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Nov 1 11 tweets 12 min read
BREAKING: There are at least 2 separate hacking campaigns going on & focusing in on the #Twitter blue checkmark verification process. One appears to be #phishing based and another far more nefarious .. and possibly a state actor using Twitter DMs. More shortly. Be alert #infosec All political candidates running & in office are typically Twitter verified (blue checkmark). Most major journalists are as well. This is a HUGE target 4 a #cyberattack by a nation state actor. This campaign which is still under the radar is very worrisome
Oct 30 5 tweets 3 min read
Its even worse than this now. Fake 911 dispatches have been crested and circulated. Its a firehose of disinformation to make the obvious right-wing political violence towards the Pelosi’s appear to be anything else. #disinfo #Election2022 This is the perfect meme for all the @GOP politicians who refuse to condemn this political violence against Paul Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi. Exactly how they couldnt condemn the attempted coup on #Jan6th after they were called out. Image
Jul 29 19 tweets 13 min read
Wow, @donie wasn't kidding. This really is a fascinating indictment from the DOJ. Russian FSB having proxy control and influence over three political groups in the US since at least 2014. This is going to be a fun one to watch play out. #disinfo #InfoOps… Well US group 1 is rather obvious. I remember a number of yrs ago I was told they were infiltrated & a Kremlin proxy group and I didn't fully believe it at the time. Over the yrs its become obvious and really clear more recently with their propaganda around the Russian invasion.
Jul 28 10 tweets 9 min read
More pro-Kremlin propaganda & war denialism. This accnt claims #Mariupol is one of the safest cities in Russian occupied Ukraine & is having summer concerts in the park. BS Kremlin #disinfo. Not clear what video they pilfered this from but its NOT current or correctly attributed As @SarahAshtonLV points out its impossible to believe given the total devastation in #Mariupol & given at the very beginning of the clip you see #Ukraine colors / flag on the stage. No way this would occur in Russian occupied #Mariupol #StandWithUkraine
Jul 20 13 tweets 9 min read
So Department of Defense kind of released some emails from Jan6th after a FOIA request. Although the 48 pages were mostly repetitive with a lot of redactions ... they did reveal a few interesting tidbits.… A few items on this report that are especially interesting. Reports of protestors with baseball bats were discounted apparently. Like this guy, who carried a baseball bat all day and was I believe the 2nd or 3rd person to break into the Capitol on #Jan6th on the west side breach.
Jul 11 10 tweets 8 min read
New 🔥🔥: Jericho March organizers quickly pivoted to promote the #Jan6th Trump rally at the Capitol within days after a late night impromptu meeting where Sidney Powell, Gen. Michael Flynn, and Patrick Byrne were snuck into the White House to meet President Trump. #Jan6Hearings On Dec 12th, 2020 a Trump rally to protest Stop the Steal of the 2020 election (in their minds) was held in Washington DC called the Jericho March... also sometimes referred to as the 2nd Million MAGA March. General Michael Flynn was the keynote speaker at the event.
May 22 24 tweets 16 min read
#Durham Sussmann trial take away so far. The FBI either never fully investigated the Trump Server / Alfa Bank comms and/or it botched the investigation. @emptywheel has a nice write up & notes Durham uses an FBI witness who admits he's not a DNS expert.… Image This part is just stunning 2 me. Durham's FBI expert, who admits he doesn't know the technicals of how DNS works, concludes there wasn't a hack (something secondary to the odd DNS traffic) & then calls the methodology "horrible" & concludes the analysis by the FBI is done? #OSINT ImageImage
May 4 17 tweets 12 min read
An intriguing piece of #OSINT was revealed in a tweet by Staci Burk days ago. Its not clear she realizes the possible significance. Days later she would receive another "credible threat" demanding she delete her twitter accnt & stop talking. Out of fear it appears she compiled. In a recent @Propublica article about the #BigLie (Trump's continued fraudulent claim the 2020 election was stolen), Ms Burk is mentioned & implies she came up with some of the election lies. Burk posted a NEW late Nov. 2020 text 2 refute this & suggest she was used as a conduit
May 3 4 tweets 4 min read
The chaos agents like zei_squirrel sure have their talking points down pat. They never miss a trending topic opportunity like “Jill Stein” and overturning Roe vs Wade to drop in a molotov cocktail. #InfoOps #disinfo The point with these troll accounts … they dont want you to vote … or they want you to throw away your vote. Plain and as simple as that.
