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28 Feb
One thing was distinctly rotten about 2002 #GujaratGenocide: use of rape as a form of terror!

Extreme cruelty and brutality has characterised all the big communal massacres of post-Independence India, but the Gujarat carnage stands out for its extensive...1/n
and specific targetting of women, young girls and children, who were subjected to the most vicious forms of violence. Women suffered the most bestial forms of brutality, sexual violence, including gang rape, insertion of objects into their bodies, stripping, and molestation...2/n
A majority of the women who suffered this violence were then burnt alive. Amongst the survivors, many have spoken about the assaults but many have been silenced for fear of further attacks and for fear of censure from their own families and community...3/n
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27 Feb
#HindutvaBurnedDelhi #DelhiPogrom

"They burnt our mosques, they burnt the Quran and even drank liquor inside", said a visibly moved Farhana. No one could hold their tears. Everyone kept crying in the hall. It was the third day of our relief at Mustafabad.
The next day I went to Madina Mosque at Shiv Vihar. The visuals were as if a wrath has been unleashed by monsters. The hindutva goons blasted the mosque with gas cylinders, even the fans melted down with the heat. After the fire cooled down, they came again to drink liquor there.
Empty liquor bottles and burnt pages of Quran lied everywhere on the floor. I took a burnt Quran with me as a grim reminder of what secularism does to minority in the country. This picture narrates the hypocrisy of the secularism of the country we reside in.
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