good idea these days. Maybe the best public health strategy is to hold people responsible for their personal, individual health. But I'm no public health expert!

Trust the experts!®
That mask is definitely totally keeping you safe & secure. Ignore fact that 10s of millions in USA got virus anyway. The church of maskology will guide us. The cloth will protect you. Wear it on the beach. Wear it in the park. Wear it in the sky. Wear it in your home. Science!
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5 Jun 20
The biggest protests are taking place in areas w lowest amount of intellectual diversity in USA.

Organizers have convinced most of them that there is some massive opposition rife w racist barbarians out there.

Protesters buy this while they are used for a subversive agenda.
In Brooklyn, DC, etc, every1 shares the same opinions about everything. Many ppl in these areas don't know a single Trump supporter. & if they know of 1, they just assume they're a bigot. They operate in closed networks, largely in total ignorance of how rest of the USA thinks.
Subversives use ignorant masses & feed them info to reinforce their shallow worldview. Ppl love to attach themselves to a moral cause, & these types are easily tricked into acting as useful idiots for the radical left, bc they think they're "doing good" & "standing up to racism."
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31 May 20
The celebrities and public figures who are raising money to bail out rioters are no different than people who support Islamic terrorist and neo-nazi movements. I've seen material support for terrorism convictions that are more ambivalent than what these people are doing.
For instance, this is material support for terrorism.
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29 May 20
Advancing idea that USA's police officers are institutionally corrupt & racist is a pathetic brand of agitation. Name a nation w more just law enforcement institutions. You can't. There are 100s of 1000s of officers who put their lives on the line to protect you each & every day.
There are 700,000 police officers in America. Justifying rioting because of a handful of bad cops justifies putting a target on *all* of their backs because you've decided to paint an entire institution with a broad brush.
The last time we saw anti-police rhetoric this fierce, police officers were literally hunted down throughout the nation.

Have we already forgotten the shootings of police officers at the end of Obama's term?

Please do not contribute to the mob.
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28 May 20
Universal maskers don't have any data, only circumstantial "masks work, look at Japan!"

Let's look at Japan

Obesity rate:
Japan 4% (Virus is widespread, confirmed by serology)
USA 36%

+Our nursing homes are sewers

Top 3 COVID comorbidities <70
1) Obesity
2) Diabetes
3) Asthma
Japanese are getting the virus & recovering at MUCH higher rate because they're healthier.

A significantly higher % of Americans are dying from the virus, because we have poor health & our nursing homes are death pits.

Masks are not saving lives. There is no evidence of that
We are 9x more likely to be obese, so probably 9x more likely to die on average. Our "liberal" counting measures, discounting "with" & "from" virus spikes our # to 100k. Our unsanitary nursing homes cause widespread infection in most vulnerable pop.
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28 May 20
Andrew Cuomo is *deliberately* covering up the carnage his nursing home policies caused. And he's lying repeatedly about it, while burying the evidence. This should be the scandal of the century. Press MIA.
On that note, you all need to stop reporting the 5000-6000 number as if it's legitimate. A good ballpark # on NY's nursing home death toll is upwards of 15k.
Refer to this vital data sheet by @kerpen and @nosmhnmh to understand what happened to states that executed similar nursing home orders.…
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26 May 20
Reopen metrics that are not focused on hospitalization are pointless. Cases are not what matters, even though they r down big. There are no overwhelmed healthcare systems in USA. Reopening data very clear. Virus poses no threat to general population. No more excuses. Reopen now.
All the stuff about social distancing, 6 feet, masks, etc is mythology. None of this helped stop spread. Virus peaked and declined despite these worthless intervention measures. Virus is now disappearing. Time to scrap the pseudoscience and move back to normal, not "new normal."
There has never been a hospitalization problem anywhere in USA. One outlier in NYC was a result of its density coupled with policies (lockdown, sending sick ppl into nursing homes) that manifested a surge on the healthcare system. There was *NEVER* a need to "flatten the curve."
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25 May 20
Without the reporting & analysis of independent journalists on Twitter, USA would still be in total lockdown. Hard to find anyone in legacy media who has fairly scrutinized the pandemic. Our press is broken. Best journos are far removed from institutions like NYT, WaPo, CNN, etc.
In fact, real journalism is *discouraged* at legacy press institutions, which only hire ppl who subscribe to a very rigid, particular worldview. These folks wouldn't dare report hard facts if those facts lead to a discovery that threatened to upset their colleagues & associates.
The NYT, The Bezos Post, leftwing cable tv, etc have 1 goal in mind, & that's dethroning the president of the United States. Everything else comes 2nd. If lockdown helps democrats (it won't, they're miscalculating) & 330MM Americans have to suffer, then so be it, they conclude.
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24 May 20
The part that remains unsaid because DC mayor wants to continue lockdown:

DC conducted 9,000 new tests. Found 73 positives.

0.8 percent!

Positivity rate just fell off a cliff. Virus has disappeared.

The epidemic is over, but the power grab continues.
Green line is tests. Red line is positives.

It's over.

Moreover, there was *never* a major COVID-19 problem in DC.
After I posted this chart, DC mysteriously took down its new testing data 🤔

A glitch, or info I wasn't supposed to disseminate?

