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28 Aug
Thread: The #BidenHarris campaign is kicking into high gear with tons of fundraisers/ virtual events that need your support. Check out the upcoming lineup ⬇️
General contribution link:… Image
Please join Senator Kamala Harris
for a
Michigan Virtual Reception
Friday, August 28, 2020
6:15 p.m. EDT / 3:15 p.m. PDT
*You can contribute any amount to #BidenHarris2020 through this link…
Please join Jill Biden and Senator Mazie K. Hirono (HI) for a
Virtual Reception
Friday, August 28, 2020 6:00 p.m. EDT
*You can contribute any amount to #BidenHarris2020 through this link as well…
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20 Aug
Hey y'all! I am ALL IN for the #BidenHarris ticket and that means fundraising! Look out for me posting opportunities to support through upcoming events or you can just drop a few coins using this link:…
Feel free to use the OTHER box. Every $ counts!
Tonight VP #JoeBiden will accept the nomination and close out the #DemocraticConvention. On Friday for just $10 you can be the 1st to celebrate with Joe & Jill Biden AND #KamalaHarris & Doug Emhoff. Sign up here ⬇️ #BidenHarris2020 #BidenHarris #DNC2020…
Ashley Biden and #PeteButtigieg (Mayor Pete!) are teaming up for a special Arkansas Virtual Reception on Monday, August 24, 2020 at 5:30PM CDT/ 6:30PM EDT. Sign up for the event here ⬇️ 💛🐝…
If you cannot attend you can still contribute through this link. ImageImage
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26 May
Here is Round by Round of #112vsJaggedEdge #VerzuzTV
Round 1
Jagged Edge- He Can't Love You
112- It's Over Now
Round 2
JE- Girl Its Over
112- Come See Me
Round 3
JE- Wednesday Lover
112- Now That We're Done
JE- Promise
112- You Already Know
JE- Gotta Be
112- Anywhere
#112vsJaggedEdge #VerzuzTV
Round 6
Jagged Edge- Walked Right Outta Heaven
112- Cupid
Round 7
JE- Goodbye
112- Player
Round 8
JE- Remedy
112- Hey Luv (Mobb Deep)
Round 9
JE- Nasty Girl (Biggie)
112- Sky's The Limit (Biggie)
#112vsJaggedEdge #VerzuzTV
Round 10
Jagged Edge- Promise REMIX
112- So Fly (Just Slim not 112 lol)
R 11
112- Q, Mike, Slim, Daron Interlude
Jagged Edge- Trade It All Pt 2 (Fabolous)
R 12
112- Love Me
JE- Good Luck Charm
R 13
112- Dance With Me
JE- Don't Mess With My Man (Nivea)
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16 May
This #LudacrisvsNelly Verzuz battle is suffering from bootleg internet and bad sound but at least me and my girls got dressed up in our 2000s outfits. #Verzuz #NellyvsLudacris
#LudacrisvsNelly #VerzuzTV
Round 1
Ludacris- Welcome to Atlanta
Nelly- Na-NaNa-Na
Round 2
Ludacris- P-Poppin
Nelly- Tip Drill
Round 3
Ludacris- My Chick Bad
Nelly- Pimp Juice
#Verzuz #NellyvsLudacris
#LudacrisvsNelly #VerzuzTV
Round 4
Ludacris- You's a Ho
Nelly- Drop Down And Get Your Eagle On Girl
Round 5
Ludacris- Saturday
Nelly- Ride Wit Me
Round 6
Ludacris- What's Your Fantasy
Nelly- Country Grammar
#Verzuz #NellyvsLudacris
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9 May
Jill Scott and Erykah Badu are literally EVERYTHING #BlackGirlMagic is about. Pure Queen energy...what a blessing to witness #ForTheCulture ✊🏾✊🏾 #Verzuz #JillScottvsErykahBadu
Round 1
Erykah Badu- You Got Me
Jill Scott- You Got Me Live
Round 2
EB- On & On
JS- Getting in The Way
Round 3
EB- Didn't Cha Know
JS- Rolling Hills
#Verzuz Queen Tings 👸🏾
Round 4
Erykah Badu- Back In The Day
Jill Scott- Slowly Surely
Round 5
EB- Other Side of The Game
JS- Calls (w/Robert Glasper)
Round 6
EB- Appletree
JS-Whenever You're Around
#Verzuz #BlackGirlMagic
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7 May
Roland is covering the breaking news about the arrests of Travis McMichael and Gregory McMichael for the murder of #AhmaudArbery
On #RolandMartinUnfiltered tonight #AhmaudArbery's mother Ms. Wanda Cooper-Jones said an arrest would give her a some sense of justice. So finding out after the show that Travis & Gregory McMichaels were arrested was welcome news. Now arrest the 3rd guy. #JusticeForAhmaudArbery
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2 May
Hubby is representing for our household in the family Shrimp Alfredo Virtual cook off. Im narrating the competition 😂😂 #QuarantineDiaries
Which pasta dish looks the best from my virtual family cook off?
