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CEO of SlickRockWeb, SEO guy & part time citizen journalist. Im a numbers cruncher, problem solver, & volleyball crusher with touch of Belize #infoSec #infoOps
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6 Aug
Very interesting new take down of a Romanian Troll farm of accounts posing at African Americans posing as Pro-Trump. Just Breaking story by @oneunderscore__ #infoOps #disinfo #osint #infosec…
The suggestion is this troll farm was run by this cutout fake account David Adrian @DavidAdrian_USA. This is his account before he changed it to a new one that got subsequently suspended. #infoOps
Here are a couple of memes David Adrian @DavidAdrian_USA from the Romanian troll farm recently tweeted. I was just able to pull them from the Google Cache. Guessing there will be more interesting stuff to glean from Archive[.]org
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3 Aug
Over the weekend a small group of Portland protestors decided 2 burn a Bible then a flag. The incentives are not clear & its also not clear how this relates 2 protesting Police Brutality. In any case Russian Ruptly was of course in exactly the right place to film it all. #InfoOps
Breitbart[.]com, saraacarter[.]com and zerohedge[.]com all used portions of the Kremlin aligned Ruptly video, but not showing initially the 2 protestors struggling to ripe the cover off one Bible & then place it correctly in the fire so the Ruptly cameraperson could zoom in on it
Again "a Bible" & "a flag". The two protestors that lit the flag on fire started waving the flaming flag on a long pole also conveniently caught on Russian backed Ruptly. Later the images were digitally altered to then make it appear protestors were burning a cross. @ushadrons
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30 Jul
Information previously classified, but has now been downgraded by US Officials so they could more freely discuss it, found Russian GRU intelligence officers are spreading disinformation about the #coronavirus pandemic through English-language websites.…
Two Russians, Denis Valeryevich Tyurin & Aleksandr Gennadyevich Starunskiy, have held senior roles in Moscow’s military intelligence service known as the GRU & have been identified as responsible for a #disinfo effort meant to reach American and Western audiences #osint #InfoOps
The three English websites that were singled out in the report were InfoRos[.]ru, Infobrics[.]org and OneWorld[.]press. A fourth site that targets a French audiences also appears to be linked ObservateurContinental[.]fr #disinfo #osint #InfoOps #infosec
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30 Jun
Okay #TuesdayThoughts PSA, there continues 2b accounts pushing out screenshots of fake tweets in hopes of discrediting and/or ginning up faux outrage towards opposing activist / political accounts. This happens on both sides. Here is just one past example #infosec #osint #disinfo
This fake Bernie supporter / troll @berniewon16 had been promoting the #TaraReade story & attacked anyone trying to research the lies & inconsistencies surrounding that story. Because of that @berniewon16 went after @KhiveQueenB and pushed this fake tweet #infosec #osint #disinfo
We checked both of her Khive accounts @KhiveQueenB and @KhiveQueenBee and neither one made any such tweet on May 16th. #infosec #osint #disinfo
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16 Jun
I really wish the general public was not so science illiterate. So, I will state this from the start as most probably won't read beyond this ... dexamethasone is NOT a cure for getting #coronavirus or preventing #Covid19.…
Dexamethasone is a steroid based relatively strong anti-inflammatory. Where it helped, was with #covid19 patients that had sadly progressed to being vented / or O2 and Dexamethasone helped reduce the severity of the dreaded cytokine storm ...thus reducing mortality #coronavirus
Dexamethasone is something that will ONLY be helpful in the most seriously sick. You would NOT want to take this early stage, IMHO ... but the nuance of this will be lost on people. Trust me, it would be best not to get 2 the point where you would need a Dexamethasone treatement.
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8 May
BREAKING: This new reporting certainly adds a new twist to the #TaraReade story. Did she get caught not reporting a Check Fraud charge & that is why she had to quietly resign? The court record has apparently been confirmed now by three separate reporters.