Mar 19 5 tweets 4 min read
So a few issues with videos the Kremlin are claiming was a Kinzhal hypersonic missile strike in #Ukraine. 1st the missile apparently flew under this pole 😂 on the way to its target. Second the missile goes MACH10 so according to timing of this video across the horizon ..MACH 3-5 And this video put out by the Russian MoD has already been completely disproven as being the Kinzhal hypersonic missile strike. It is something entirely different according to this analysis. #OSINT #disinfo
Mar 16 4 tweets 3 min read
I predicted that this could very well happen last week. Not saying that this is what is happening but the #Belarus military and generals are quickly losing their appetite for being dragged into Putin’s and by proxy Lukashenko’s war against #Ukraine #Putin #WarCrimes Whoa!! Something is definitely going in #Belarus
Feb 13 9 tweets 7 min read
Looks like u might have a @WindsorPolice problem guys. U inexplicably didnt get it done last night & now someone just sent this video of a Windsor Police officer 2 us. Audio with redacted video is next in the thread. #onpoli #cdnpoli @JustinTrudeau @ctvottawa @fordnation First off this audio is NOT PG rated & the language is definitely NOT suitable 4 children or people who cant handle swearing. Second EVERYTHING he says about Minneapolis & the #GeorgeFloyd protests r false. I live there & experienced it all. So please read the rest of the thread
Feb 11 9 tweets 6 min read
Okay apparently a troll group called #RamRanchResistance has infiltrated the largest Windsor Trucking Protest channel on Zello called "Convoy for our Freedom Windsor". Had thousands of members. Insider initiated some kind of algorithmic attack #WindsorBlockade #freedomconvoy That was unbelievable to watch. All day this admin on the "Convoy for our Freedom Windsor" called Medicczar tried 2 talk sense into rabid "anti-vaxxers", "anti-mandate" Canadians & frankly what seemed like alot of Sovereign Citizen Americans who had no skin in the game really.
Feb 7 16 tweets 14 min read
So Mr Jason Shoeaddict, one of the Facebook admins for the "Convoy to Ottawa 2022 group with 108,322 members that @PiperK notes in her great thread here is 100% a "ThisPersonDoesNotExist" GAN image. #OSINT #Disinfo #astroturf
Jason Shoeaddict works for National Geographic TV whatever that means & this particular Facebook group is being promoted by disgraced General Michael Flynn. This whole Trucker protest in Ottawa Canada, now growing to other locations in the EU & US, is being astroturfed. #OSINT
Feb 4 7 tweets 4 min read
In true Russian propaganda form, pro-Kremlin proxies are now attempting the gaslighting phase after the stunning NYT revelation that Russia was preparing to run a Hollywood style fake video showing a genocide on Russians, likely in the Donbass region & blaming Ukraine, US & NATO Incredible NYT @julianbarnes article discussing the recently declassified intel from US & UK of incredible detail ... pointing to a false flag operation that Russia (from the highest levels of their Government) was preparing to green light.
Feb 3 4 tweets 2 min read
Remember My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell reading his notes before being let in through the back door to meet with President Trump after the election? Someone enhanced the photo to read at least some of his notes. Great thread. #Jan6th #BigLie $1000 bucks say those notes were produced by the Flynn org and given to Mike Lindell to take Trump. $1000 bucks also says that Mike Lindell did not write one word of it.
Jan 28 7 tweets 4 min read
Pro-Kremlin mouthpieces like @JackPosobiec & Tucker Carlson really want a copy of the transcript detailing a call between President Joe Biden & Ukrainian President Zelensky. Wonder why they would push something like #ReleaseTheTranscript given the current National security risks? The pro-Kremlin mouthpieces are trying really hard to push the narrative that we and NATO are going to invade Russia and its not working for them. They seem a little mad about that.
Jan 27 6 tweets 5 min read
This is a fascinating new video (~2:24 pm). The active duty Marine, #YellowZipSkulker, arrested in May, was the first through the East side doors which was breached from the inside out. #SeditionHunters Many still dont know that the East doors were actually breached from the inside out from rioters that had entered 1st from the west side around 2:12 pm. This door was then briefly secured by LEOs before it was breached a 2nd time & allowed the Oathkeeper stack in #SeditionHunters
Jan 12 7 tweets 5 min read
So more potential criminality around the #BigLie. Forged elector certificates favoring Trump over Biden from multiple states from the 2020 elections. We have long past blown by a #Watergate level conspiracy in my opinion. Here's a very good thread from @the_peetape covering this topic, kicking off with a segment on Rachel @Maddow last night. The #BigLie is turning into a giant blackhole that is going to suck alot of people into the clutches of criminal prosecution.
Jan 2 19 tweets 15 min read
On the last day of 2021 Bernie Kerik & his attorney provided documents to satisfy a subpoena request from the @January6thCmte committee investigating the #Jan6th attempted Capitol coup. One document discussed members of the Giuliani / Kerik team. h/t @visionsurreal @get_innocuous A hung-over @get_innocuous was still able 2 demonstrate fantastic OSINT skills & determined that Katherine Friess is actually the author via the metadata for a number of these documents. Seems 2 clinch her as the "KF" listed on the team roster doc. #BigLie
Nov 28, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
BREAKING: Lt Gen Michael Flynn in a recorded phone call to Lin Wood just outed the entire Qanon movement as a bunch of kooks and nonsense. He just took a dump on half of his #MAGA #AmericaFirst #DigitalArmy Meanwhile, #Oathkeepers attorney Kellye SoRelle, who was filmed at #Jan6th Capitol insurrection with Stewart Rhodes, has also turned on Michael Flynn big time & alleges he is part of a Global Cabal that includes Bushes, Clintons & Obama. And another allegation at @lindseyGrahmnSC Image