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19 Nov
Very interesting, Lin Wood appears to be turning on people like Gen. Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell and others. There is alot going on to unpack here and it sure seems like "the infiltration" he is referring to is actually Michael Flynn and his cadre of people who he hosted #BigLie
Sorry posted a duplicate screenshot. Meant to include this one. Not this account is reposting Lin Wood posts from his apparently confirmed Telegram account. This twitter account was just created a few days ago.
@visionsurreal is all over this ... so keep an eye out on their thread. Honestly seems to be some serious infighting going on ... and/or "ass-saving".
These people are all is serious legal jeopardy because of their involvement with promoting the #BigLie
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18 Nov
Looks like Aleksej Gubarev of Webzilla fame has quietly dropped their ongoing defamation suit against Buzzfeed. Wonder why? #SteeleDossier
Again i ask when has Kremlin put out a supporting narrative at the same time they were trying to run away from it aka #Guccifer2 #SethRich #wikileaks #UkraineCrowdstrike. Feed #disinfo to strengthen the Trump / Russia collusion narrative? 5D chess? Not buying it. #SteeleDossier
Our May thread on some of the highlights of the #SteeleDossier and how most has been borne out to be true
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4 Nov
Okay these accusations by Durham that Danchenko lied to the FBI are incredibly sketchy. For example Danchenko is not lying that he didn't know Charles Dolan but rather that Dolan was not one of his sources for the #SteeleDossier. Check out this interview exhibit.
Danchenko in the covert interview thinks the FBI is asking his opinion of Charles Dolan & his interest in Russia as something that could be interpreted as malign. Danchenko essentially laughs. But in actuality FBI is subtly probing Danchenko to c if Dolan was one of his sources
So this is seriously open for interpretation depending on which side of the fence you are on. Durham essentially is saying Dolan must be one of Danchenko's sources & Danchenko is saying no. How that hell is this even legitimate line of inquiry ..besides exposing anonymous sources
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3 Nov
Its crystal clear that Democratic politicians are as a whole TERRIBLE at communicating / motivating the general public. They think everyone will just buy the free-range beef without asking. The GOP on the other hand repetitively markets the crappy "Trump steaks" at a 100% markup
They can't even properly analyze what went wrong last night. Some of them now think it was a mistake to try & tie Younkin to Trump. Ah no .. the mistake was you only tried in the last month of the campaign (no repetition) ... & even in the last month you were horribly ineffective
Look at the exit polls. Younkin had I think a 55% favorable rating, Mcauliffe was 43-44 and Trump was 41%. And Younkin did everything he could to stiff-arm Trump away from his campaign. They understood it.
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2 Nov
Dear Crazy conspiracy, anti-vax & #MAGA people, the device you’re reading this on contains GPS technology, digital cookies, and Facebook API connections, so that you can be tracked at all times.

Read the Terms & Conditions to see how this ends.

Signed George Soros
We are screaming towards a total ban on women’s reproductive rights, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Salem witch trials. Please please exercise your right to vote today. Our Democracy is in hanging in the balance #VAgov #ElectionDay Image
Sadly this isnt even the craziest thing this White House correspondent has tweeted in the past few yrs
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1 Nov
Michael Flynn is trending on Twitter this morning after explosive allegations from Everett Stern, a former HSBC Bank whistleblower & GOP candidate for PA Senate. He is accusing Flynn & operatives of trying 2 recruit him 2 find dirt & blackmail area politicians @davetroy Image
Everett Stern, in a press conference in Philadelphia on Saturday claimed a group called the "Patriot Caucus" led by General Flynn was also potentially plotting upcoming malign operations in places like Virginia. Virginia has a critical election for Governor on Tuesday #VAGOV
He later provided this photo via his twitter account @EverettStern1 where he is pictured with Andrew Meehan on the left and an unidentified Flynn supporter on the right. Andrew Meehan ran against and lost to @RepBrianFitz who is currently the Rep. for PA's 1st district. #PAGOP ImageImage
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30 Oct
BREAKING: @MaddowBlog tonight. So it WAS a covert communication channel between Trump, Alfa Bank, Spectrum ect. in 2016? Quote, "Its clear there's hidden communications between Trump and Alfa Bank". So John Durham lied about this in his investigation? @RepAdamSchiff @RepRiggleman
Here is a link to last night's segment on @MaddowBlog who expertly goes through the new implications that seems like ABSOLUTELY warrants new investigations and an investigation now into John Durham. #infosec #osint
Our thread from earlier this month on yrs of collected details on the purported covert communications channel between Trump & Alfa Bank that has NEVER been explained. Their newest conspiracy that it was actually made up has fallen flat in a HUGE boomerang
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21 Oct
EVERYONE needs 2 read the @capitolhunters thread. If you still believe in our country & Democracy, I implore u to give 20 mins of ur time & go through their thread with ur family. Pay special attention to Officer Fanone's testimony & the pain in his voice
Watch the new 10min Youtube video in the 2nd tweet of the thread & ask yourself why would ANYONE in congress not want to get 2 the bottom of what happened on #Jan6th & wks of preparation and incitement leading up to the insurrection. #SeditionHunters
Many people & groups like @capitolhunters, @SeditionHunters, @visionsurreal & ourselves have volunteered 100's and 100's of hours archiving, reviewing & piecing together videos, events and people leading up to #jan6th. We do it for Democracy & Officers Fanone, Goodman, Dunn ect.
