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8 Jul
IMPEACHMENT SAGA: Summary Of What Happened At The Ondo State House Of Assembly Yesterday.

The basic meaning of what happened at the ondo state house of assembly yesterday was that the impeachment process against the deputy governor may not scale through.
According to section 188 of the 1999 constitution, one third of the assembly (9 in this case) is needed to serve impeachment notice on the governor or deputy governor of a state.
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19 Jan
My Ondo State people,

Any @PoliceNG officer that randomly demand for your phone on the street is no longer operating within the laws of the land as contained in the constitution. He is on an illegal operation. Feel free to call my attention if you come across any of these rogues
And please do not struggle or have heated arguments with @PoliceNG officers, it is not wise to violently engage anyone that is bearing arms. Insist on following them to their station, when you get there ask to speak with the most superior officer. Don’t open your phones for them.
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27 Aug 19
To be honest, the @PoliceNG men might av man handled the girl but the fact is: she was very high that night, hard drugs were found on them. She fell down to her face while the police were trying to get her into their vehicle, she had glasses on which led to the cuts. SayNoToDrugs
It happened Saturday night not yesterday night, one of the girls called me around 11pm that @PoliceNG men had wounded her friend, I told her to give the phone to one of the officers who also confirmed that the girl fell down. I told the policemen to bring them to me immediately..
When they got to me, I immediately asked that the girl be rushed to the hospital and sent some money for her treatment, I also spoke to the doctor on duty to please attend to her immediately. The next day I called her to follow up on possible resolution she did not turn up
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1 Jun 19
Someone sent me this story of the horrible experience of a woman in the kidnappers’ den, it’s such a disheartening story, I am sharing this here to again raise awareness about the rate of kidnapping in Nigeria, and to call on the authorities to find a lasting solution. THREAD !
The journey began in Auchi. We had travelled to Akure on a Monday, stayed with my husband’s relations in the outskirt of this ancient town. In the evening of Monday, we visited the palace for dinner, my husband being a close friend to son of the King.
On Tuesday, we left for Ibadan, via the Akure-Ilesa road. Our plan was that after attending the wedding in Auchi, we would travel with (my husband) to Lagos, stay for few weeks before returning abroad where I had lived with my husband and children for more than a decade.
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15 Dec 18
I deliberately did not make comments yesterday during the #2019Debate, I took my time to Fact Check some of the claims of your PASTOR Vice President, @ProfOsinbajo and discovered he lied back to back. Thread !
The APC VP candidate, @ProfOsinbajo claimed Nigeria Is producing 7000 Megawatts of Electricity (FALSE !)
According to the umbrella body of the electricity distribution company in Nigeria..
Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED), While there is an available capacity of 7,000MW, what Nigeria presently generates is no more that 5,000MW. This is because there is insufficient gas to power the thermal plants due to gas line limitations.
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24 Nov 18
With all the talks about the killings of the soldiers, and how the government has been handling the issue of insecurity, i like to share the recommendations that the @NGRSenate forwarded to the Executive earlier this year (after the Senate Security Summit). THREAD !
If these recommendations were adopted, some of the issues that our men and women are facing on the frontlines might/would have been addressed, but the Executive ignored these recommendations.
Here are the 20 Recommendations from the Report of the @NGRSenate’s Security Summit
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10 Aug 18
You may choose your Title: “The Cluelessness of the Buhari Government ?” or “The Omnipotence of Bukola Saraki ?”

Fresh facts have emerged about the Tuesday, August 7th failed coup at the National Assembly and the clandestine attempts by the Buhari administration to cover up a story that played out in the full view of the nation, both online and on social media.
Before i begin, it is important to note that the angle being peddled by aides of President Buhari, led by his PA on Social Media, @Laurestar, is that Bukola Saraki, planned the siege on the National Assembly with the former Director of DSS, Lawal Daura, to avert his removal.
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5 Aug 18
25 Sins President @mBuhari Has Committed Against Nigeria’s Democracy:

