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"You must be bold, brave, and courageous and find a way... to get in good trouble." -John Lewis #TheReidOut ❤️ #reiders (RTs/likes are not always endorsements)
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26 Nov
I’m thankful for my family, and that they are safe and well, though we can’t all be together due to the pandemic. I’m thankful that we have the resources to feed ourselves and stay warm and dry, and I’m shattered that I don’t live in a country where that’s true for everyone.
I’m thankful that democracy prevailed and in January we be led by a good and decent man in the White House (as we were w/ President Obama), a Black woman vice president who carries the blood of Asian and Jamaican immigrants, and by a team that’s smart, competent and not hateful.
I’m hopeful that they will return those stolen migrant children to their moms and dads and undo the cruelties against immigrants, the poor, the sick and the earth that were wrought by this administration. I’m thankful that we’re escaping this awful era as a democracy (for now.)
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25 Nov
Not sure why it's confusing. Racialized voting doesn't depend on age. President Obama lost white voters across every age and gender group in 2012 on his way to re-election by a 5 million vote margin, because nonwhite voters overwhelmingly preferred him.…
I probably quote and repost this 2013 @RonBrownstein article more than anything else in speeches and tweets, because A) he's brilliant and B) he nailed it.… Image
The reason Republicans are so dog-out determined, and after this election will become even more so, to suppress Black, brown and indigenous voters in the cities and suburbs where we're concentrated, is because they can't win a majority of our votes.…
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23 Nov
Black voters have always been considered Public Enemy Number One for the white nationalist right, no matter which political party it has used as its host body. This was true from the moment this country was founded, rooted in the notion that no Black person was fit to vote.
It's no surprise at all that the white nationalist Republican president, just like the old Dixiecrats did, is looking to specifically exclude Black votes as de-facto "fraudulent" in order to steal an election, plow over our multi-racial democracy and salt the earth to keep power.
But here's the thing: we see y'all. We see you in Georgia, where the same @KLoeffler who's trying to befoul the name of @ReverendWarnock will be scooting up to the door of Ebenezer Baptist Church on MLK Day asking to speak, if she wins on January 5th.…
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22 Nov
Watching Journey of an African Colony on @netflix and whew... quite a reminder that even as their cousins were wiping out the indigenous and enslaving Africans in the Americas, European empires were carving up Africa and trading the unstolen African indigenous like playing cards.
This quote from one of the co-conspirators from 1890 is something else...
For context, around the time of that quote, the descendants of the stolen Africans in the U.S. were battling domestic terrorism designed to roll back the Civil War, Plessy vs Ferguson established Jim Crow, and the “new immigrants” were engaged in labor strikes in American cities.
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21 Nov
A really important point by @emptywheel is that Trump apologists are using the fact that people noticed, probed and objected to the Kremlin’s interference in the 2016 election and Trump’s ongoing furtherance of Putin’s agenda as an excuse for why he needn’t accept Biden’s win.
They ignore the fact that despite these core challenges to Trump’s legitimacy, he was immediately accepted by the Democratic Party — whose candidate won 3 million more votes — as president. It’s no one’s fault but Trump’s that he got himself impeached.
Trump got impeached because he has a penchant for criminal, corrupt, thuggish behavior ... which is also why 80 million wise voters said “Hell no” to collapsing our democracy with four more years of mass death, cruelty, racism, planet and alliance destruction and autocracy.
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21 Nov
The baseline corruption of the two Republican Georgia Senators makes the fact that it's even a close race that much more shocking. But then again, people re-elected @LindseyGrahamSC and @senatemajldr McConnell and that Iowa lady who doesn't even know the price of corn.
And yet... it just boggles the mind that this stuff is just out here, and some folks are still like yeah, put them back in to prevent Biden and Harris from giving people healthcare and so Democrats don't pass a covid stimulus bill...…
You'd think virus profiteering would be bottom-line disqualifying, even in the deep south...…
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20 Nov
As tiny cracks begin to form in the Republican wall of silent obedience to Trump...
By the way, I give Republicans zero credit for simply, belatedly admitting that Trump should accept he lost the election and stop trying to destroy our democracy. That's the absolute bare minimum performance of citizenship and freaking math. And by the way, where's Mitch?
