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22 Oct
A few (non-exhaustive) points that caught my attention while reading the new Google antitrust case – U.S. version.

1– Although the background part talks quite a lot about "specialized search providers such as Amazon, Expedia, or Yelp", the part about anti-competitive practices is solely about (potential) foreclosure against other general search engines. Weird.
2– This is not an accurate portrait of how tech companies work. There's no certainty in digital markets – as shown by Google numerous failures (you know, Google Glass, Google+, Hangouts…). For an empirical work illustrating this point, see @competitionprof latest book.
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21 Sep
I watched The Social Dilemma last night (…). A thread:
1- I couldn’t help but asking myself the following question all along: do they see the irony in arguing the tech industry is killing democracy on...... Netflix (and that most people will hear about it through social media)??! Anyway, pass the irony, let me get a closer look.
2- To be sure, the tech industry is asking some very important questions and creating issues. What we should NOT be doing is addressing them without considering how to preserve the positive aspects—more on that at….
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