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They say time heals all wounds. Perhaps it is coz with each passing day, you realise that you are closer to death by one day. And that offers some consolation
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22 Sep
#MelbourneProtest apparently attended by some who have taken one dose of the potion and are not happy about having to take another because they got very sick after the first one.
My update from last week👇

All info sourced from Australian government websites. But someone reported my tweet as misleading & the speech police at twitler stifled it.

You know what to do now.

#MelbourneEarthquake #MelbourneLockdown #MelbourneProtest

#MelbourneProtest Cops incited violence & fired TearGas at people. The group includes a guy proudly wearing the Aboriginal flag as a cape. The MSM narrative painting everyone as a hard right extremist is total B.S. These are everyday Aussies who have been screwed over by the govt
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21 Sep
earthquake damnit... everything shaking bad.
I don't exaggerate👇. I once alerted a Uber guy that one of his tyres had a problem & told him exactly which one. He was shocked that I could tell simply by the feel. I'm sickeningly motion sensitive. Blessing to others. Curse for me.

Hey, It was afterall 6.0 on the richter scale. No wonder it has left me feeling nauseated and dizzy..

I envy the healthy humans with a "normal" motion sensitivity...

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21 Sep
Common folks from all nationalities united as Melburnians

BillShorten (Shadow Min Disability Services) called them "Man baby Nazis don't want the vax. They organised via encrypted channels"

Bill, I'm a Disabled Immigrant Female Engineer. Encryption is cool. I don't want the jab
Power in my apartment tripped ~3AM this winter. A tradie bro drove early to work just to help me. I told him I can wait few more hours &worried for him driving in the dark. He felt it was wrong to leave an ill disabled person in the cold
>50,000 people watch @therealrukshan's FB LIVE Stream Video of Melbourne protestors finishing up & walking home.

Great on-the-ground reporting by Rukshan 👏👏🙏🙏

Nobody gives a damn about sell-out presstitute MainScream Media.

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