More confirmation on Tara Reade's check fraud charge days before she ended employment at Sen Joe Biden's office. Its important to note the code "Term" on the employment doc #taraReade shows does indicate "reason" only that she stopped working on that date
I think someone could lie about being sexually harassed by their boss & still respect them in tweets yrs later, because they knew it was a lie. It would also explain why u would tell ur mom this lie .. being embarrassed by the real reason u lost ur job & had 2 leave Washington DC
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30 Apr
Yikes this Tara Reade stuff is collapsing under the sheer weight of the ridiculousness. This is some impressive Jacob Wohl type stuff. I didn't realize Ms #TaraReade was into writing romance novels. #osint #metoo…
Its interesting that in 2017 Ms #TaraReade (or Mccabe as she used to like to be called) seemed quite fond of Joe Biden. Remind me again when her newly concocted "rape" story occurred again? #osint #metoo cc @chrislhayes
I am started to wonder if that is really her writing the tweets for her new Twitter account @/ReadeAlexandra ...this is some really odd bedfellows ... Russian produced anti-Ukraine documentaries? Even I had to look this up. #osint #metoo
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9 Apr
So anyone in the #disinfo biz will understand the significance of this appears one of the largest #Qanon accnts on Twitter, @StormIsUponUs has been suspended. "Joe" had a following of 273000 & was probably in the top five for most influential around the Qanon hashtag #osint
Not sure when the suspension occurred or the reasons ... I can suspect it was probably related to #coronavirus disinformation. Here is how the account used to look recently. #Qanon #WWG1WGA #infosec #osint #disinfo
The @StormisUponUs accnt was favored content boosted & retweeted by propaganda agents all over the world ...including Kremlin-aligned #disinfo accounts. The account was front in center in alot of conspiracy hashtags like #ClintonBodyCount, #whiterabbit, #pizzagate and #JihadSquad
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12 Mar
Wow big story I just saw from @donie on a @cnnbrk undercover investigation by @clarissaward & her team revealing a Russian linked troll farm in Ghana Africa. One of the accnts they highlight is @africamustwake. We reported on that & a couple others last wk
Here's our thread from last wk on 4 tightly connected #BLM accnts that we identified a while back & had added to our new alt-left #Hamilton68 set of Kremlin-aligned twitter trolls. Can't believe they turned out 2b Russian outsourced accounts based in Ghana
This is a set of some of the accounts we also found. I guess we will find out soon enough from Twitter as I am assuming they will make this suspended data set available. @AfricaMustWake
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6 Mar
Trying to figure out what all these inauthentic accounts, that were very recently suspended by Twitter, have in common. Hmmm what could it be ......... alt-left #Hamilton68 #disinfo #osint ImageImageImageImage
Even weighed in on the Kobe Bryant / Gayle King controversy ... Hmmmm .... alt-left #Hamilton68 #disinfo #osint Image
Very interesting new article by Young Mie Kim on the evolving IRA tactics "New Evidence Shows How Russia’s Election Interference Has Gotten More Brazen" ... makes me really wonder about this recently suspended account @CopsAreNazis #hamilton68 #disinfo… Image
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5 Feb
Building upon our thread that we started earlier in the wk ... we have done further analysis on the hashtags that coalesced at the end of January & into the beginning of February #demexit, #boohillary, #walkaway & #dncrigging. Walkway is a pro-MAGA product
As I mentioned #Walkaway long ago got turned into an enduring pro-MAGA product so we left that out for this. We were among the first groups to out this inorganic campaign in 2018. This chart shows participation of the Kremlin-aligned #hamilton68 and the Domestic #the200 groups
As I stated in the previous thread on Feb 1st the start (#boohillary) or reoccurrence of #demexit & #dncrigging started organically mostly here in the US. However other suspect accnts did participate with additional tweets, retweets and likes (which we currently don't measure)
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2 Feb
Its great to see Democratic party leaders like @DrJillStein , @KimDotcom and @Bill_Cimbrelo bringing voters together by promoting useful unity hashtags like #dncrigging #walkaway #demexit ... alongside some great fact free reporting this weekend Image
And this has gone from 6 DNC members out of hundreds talk amongst themselves over coffee to literally full on #disinfo suggesting DNC Leaders are debating a rule change to stop @BernieSanders. Theyre not ..but why let a fact get in way of good faux outrage…
And what is so ironic about @BernieSanders supporters going after the other candidates after fake quotes or perceived slights ... its the Bernie camp in actuality that doesnt want to be a team player. Depends?? #Elections2020 #IowaCaucuses #iowa Image
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12 Jan
Akin to dropping malware laced USB sticks in the parking lots of IRS buildings or mailing K-Pop demo CDs to select people? Start with analog dispersal at a Trump rally and include some very sketchy and obscure #fakenews site like Whatfinger. #disinfo
Handing out fake newspapers from the Larouche PAC suggesting Trump should align himself with Putin & China is bizarre. Getting a card saying u should avoid traditional news & go to Whatfinger[.]com is a new low. cc @UShadrons @file411 @LuluLemew @leesgirl9
Whatfinger is interesting. The dot com site is of course protected with a privacy guard but is hosted at Godaddy using their WIX website builder feature I believe. SSL certs & past DNS show this. The dot com was first registered on 09-26-2016. #disinfo #fakenews
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29 Dec 19
The pro-MAGA & #qanon account @surfermom77 outed the whistleblower by name in a tweet & then President Trump preceded to retweet the surfermom77 tweet on Saturday ... effectively further outing the whistleblower to his 68 million followers…
The surfermom77 account has morphed & repackaged itself numerous times & the @mikefarb1 thread does a good job documenting that. Although not in our #Hamilton68 or #the200 lists, we will document a number of other interesting things about this surfer mom.