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21 Oct
Seems like an inauspicious start to Trump's Truth Social media site. Hours after the press release it is defaced by Anonymous. And he is also apparently going to take this "idea" to be publicly traded in the US stock market via an #SPAC mechanism. #socialmedia
Whats an SPAC you ask? I hadn't heard of it either. Apparently its a new means 2 take an entity that has no real business to the public markets instead of the traditional means of an IPO. Given Trump's biz record of multiple bankruptcies, it seems little like a ponzi scheme 2 me
Digital World Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: DWAC) a publicly traded company now with Trump Media & Technology Group via an SPAC at an EV of $875 million with a potential additional earnout of $825 million. Subject to regulatory and stockholder approval.
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6 Oct
INCREDIBLE new reporting. Proud Boys crew breached the top of the NW scaffolding stairs at ~ 2:07 pm, then ran, yes ran, to the only two unreinforced windows in the Capitol building complex. They breached the Capitol 1st at 2:11 pm #SeditionHunters #OSINT
Numerous videos just prior 2 these images show a couple dozen people, many in tactical gear, running towards this small obscure alcove at the Capitol bldg on the Senate side after they fought their way through a police line at the top of the NW scaffolding steps. #SeditionHunters ImageImage
Here is our #OSINT timeline of some of the major events of Jan 6th and the times have held up remarkable well. #SeditionHunters…
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1 Oct
New reporting by @adamgoldmanNYT on the very odd internet traffic between a Trump registered domain, Alfa Bank in Moscow, Spectrum Health and Heartland Payment processing back in mid 2016. It continues to baffle researchers and the Intel community ... 1/14
A previously non-public intel report by Daniel J Jones has now been unredacted & publicly available as a court doc in an ongoing lawsuit. @briankrebs reported on this last week and has a link to the full document in his article ... 2/14 #infosec #infoOps…
Oddly this mysterious 2016 traffic before the election was between a Trump registered domain, Russian Alfa-Bank, Spectrum Health & Heartland Payments & was the focus of the Durham investigation touted by Trump & his supporters. Durham's findings resulted in more questions 3/14
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30 Sep
When MAGAworld hates science because something doesn't fit their theocratic / autocratic world view ...but then later claims to understand science when it now does fit get Pfizermectin. Anti-viral in testing by Pfizer is NOT even remotely similar structurally 2 Ivermectin
Oh & in case its not clear, MAGAworld coined the drug name Pfizermectin and not Pfizer. I don't think Pfizer has even come up with a brand name yet. Don't know and don't care at this point. Just that this conspiracy came up a few days back during our Ivermectin research. #disinfo
Since there seems to be a new found interest in science by MAGAworld here is our Ivermectin thread from last week. Enjoy!! And make sure you are stocked up on adult depends.
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29 Sep
Decided 2 display a snapshot of the discussions pro-Kremlin #hamilton68 v1.0 trolls had over the first 23 days of Sept in 2018-2021. We highlight the top 4 relevant words / hashtags used in decreasing shades of blue & 4 relevant words highlighted in red for comparison. #infoOps ImageImageImageImage
Quick refresher on Hamilton68 & the accounts we reverse engineered from the original #Hamilton68 v1.0 dashboard first run by @SecureDemocracy in 2017. We have collected hundreds of troll / bot accounts since 2018 & categorized them in 8 subsets. #infoOps
This wikipedia entry is a pretty good overview of the genesis of the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD) @SecureDemocracy first formed in July 2017. The ASD is housed at the German Marshall Fund @gmfus of the United States #infosec #infoOps…
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20 Aug
This Reuters story is horse💩 . All anonymous sources & no legitimate #FBI investigator would make this statement to establish the innocence of Alex Jones & Roger Stone. Not even the 2 most closely aligned with each other or the events of #Jan6th. Look up Willard War Room 2 start
Just one of so many examples of paths that seemed pre-war gamed out. And there is lots of evidence for this. Why was everyone so pre-occupied with VP Pence? And ask yourself what would have happened if Congress did NOT come back in session to finish the certification on Jan6th?