Why is DC hiding new testing info? What changed? Excel doc now says "under review."
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18 May 20
I’ve been watching CNN (at an airport, there is nothing else on) for the past 30 mins and it’s been nothing but endless COVID-19 panic & hysteria. Jake Tapper now on spewing propaganda against reopening & attacking Trump. Not a single fact offered. All politics & fearmongering.
If you watch CNN you have no idea how reopening has been incredibly successful in states that have pursued it. You’d also have no idea that we are seeing record low positive cases, & the data is pointing to the reality that this pandemic is fading fast in our general population.
Now they’re talking about a vaccine as if it’s necessary for life to get back to normal. CNN watchers don’t know that this virus is only lethal to a tiny % of the population. They want people living in an irrational state of fear & terrified to leave their homes. Ugly propaganda.
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17 May 20
There were several, immediate, gigantic red flags in Ferguson's approach. He already had a history of fatal errors, & his work w corrupt orgs warranted much more scrutiny. Many attacked the messenger & trusted his models in a state of fear+panic hysteria.
U didn't need to be an epidemiologist to notice he did not open source his project, or to recognize his history in failed modeling & policy solutions. We were told we didn't have a say in this matter bc we were not PhDs in what has become a field populated by voodoo scientists.
In addition to modeling, Ferguson and co were promoting extreme policy positions, which demanded enormous, unprecedented societal action. You don't need to have any academic credentials, only some common sense, to realize how stupid and damaging mass lockdown is as a solution.
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15 May 20
There are conspiracies floating around on the Left that Gov DeSantis is dumping bodies of COVID patients in the Everglades and feeding them to alligators to cover up the apparent chaos in Florida. 😂😂😂

They refuse to accept that maybe Florida is just a reopening success story.
Not joking
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13 May 20
I present to you, coronavirus, the Washington, DC story.

The big surge is always two weeks away. The peak is always next month. Trust the "experts," the big surge is definitely coming! Brace for impact!

There are now more hospital beds available than active COVID cases.
The mayor has impressively predicted a surge for April, May, June, & July. As far as I know, not a single media outlet has ever asked why she keeps incorrectly predicting when the surge is coming. & they report projections as absolute facts. Meanwhile, no big case growth, ever.
Just got the latest update from the DC COVID dashboard. They are currently using about 8.5% of their total COVID capacity in the healthcare system. There was never a significant jump in hospitalizations, ever.

The only peak is how this has reached peak insanity for so long.
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12 May 20
Mass testing & mass tracing, 6 months into pandemic, are equally awful ideas. Former is less threatening to rights but not useful. Testing negative today doesn't mean you will test negative tomorrow or 4 mins from now. Latter is equally dopey 6 months into pandemic. Reject both.
It is a giant waste of time and money attempting to conduct tens of millions of tests per day. How do more people not recognize this? Outside of nursing homes, any process like this is a worthless money pit.
The only ppl who should be getting tested are those who feel sick+those who are vulnerable (nursing homes, preconditions). Testing general population is a completely useless exercise, does nothing to address problem, & based on false assumption total containment can be achieved.
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12 May 20
Open Qs for Fauci, who testifies b4 Congress today
1) Why did u put so much faith in a false model?
2) Many states open. What happened to big surge?
3) Why did u call unproven treatment the "standard of care?"
4) How many ppl do you estimate will die as a result of your lockdown?
5) Around 50% of the deaths in the USA are occurring in nursing homes. Why have you not addressed this issue?
6) Do you think shelter in place hurts or helps those in highest risk category?
7) Why does the working class need to shelter in place when they are at minimal risk?
8) 33MM Americans are now unemployed as a result of the policies you advocated for. How much longer should they have to suffer for a virus that largely does not threaten working class?
9) With a general population IFR of 0.1%, did u make a mistake in pushing sweeping lockdowns?
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11 May 20
This is the COVID model we used to shut down the USA: "The same inputs give different outputs, & the program gives different results if it is run on different machines, & even if it is run on the same machine using different # of central-processing units."…
Yes, we shut down the world without anyone asking, "hey, can we have some people take a look at the model real quick to make sure it's sound?"
I alerted people to this months ago but the Flat Curvers wouldn't acknowledge that perhaps that their One And Only Expert could be wrong, or really, ruthlessly corrupt and incompetent.
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11 May 20
Heroic. No one is non essential. The government has no right to shut any of you down. Elon just busted open the door. I hope millions join him.
Countless Karens replying to Elon's Tesla reopening by claiming he's going to get them sick/killed.

Karens have not bothered to look at COVID data, which shows working class is largely not threatened by COVID, which is why just about every business in USA can open immediately.
Also, Karens think that people want to sit at home doing nothing collecting fed bucks, because the virus is still out there! No, that's a miserable existence. Not everyone subscribes to cower & fear. Ppl want to be productive, especially those who work in innovative industries!
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11 May 20
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is now describing the coronavirus pandemic that originated in Wuhan, China as a "European virus."

He said this in today's presser multiple times.

Last month he lavished praise on the Chinese government for their efforts in combatting the virus.
Not a chance anyone in the press will call out this dangerous charlatan.
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11 May 20
With COVID-19, I'm 100% anti-lockdown, never lock down, under any circumstances, full stop. Happy to defend it against any academic model, because the data makes it clear that an open, free, decentralized society is the best way to fight this pandemic.
Even in places where a hard lockdown manages to *temporarily* contain an outbreak, you are doing much more damage to society & health by attempting to quash an extremely infectious virus with incredibly low IFR. & these places need to deal w rolling lockdowns as permanent policy.
The “there are no easy answers” people simply refuse to acknowledge their advocacy for absolute tyranny may have been a bit misguided.
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