Mitt is from Utah. The scrapings of a skinned knee could get elected Senator there as long as they're Republican. He's super rich, and not in the "damn, I owe how much and the IRS knows my addy?" sense that Trump is. Trump can't touch him. That it took him this long is the story.
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19 Nov
The sickness is not just in Trump. It runs throughout the party... here’s Vice President Mike Pence downplaying the reporting of the rampant death and hospitalization rates in this country as “crying wolf...”…
The sickness is shared... no one who even entertains Trumpism is safe from it... not even a once-legendary neurosurgeon...…
People on Twitter are nicknaming coronavirus the “Trump virus.” But that term could also be applied to what’s afflicting the Republican Party writ large; this craving for authoritarianism and minority rule, monarchical subservience and wild lust for conspiracy theories & gurus.
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18 Nov
It's striking that the people bellowing the loudest about masks taking away their freedom are those affluent enough to do midday shopping runs to the mall or eat out at restaurants. The selfishness, lack of concern for frontline workers and "me, me, me!" of it all is galling.
And since wearing a mask is less to keep you from GETTING covid and more to stop you SPREADING it, these people twisting "my body, my choice" into a slogan for their selfishness are in essence declaring a God-given right to sicken other people, possibly to death. That's enraging.
They are aggressively declaring their right to make you sick. Or to make exhausted doctors, nurses and orderlies tend to them at the risk of their own lives when they, through their own carelessness, get sick. That to them is true freedom. Unbloodybelievable.
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18 Nov
My God, this is perfect.

The United States, the former British colony already rocked this year by ethnic conflict and mass protests over extrajudicial killings by police, may finally have a new leader after weeks of political turmoil following a disputed presidential election.
@KarenAttiah nails it.
Just ... nails it ...
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18 Nov
I think what we learned ... or rather re-learned to day ... is that @davidfrum's aphorism that "if conservatives become convinced that they can not win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. The will reject democracy" is inexorably true, but of Republicans generally.
We are witnessing the wholesale decoupling of one of the two major American political parties from democracy. Republicans have decided, as right wing Democrats did from the 1920s until Republicans stole their southern base in the 1960s, that democracy just stands in their way.
And just as southern Democrats once went to war against Black voters, fighting by any means necessary to lock Black voters out (using everything from bubble tricks to terrorism), Republicans are seeking to systematically block and even delete Black and brown voters altogether.
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14 Nov
Greene and Tommy Tuberville are the face of the @GOP. They're far more representative of the party base and ethos than @SenatorCollins, @MarcoRubio, @LindseyGrahamSC or @SenTedCruz, who are mainly emblematic of the cowardice and ideological fecklessness of Republican officialdom.
If you were to ask who will be more influential over, and speak more for average Republicans over the next four years, the answer will be clear: it will be Marjorie Taylor Greene and Tommy Tuberville. Does anyone even doubt that at this point? Trumpism IS Republicanism.
The irony is that President Biden will be attempting to negotiate with what he remembers as "normal Republicans" -- McConnell, Graham, Collins, et. al. But they have the same amount of influence over the party base that they had over @realDonaldTrump: namely NONE.
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12 Nov
Dear MAGA nation: Trump and his people are pushing you to believe the election was stolen when they know better, to get you to give them your hard-earned money to pay off his campaign debts and set up a new political PAC for his future political dreams. Just letting you know.
Full story below. And note that it's not unusual for campaigns to fundraise after an election to retire their campaign debt. They just don't normally gin up a made-up "election fraud crisis," subvert democracy and claim they didn't really lose, to do it.…
More on the PAC fundraising they're doing in the guise of "uncovering election fraud" and reversing the election result here:…
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12 Nov
I'm not the least bit surprised that many Americans are fine with Trump's racism and xenophobia. The U.S. has a history that's tough to get around. Shellshocked though, that 70 million Americans shrugged off 240,000 dead and voted to continue Trump's ignore-covid strategy.
I struggled to get through a 5-minute read yesterday filling in for the great @NicolleDWallace and doing her beautiful "Lives Well Lived" segment. It was about a sweet little boy whose mom is now grieving him because of covid. He was a kid. It's just wild. Just absolutely wild.
I get that people can be selfish and mean. That's part of being human. But how are people not absolutely shaken by this level of mass death? How are people ignoring all that death and just demanding to go to the gym or to a bar or it's guns and rage? I don't get it. Gotta admit.