It is tempting to say it’s a Dog eat Dog World and move on but this affects us all fundamentally. The APC Presidency has been one of the most oppressive and dictatorial government in Nigeria, despite the fact that we claim to be in a democracy
What’s even worse, is the Presidency’s disregard for parliament which sets a dangerous precedent for the future. Today, our country is a model of “How Democracies Die”.
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3 Jul 18
FLASH: There is an ongoing anti-Saraki protest at the National Assembly, people were seen carrying different anti Saraki placards. Two of the protesters were interviewed, and they disclosed that they were mobilize to the venue by some persons who promised to pay them ₦1,500 each
Look at them, these people were mobilized with btw ₦1k and ₦2k to protest against @bukolasaraki, instead of staying on the issues at hand and finding solution, they are hounding Saraki who is speaking on the issues. While they keep telling Nigerians to Pray.
This beautifully branded car was also spotted, I don't think we need to ask further questions before we know who the sponsors of the protest are, and their intentions. This is the madness some unfortunate people on Twitter defend daily.
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20 Jun 18
A lot has been said but none of these can invalidate the fact that the @bukolasaraki led 8th assembly is the most productive National Assembly since our return to Democracy in 1999, let me highlight a few of their accomplishments to buttress my assertion. ISSA THREAD !
1: In 2016, the @BukolaSaraki led 8th @NGRSenate initiated the first-ever National Assembly Joint Public Hearing on the budget. The 3-day Public Hearing was to give the public an opportunity to weigh-in on the Appropriations Bill.
2: To make the budget process more transparent, for the first time since 1999, the @bukolasaraki les 8th @NGRSenate laid the national budget together with its details when it passed the 2017 Appropriations Bill.
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12 Jun 18
Good Morning Nigerians, as we celebrate the new "democracy day" today, June 12, 2018, I like to THREAD the full electronic copy of APC's 2015 election manifesto, and campaign promises for you to individually judge President @MBuhari's government after 3yrs

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5 Jun 18
After the #NASSJointSession, here is the resolution of the National Assembly as reported by Senate President @bukolasaraki . THREAD!!
1.The Security Agencies must be given marching orders to contain all the sustained killings of Nigerians and protect the lives and properties of Nigerians — as this is the primary duty for any responsible government. #NASSJointSession
2.The systemic harassment by the executive of perceived political opponents — people with contrary opinions in the legislature and the judiciary — by the police and other security agencies must stop. #NASSJointSession
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1 Jun 18
Meanwhile, 15 bills was sent to President @MBuhari by the @NGRSenate alongside with the #NotTooYoungToRun bill, but he decided to sign only the #NotTooYoungToRun so has to win the hearts of Nigerian youths towards his 2019 reelection bid, here are the other bills. THREAD!!
1. Authorization of Expenditure in the absence of Appropriation Passed in 28 States
2. Financial Autonomy of the State Legislatures passed in 33 States
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29 May 18
#BuhariHasFAILED: Today marks the 19th year of our democracy & the 3rd Anniversary of President @MBuhari's administration. As we observe the #DemocracyDay today I want to remind Nigerians and the whole world President @MBuhari's 81 failed campaign promises.. THREAD!!!
1. Public declaration of assets and liabilities. #BuhariHasFAILED
2. State and community policing. #BuhariHasFAILED
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28 May 18
Dear Kings and Queens,
Youth activism and engagement can bring about important social changes that are sometimes left behind. You don’t have to be a politician to be an active member of your community, local government, state, Country. THREAD!!!
Your opinion matters and it should be heard. Here’s a list of ideas of how you can participate locally and globally:
1. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: You might not be able to contest for elective positions yet, you don't even have to be interested in politics, but all citizens hold national rights. These rights are only of use to you if you are informed about them, so read up!
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17 May 18
Permit me take a break from Politics Twitter....

This is Strictly For Adults...


1. The fact that she's wet doesn't mean you should come in. Wait for her to beg and crave for it. That's when the fun begins...
2. Always start with foreplay. Continue with foreplay. Before you ever think of penetration. You make your job easier when you do that.
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16 Apr 18
Since we already know the monthly running cost of the legislatives, I think we should also know that of the executives....

Here is the monthly running cost of PRESIDENT @MBuhari, VP @ProfOsinbajo, Ministers and heads of government parastatals....Issa THREAD
A monthly running cost (or operations budget) is the provision in the budget for office expenditures and equipment, travel and utilities. Find below the monthly running costs of the President, Ministers and Heads of Government parastatals....
PRESIDENT – N194,718,021


VICE PRESIDENT – N22,430,904.70
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3 Apr 18

Out of 24 @APCNigera governors today, 22 of them were members of the @officialPDPNIG that ruled for 16 years.
 20 former @officialPDPNIG governors are now in @APCNigeria and many of them with corruption cases.
Do you also know that:
The first and current @APCNigeria @NGRSenate President was in @OfficialPDPNig ?
Do you also know that:
The first @APCNigeria Speaker of the  House of Representatives was also in @officialPDPNig ?
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