As @visionsurreal so correctly puts it "Hybrid warfare means not everyone is part/aware of plan." Read his stuff ... its terrifying how close our Democracy got to being shredded.
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15 Aug
It is a good reminder to everyone that this agreement "US and Taliban signed a deal to end 18-year war" occurred back in February 2020 and was at the behest of President Trump at the time. The deal included us releasing 5000 Taliban prisoners. #Kabul…
One will also note there were no Afghani women involved or celebrating this deal. #Kabul
There is also this .... Pakistan. If anyone spends any time researching social media propaganda around the current Afghanistan situation it becomes very clear the large number of Pakistani aligned or sympathetic accounts celebrating / promoting the Taliban advances. #Kabul
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13 Aug
I know we promised we would put together a part II report on the Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium after we saw more data but after 3 days it is very clear the whole thing was a giant hoax. Who played who and who all were in on the hoax is not completely clear.
Day one a handful of small files were provided by Mike Lindell's people but those turned out to be weirdly encoded files of nonsense and absolutely zero context was provided. @pwnallthethings reported on this in more detail here. #osint #infosec #disinfo
The biggest bombshell from the Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium was the admission by MAGA cyber "expert" Josh Merritt aka spyder or spider that the PCAP data, supposedly implicating China involvement in the November 2020 elections, was bogus & a "turd". #osint
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2 Jun
OMG this #faucileaks campaign is right out of a KGB playbook. Call it a "leak" 2 make it seem nefarious when it's just a legal FOIA request & cherry pick emails to fit your narrative from total randos like Dermatologists and fake Physicists that cant even spell hydroxychloroquine
Hey Dr. Fauci why are you not addressing the new cure I found, that Elmer's Glue will actually stick to the virus and remove it from your body? Signed Jack Posobic @JackPosobiec, who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. #FauciEmails
You can almost pick any tweet in #fauciLeaks and it is a total rando like DJ Freedom Rockets spewing insanity, pontificating on cherry picked emails that are completely out of context. This whole mask insanity is total gaslighting ... 1/3
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26 May
This Fazze story is crazy. There will likely be a bunch of fascinating stories coming out on this ... and yes it is a Russian linked PR agency. The #OSINT is pretty solid and clear. And a very interesting new twist on Russian promoted #disinfo schemes
Excellent #OSINT thread via @AlbertYZhang and covers alot of what we found last night and this morning. #disinfo #infosec #socialmedia
This ham-handed Russian attempt at discrediting the Pfizer vaccine by covertly using #socialmedia influencers (CPA marketing) has us wondering what other #disinfo was attempted via Fazze(.)com in the past. The Russian controlled infrastructure has been in place for awhile #osint ImageImage
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11 May
The @AZGOP has lost control of #fraudit. At one time the @ArizonaAudit was the official acct 4 the #AZaudit in Maricopa county, but now Ken Bennet has informed the media he has lost control of this account & it locked out by someone from out of state. via @TerriJoNeff cc @jpanzer
From the start Ken Bennett claimed & it was stated in the bio that @ArizonaAudit was under his control or at least managed on his behalf. U can see that in these iterations. First using the email address he claims is his in court docs & then in the Bio. In early May this changed
Looking at the various associated websites and social media accounts and when they were created gives and interesting timeline and suggests who is really spearheading and running the #AZaudit #Fraudit
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2 May
Was it something I said? #AZaudit Image
Apparently Dylan who claims to be an "Arizona Democrat" was very subtly suggesting there was vote flipping of 6000 votes in Antrim, MI presumably because of Dominion voting machines. That of course has been thoroughly debunked months ago. And when I called him out he blocked me. Image
No there was no software driven vote flipping in Antrim, MI and No, Michigan didn't use an algorithm to manipulate 2020 election results. Folks there was a paper ballot recount. Its not complicated & there is no mystery as to who won. #AZaudit…
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