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10 Nov
If your political prospects depend on a shrinking majority of almost solely white voters, and you keep losing the popular vote in elections, how do you win? One way? Never allow white Americans to feel comfortable in a modernizing world. Keep them angry and fearful and riled up.
.@RonBrownstein has repeatedly made the point about the shifting demographic realities for the Republican Party and how it influences the way they communicate about democracy and frankly, their declining support for it.
As @davidfrum has also repeatedly stated: “The Republican Party has a platform that can’t prevail in democratic competition.” This is true because their priorities don't appeal to people of color, or increasingly to college educated white women.…
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10 Nov
Here's the thing: the reason there's a thing called @FiveThirtyEight is because 538 was the margin in FL when the Republican SCOTUS reversed the 2000 election during a recount, making Dubya the president. That's the kind of margin where races can flip. That's not what's up now.
Here are the current vote margins in the remaining states. ELECTIONS DON'T GET REVERSED AT THOSE MARGINS.
If there was an error or some form of fraud that would reverse a 45,000-vote lead, that would mean every elections official in the state should resign because clearly they aren't capable of manning an election. Trump is losing by far too much for this to be some error. He LOST.
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9 Nov
Actually, if Georgia doesn't deliver the Senate to Democrats, Rafael and friends will:
- Keep refusing to pass a covid relief bill, meaning more small business closures, layoffs & evictions
- Pass nothing when Amy, Uncle Clarence and them kill the ACA
- & no John Lewis Voting Act
Whereas if Dems get the Senate, relief checks return, you'll still have healthcare if you have a pre-existing condition (incl the 9 million and counting who've had covid), your right to vote will be guaranteed and there will be criminal justice reform & an FDR-esque economic bill
But to get those things, and to stop Moscow Mitch from torching everything Biden has promised to do, and to overcome the Trump zombies in the GOP, yeah, they've gotta get rid of the filibuster. Do you remember the eight years of Obama's presidency and what Mitch did??
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8 Nov
Interesting take. And I have heard from folks in South Florida that a similar gambit — relief boxes containing food and supplies plus a letter from Trump may have helped move at least some votes in Miami-Dade.…
By the way this is not an uncommon tactic in South American autocrats like Venezuela’s Maduro...…
Trump appears to have adapted his tactics from there...…
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8 Nov
Been trying to keep it out of my mind, but had things gone the other way? Tonight I'd be thinking about how we would cover tripled mass death once Trump fully unleashed his herd immunity plan, whether Russia would see all sanctions dropped, whether Barr would start arresting Dems
including former Obama officials left and right on made-up charges, and millions would suffer once SCOTUS eliminated healthcare while congress sat idle. I'd fear a frenzy of police violence against protesters and Black people. And the world would be done with us. We'd be alone.
And in the streets today and tonight, instead of jubilant crowds, dancing and singing, there might be armed gunman roaming the streets swinging AR-15s over their shoulders and guttural shouting about how libs better watch out because Trump said "stand back and stand by" so...
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7 Nov
By every single metric that Republicans have utilized in their application of power, Joe Biden has a massive mandate. Unlike Republicans, he'lll win a 50%-plus majority of the votes; something neither the Senate majority, Trump or Dubya managed. He flipped Georgia and Arizona...
...meaning he has both a red state and a blue state coalition. He won voters of all races, including 4 in 10 plurality of white Americans, 9 in 10 Black Americans and two-thirds of Latinos and a majority of AAPI voters. So he has an historic demographic mandate, too.
And guess what? Even had he done NONE OF THAT, by the Republican definition of power, all he has to do is win. Even if by a single point, that gives him the unchecked power to do "whatever he wants" (the Trump claim that not a single Republican refuted in four long years.)
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6 Nov
Honestly, the most irresponsible and reckless thing I've ever seen besides Donald Trump himself, is his party and his media universe, including veteran politicians like Newt Gingrich and "don't trust the Black cities" Lindsey, who KNOW how elections work, undermining democracy.
These people know that Trump is losing this election and they know good and damned well that there is nothing unusual about it (unlike 2016, when they sat back and let Russia give Trump an assist and played dumb). They also know that without white grievance their grift is over.
And so they are gonna just keep stoking it. And it's so dangerous, to local and state public officials and canvassers counting votes who are just doing their jobs, and to the public, since some of the people they're activating are armed or associated with white nationalist gangs.
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