One small comment about @mikefarb1 thread, we need 2b careful about interchanging GRU accounts with IRA trolls. They r & function very differently. GRU typically don't run high volume, influential social media accounts. The paid grunts do that (IRA trolls)
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29 Nov 19
So hopefully this ridiculous #disinfo campaign claiming Ivanka Trump has Chinese voting machines installed in 18 or 19 states has been short circuited ...for now. But it is important to see how it started. The Hoaxy tool is great place to start. Three early nodes. #infosec #osint
Hoaxy shows three early nodes for Ivanka voting machines. Dan tweeted something similar this morning but it never really got any visibility. The other two accounts @siano4progress and @ann_cannon however both got significant amplification. #osint #infosec #elections2020
This Hoaxy graph shows how the "Ivanka voting machines" story spread out from 2 of the 3 nodes mentioned & continues to grow. The @ann_cannon seems most suspect. Even though Sergio tweeted 1st, his tweet "appears" to have only taken off early this morning. #infosec #elections2020
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27 Nov 19
Re-reading the Christopher Steele dossier & if you exclude the discussions of sexual perversion ... the rest of it is mostly dead on, completely believable, and/or plausible given all we know. This part about #Ukraine is especially interesting & relevant right now. #SteeleDossier
And this part discussing the whole idea of plausible deniability & to later sow seeds of doubt into whether Russia was even involved now trying 2 pin the blame on #Ukraine. This kills two birds with one stone for Putin. #SteeleDossier Anyway re-read the dossier, if u can
Another interesting passage given the current controversies around #Ukraine military funding & the attempt by Russia and other elements here to sow doubt around whether Manafort was really corrupt .... but instead was framed. And I have an Ostrich coat to sell u #SteeleDossier
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13 Nov 19
In Republican Devin Nunes opening statement, he chose to peddle the insane conspiracy theory that Ukraine helped Hillary lose the election to later then have the ability to smear Trump after he won and pin it on Russia (Say What??) #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachmentDay
Rep. Devin Nunes also attacked @AlexandraChalup and (as Democratic stooges) witnesses Amb. Bill Taylor and State Dept's George Kent highly respected professionals who have served numerous presidents of BOTH parties with distinction. #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachmentDay
I will remind everyone that while Devin Nunes was the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee of the United States in 2017 we & others alerted him 2 the fact that one of his past campaign websites was breached and infected with Russian SEO spam #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachmentDay
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21 Oct 19
Back in late August of this yr the account @ArizonaKayte was suspended by Twitter. I have no idea why ... however this account was of note given it was one of the top most influential accounts within the Domestic pro-MAGA troll group called the #Mighty200 or also called #the200
It was found that the account @ArizonaKayte from #the200 was in the top 6 most retweeted by the primary dataset of alt-right accounts (top 57393 users) h/t @r0zetta from F-secure #infosec #disinfo #magatrolls #osint
The account @ArizonaKayte was commonly found in large Trump Train follow back tweets and still appears even months after its suspension. See the screenshot on the right from 2 days ago #infosec #disinfo #magatrolls #osint
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25 Sep 19
#BREAKING: Trump asked the President of Ukraine to investigate @Crowdstrike, a now publicly traded company $CRWD that 1st determined state-sponsored Russian hackers hacked the DNC. There is no server in Ukraine .. but that's beside the point #infosec
Here's our thread on @crowdstrike from 07-24-19 documenting the continued propaganda efforts coming from the Kremlin 2 smear & muddy the waters on something that has been fact 4 a number of yrs & confirmed in the Mueller report #infosec #osint #Hamilton68
This is a good breakdown of the Ukraine call with Zelensky and spells out numerous problematic sections #UkraineTranscript
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22 Sep 19
Fascinating impeachment data around @SpeakerPelosi & the words "Pelosi impeach" ... in the past 24hrs a significant uptick in almost every purple state except Wisconsin & New Mexico. Presumably due to the explosive Whistleblower revelations on discussions between Trump & Ukraine
To continue the Google Trends data theme tonight, #Qanon searches are now at a 12 month low. Part of this is likely the deplatforming of 8chan back on August 5th ..also whats up with Wyoming? Least populated state has the most Qanon cult activity? #WWG1WGA #Maga #walkaway from #Q
And #Maga activity is also at a 12 month low according to Google Trends .... despite White House staff frantically gaming the Google searches to keep Washington DC at least as the top source.😂😂 #AmericaFirst #KAG2020 #qanon #WWG1WGA
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25 Jul 19
Okay who the hell is State #2 from the just released Senate Intelligence report on Election Interference. FBI told 3-4 counties they were breached & those counties refused help? Am I reading this correctly? #infosec #russiagate
State 6 is Arizona ... at least based on this Threatconnect report. The use of the Acunetix scanning tool gives it away…
Okay I am 95% sure State 14 is Wisconsin based on this DET timeline memo they sent out on 09-26-2017. Keep in mind for quite awhile the Walker admin claimed Wisconsin was never targeted. Read the memo closely & you will notice a couple alarming details. This isnt all of it either
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