A) Extra Shrimp
B) Red Plate
C) Asparagus on the side
D) Shrimp & spinach
Just to let y'all sister is reading every comment that mentions her dish and is salty at mom winning because of her "art direction". My mom is getting a kick out of how popular her dish is. We've been laughing at this shit for the past 30 mins 😂😂😂 #QuarantineDiaries
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27 Apr
I always look forward to what Sen #KamalaHarris has to say about how to tackle #COVID19. It's critical that Joe Biden does more than phone a friend tho. Black women need to be part of the DECISIONS & the discussions and VP is the best way to do that. I trust Kamala to represent.
Now watching Senator #KamalaHarris on Joe Biden's townhall. These health disparities she is talking about are just staggering.
Watch here:
#KamalaHarris talking about food insecurity as it relates to #COVID19. HowardU did a study & found that 70% of its students were food insecure in 2019. On Live with the #KHive this week we discussed Kamala's bill to tackle the hunger crisis. More info ⬇️
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24 Apr
Thread-Previously I highlighted #COVID19 leadership of many Black Mayors & BW in US Congress. Today I want to highlight the great work being done by local/state #BlackElecteds. Give someone (or yourself) a shot out with an example of their #coronavirus efforts & I'll add it ⬇️ 1/
.@jamooreforsc15 has rolled up sleeves with his efforts to show appreciation to essential workers & those on the frontlines. He has also convened experts for virtual townhalls to spread #COVID19 awareness. Thank you for your leadership! #BlackElecteds 2/
Sidebar: Y'all...I ALREADY did a thread on Mayors. This thread is for Black local and state elected officials. US Congress (House/Senate) is a federal position. I'm not adding mayors or US Congressional officials to this thread.
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21 Apr
Teddy- SWV Right Here Human Nature Remix
Babyface- Toni Braxton Love Should Brought You Home (Winner)
Teddy- Keith Sweat Make It Last Forever (Winner)
Babyface- Babyface Soon As I Get Home
Teddy- Johnny Kemp Just Got Paid
Babyface- Whispers Rock Steady (Winner)
This was a hard two rounds of #VERZUZ to score but here we go. #TeddyRileyVsBabyface
Round 4
Teddy- Foxy Brown ft Blackstreet- Gotta Get You Home (Winner)
Babyface- Babyface Everytime I Close My Eyes

Round 5
Teddy- Guy Piece of My Love
Babyface- After 7 Ready or Not (Winner)
We are partying with Forever FLOTUS Michelle Obama now at #VERZUZ
Round 6
Teddy- Hi-Five I Like The Way
Babyface- Bobby Brown Every Little Step (Winner)

Round 7
Teddy- Keith Sweat I Want Her
Babyface- Tevin Campbell Can We Talk (Winner)
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14 Apr
Thread: It is #BlackMaternalHealthWeek so today I'm highlighting the legislative work on the Black maternal mortality crisis. Rep Alma Adams, Rep Lauren Underwood & Sen Kamala Harris launched the Black Momnibus this year but the work has been ongoing for years. #BlackWomenLead 1/
Before I dive into the legislative efforts by elected officials, I want to shout out @BlkMamasMatter. The Black Mamas Alliance has advocated for years for improvements in Black maternal health, rights & justice. More info ⬇️ #BlackMaternalHealthWeek 2/
Tonight Rep. Alma Adams is hosting a virtual session with Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Cory Booker to discuss #BlackMaternalHealthWeek. Details ⬇️ 3/
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9 Apr
Special shout out to all the Black mayors stepping up for their cities to fight #coronavirus. This week I highlighted 3 (#LondonBreed, #MurielBowser, #LaToyaCantrell), but as y'all can see there are 100s more. Feel free to drop a shout to anyone you want to highlight below. ⬇️
Shout out to Mayor @KeishaBottoms. Thank you for your leadership. #Covid19
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6 Apr
Thread: The #coronavirus pandemic underscores the importance of our elected officials. Black women are often ignored/marginalized by the pundit class, so I want to amplify some of their leadership/efforts. This isn't an A-Z encyclopedia but it's a start. #BlackWomenLead 1/10
Senator #KamalaHarris is a leader on intersectional policy/advocacy & sounded the alarm early about Trump's indifference to #Covid_19. She leads on paid sick leave, unemployment benefits & tirelessly advocates for BIPOC, children, workers & more. 2/10
Mayor #LondonBreed was the 1st mayor in the country to put in place a stay at home order. Her proactive leadership is being credited for the low level of cases and deaths despite the size and the 7 million population of San Francisco. #BlackWomenLead 3/10
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1 Apr
#KHive #KamalaHarris is coming up now to discuss leadership during the time of #coronavirus. I might have to do a part 2 to my first video on her leadership during this pandemic.
#KamalaHarris discusses her conference call with mayors of cities with pop over 300K. She shouts out Mayors London Breeed & Eric Garcetti plus Gov. Newsom for their leadership. Discusses their challenges and how Trump's leadership vacuum is where local officials are stepping up.
