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18 Oct 19
True story: A few weeks ago a candidate for city council knocked on my door to ask for my vote. We talked about traffic, the need for more parks, etc. He was absolutely stunned when I said, "Can you tell me why you vote Republican & donated to Brian Kemp's campaign? SILENCE 1/6
He tried to deny it. I said, "I know you're a Republican & you donated to Kemp's campaign." I then asked him why he supported the abortion ban. He said he didn't. I said, "Yeah, you did when you voted GOP last year. Your vote is a voice. This law will kill low income people." 2/6
He said, well SCOTUS will take care of it. I said, "Brett Kavanaugh replaced Kennedy. The abortion ban could very well become law." I then asked him why he supported the high maternal mortality rate of Black women in Georgia. He had no idea WTF I was even talking about. 3/6
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