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Autistic. ADHD. NB. Disabled. In bereavement. PTSD. Advocacy. Math. Education. Speculative Fiction. D&D. 37. Compulsively honest.
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Let's talk about autonomy and autism. Specifically, my story of involuntary hospitalization AKA being committed AKA being sectioned, but I'll do a brief overview.

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#AutismAcceptance, #ActuallyAutistic, Mental Health, #AboutMe As an autistic person, no matter your support needs or abilities, it is easier than it is for the average person to be involuntarily hospitalized.
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I'm not sure I've ever been described as "articulate" in my writing before being openly and loudly autistic. Ah yes, I am glad that I am writing in my first-language and am not incoherent. Thank you.

"Articulate" as an adjective means "fluent and coherent" by the way.
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No, I Do Not Have Asperger's

Thread on functioning labels, language, and support I guess 🧵

I am autistic. Somedays I can pass for "normal". Some disparate moments it looks like I "have my shit together". Language is a special interest and my dyspraxia comes off as clumsiness, resulting in regular stoved toes—"stoved" is a regional variant of "stubbed" BTW, which is interesting because of how close the 'b' and 'v' consonants are and ...—and running into furniture & door jambs.
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I wonder if it's part of main character syndrome, but it's interesting to me how much ado is made about fantasy lifespans like elves compared to humans. Like, up until 2000 CE, two-thirds of all humans died before age 70. I'm not saying their disease and other issues are going to be the same, but accidental and willful deaths would be similar. Most dwarves aren't going to live to 500, most elves won't be seeing their millennial.
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Neurodivergent and disabled people tend to have a "spiky" set of abilities so it becomes extremely important to be aware of all the internal daily factors that are an influence of us and especially to know how and to what extent we can control them.

1 I'm going to go through my internal factors that I am currently aware of and share both how they influence me and what I can do about them. I hope you find this process helpful.

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Part of my hypocrisy I need to work through is when I do not believe I should be granted the same considerations I grant others. I understand I am very arrogant in believing I should know better and "victim-blaming" and so forth. I just cannot imagine a scenario where I do not blame myself.
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For anyone who knows an autistic person, know that meltdowns tend to "build up". For me, restrictions on my autonomy & agency are the biggest weights on the scale, while jarring noises and other sensory issues are probably #2, yet it always seems like they're the final "trigger". So, from the outside, it will look like the thing that I am reacting to is the loud truck that just flew by, but if I hadn't been told I look better in black before going out, I might have been able to steel myself appropriately and not reacted at all to the truck.