#KamalaHarris is talking about the work that needs to be done: paid sick leave, children without internet access, activate the DPA, suspend ICE stings on grocery stores, protect ACA. (too much for me to keep up with. #DeadlineWhiteHouse
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20 Mar
#KamalaHarris is an exceptional leader thru this #Covid_19 crisis. She introduced the Pandemic Assistance Disaster Act, keeps the pressure on Trump &Co, & consistently advocates for vulnerable groups. Check out this in-depth look at her leadership.
Full 📽
#KamalaHarris introduced the Pandemic Assistance Disaster Act
▪️#Covid_19 does not qualify for FEMA individual assistance limited to natural disasters
▪️Bill amends the law to include pandemics
▪️Allows FEMA to provide: Disaster SNAP food benefits, unemployment assistance, etc
Back when Trump was downplaying the risk posed by #coronavirus and GOP Senators were using their insider knowledge to sell off stock, #KamalaHarris was calling for public hearings & pressing officials for blowing off Congress and their inadequate response.
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16 Mar
Bernie again talks about inequality in the system such as wage inequality, etc. Bernie shows more concern about broader issues but is lacking on details. Biden is again emphasizing the NOW. Neither has laid out specifics. "Making people whole" is not specific. #DemDebate
Bernie asked about his vote against the bank bailout and he doubles down. He points out that those banks are doing well now (duh they were bailed out). He says coronavirus is different. Joe does a good job hammering Bernie over this. Biden's record is serving him well. #DemDebate
Biden asked about making undocumented immigrants feel safe to feel treatment. Biden's answer is not great...Sanders is far stronger here unless you don't like the idea of undocumented people getting free health care. #DemDebate
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31 Jan
#KamalaHarris is on the J.O.B. y'all! Watching the press conference with her Schumer, Murray, Brown, etc. #ForThePeople #GOPCoverup #WeWantWitnessesAndDocuments…
Thank you #KamalaHarris for being a powerful voice of clarity and for justice during this #ImpeachmentTrial
Must watch remarks from #Kamala as she brilliantly lays out the facts about this #GOPCoverup in a way that everyone can understand what's at stake. Here is part 1/2.
Here #KamalaHarris does her own mini-prosecution explaining how the GOP co-conspirators are subverting the Constitution by allowing Trump to solicit foreign interference in our country. She also makes it clear: there can be no acquittal without a fair trial. #GOPCoverup (Pt 2/2)
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11 Jan
Happy Bday to the Queen of Hip Hop Soul Mary J Blige! What better time than to do a song face off from each album!
Which #MaryJBlige song is more iconic from What's The 411?: Real Love or You Remind Me?
*For true listen to the whole album Mary fans Sweet Thing or Love No Limit?
Which #MaryJBlige song is more iconic from My Life: My Life or Be Happy?

*For true listen to the whole album Mary fans You Bring Me Joy or Mary Jane All Night Long?
Which #MaryJBlige song is more iconic from Share My World: I Can Love You or Not Gon Cry

*For true listen to the whole album Mary fans: Share My World or Everything?
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23 Nov 19
Today is Day 2 of #Kamala's Black Women Weekend of Action, key word: ACTION! Press ▶️ for a preview of what's in store. This ain't no photo op chile, we are putting in work! If you want to get involved you can phone bank remotely ⬇️. #SCforKamala #Kamala2020 #KHive #KamalaHarris
Packed room here bright and early for #Kamala's Black Women Weekend of Action. Here is @mayaharris_ giving opening remarks. #Kamala2020 #SCforKamala #BlackWomenLead
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23 Nov 19
Day 1 of #Kamala's Black Women Weekend of Action in SC kicked off to an incredible start! Press play for my recap on my visit to a #KamalaHarris campaign office & #BlackWomenLead kickoff reception. Nobody values/empowers Black women like Kamala! #SCforKamala #KamalaHarris #KHive
When I tell y'all @thesherylralph was preaching...she had to take her jacket off! I moved from the back to the front of the room to capture this good word. Part 1 #BlackWomenLead #SCforKamala #KamalaHarris #Kamala2020 #KHive
Here is Part 2 of #KamalaHarris endorser #SherylLeeRalph bringing down the house at #Kamala's Black Women Weekend of Action kickoff. Y'all have to excuse my commentary, I ain't a professional videographer lol. #BlackWomenLead #SCforKamala #Kamala2020
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21 Nov 19
To be clear #KamalaHarris started off as a prosecutor specializing in sexual assault cases and has for 3 decades been a staunch advocate for survivors. She pledged to end the nationwide rape kit backlog as POTUS as she did as AG. This op-ed made no mention of that. #TimesUp2020
"Sexual violence is a national problem that deserves a national response"<-- This is precisely what #KamalaHarris proposed months before the article was written with her national response to the rape kit backlog. #TimesUp2020 #MeToo
#KamalaHarris also repeatedly drew attention to and showed solidarity (in person and online) with McDonald's workers who are fighting for a workplace free from sexual harrassment. #TimesUp2020 #MeToo #DemDebate #FightFor15 #JusticeIsOnTheBallot
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