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19 Feb
no one needs another personal essay on agoraphobia/panic disorder so let me just say: it sucks lugnuts and the pandini has made it immeasurably worse
not only did i lose whatever progress i'd made, ive spent the entire time fighting off new phobias and old ones made worse (autophobia can suck my dick). the prospect of the world "reopening" with all my maladaptive coping mechanisms still in place is terrifying!
me trying to date is like *christian grey voice* you see, i have certain......... crippling limitations
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17 Feb
thankfully i will never have this problem, as a writer
and spinster
damn i wish i could spin wool that would be cool as hell. just me and my spinning wheel
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15 Feb
i feel like i learn about a new congressman every day and theyre always named like Brick Applewhite and saying absolutely insane things about murdering socialists
435 people with some positions switching every 2 years is a lot to keep track of, how am i supposed to remember Cliff Bonkerthorp III (R-Arkanasas) before he starts tweeting about the shadow cabal government thats trying to cancel the easter bunny with brickbats
inspired by this dude, who no doubt has a fleet of likeminded construction material named compatriots, like Rust Fortherton and Mud Gringerch
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13 Feb
i dry brushed my hair just to feel alive and, related, have a new theory about sasquatch
update: now going to do jail support for @itsa_talia who got unjustly arrested while covering a protest (talia hive assemble) so its in a bun
a lovely, lively crowd of folks twerking and hanging outside the 7th precinct. no word about when talia & other arrestees might get out/bail funds. brought some dunkies and water to supplement the pizza.
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13 Feb
watching "The Fall" to go with my general feeling of grey angst. its good
the gillian anderson/jamie dornan belfast murder show
beyond the inherent misogyny of the spectacle of the dead beautiful murdered nude woman (and throw in a seductive underage girl for good measure!) its gorgeously shot and pretty well written
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5 Feb
[casually introducing myself to britain] thejc.com/news/features/…
(one does not sign off on the titles of one's excerpts)
sorry brits thats the opening of chapter 1
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14 Jan
thanks @calcalist for the coolest photo of me anyones ever taken
the caption/quote is "there's a fat jewish bitch tracking you. be afraid" lmao
(its a direct quote from me)
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13 Jan
if you are a white christian male reporter who decided that this week is a great time to get interested in far right extremism for the first time maybe.... don't
the impact of bad/minimizing/romantic coverage of this stuff is enormous, and diving in headfirst makes you enormously likely to a) process violent liars uncritically and b) have no consciousness of the historical roots of this stuff and c) not examine your own biases
and i mention identity here not bc identity implies foreknowledge, but bc having skin in the game- being one of their targets - can countermand the tendency to approach the far right as a morally neutral or salacious subject, rather than...hate movements premised on violence
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13 Jan
are u a
im an aragorn girl to the death but i think he should kiss boromir after he kisses me a lot
watching lotr with a friend and every time aragorn appears on screen i just murmur "hes so sexy"
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11 Jan
Banned from the Telegram chat where Parler refugees are being welcomed with open arms by neo-Nazis simply for posting the script of Jerry Seinfeld's Bee Movie πŸ˜”πŸ˜” Image
but seriously wild to watch a mass radicalization event happen in real time
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10 Jan
finally some of my heroes like @LCRWnews and @socialistdogmom get their due washingtonpost.com/national-secur…
so proud of @EmilyGorcenski and @AntiFashGordon and @GoadGatsby for revealing and DOING the hard draining peaceful work antifascists do to to defend communities - years before the overrunning of the capitol - i love you all so much washingtonpost.com/national-secur…
sitting here tearing up with pride
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5 Jan
i cant believe the crown had a weird episode and a half rehabilitation of the Duke of Windsor/David, with Charles' simpering admiration for how "daring" and "original" he is, without once bringing up the fact that he was A GODDAMN NAZI
like a full bore, hitler befriending, state secret selling ass nazi, and so was wallis
honestly fucking bizarre to bring that up in one episode and then just... never speak of it again and give him a weird fulsome/melancholy rehabilitation (and her the duty of Wisdom about Love)
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1 Jan
i have begun drinking (i am adhering to the finnish tradition of KalsarikΓ€nni, or getting drunk in your underwear and staying in) and will confine the results to this thread
what's a good drinking game for The Crown?
im thinking
-drink every time anyone has a mustache
-drink every time theres a royal photo sitting
-drink every time Elizabeth looks pained
-drink for a royal protocol dispute
-drink when a newspaper hed is a crucial plot
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27 Dec 20
visited the grave of my college roommate and close friend joanna today. she died by suicide in 2013, at 22. there's still a hole in my life where she was. it never goes away, really. depression is a curse.
I will also never forgive or forget that while she was on academic probation after a deep bout of depression & suicidality, I did what all kids are taught to do - reported to authority (a dean). They reacted by banning her from campus, isolating her from all her friends.
Fuck Harvard. They covered their ass and my friend died.
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23 Dec 20
im finally watching The Crown.......... its good
Claire Foy is pretty excellent at hypernasality
its Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous plus a lush, abbreviated take on British history
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21 Dec 20
The video is INCREDIBLE. i also like navalny's intro of "this is why Putin has spent so much time thinking about my underwear" (the fsb put the poison in his underwear!!!)
just fucking incredible
navalny absolute legend
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20 Dec 20
im finishing star trek: deep space 9 tonight and im actively very sad about it
im watching "the dogs of war" rn and theres a second Defiant!!! also im so so sad
It took me awhile to push through the last half of season 7 because a) the all-serialization was hit or miss for me and b) much more potently, I WILL MISS THESE CHARACTERS SO MUCH
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18 Dec 20
i finally finished Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN. It is amazingly and also sometimes beautifully melodramatic. Like Goth monster Hamlet. The monster is SO ELOQUENT and I cant get over how that was totally erased in every film!
also Victor Frankenstein gets a horrible fever every time he gets bad news. for like months at a time.
also, SO many beautiful descriptions of lakes! made me really want to visit Geneva someday.
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6 Dec 20
for only $180 mega knife dot com will send you a box of 24 mystery knives
mystery knives!!!!!!!
*decemberists voice* 24 mystery knives,
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6 Dec 20
which is the worse couple of ds9 s7:
im sorts perversely enjoying the How Kai Winn Got Her Groove Back storyline
also, bitter drunk Damar is an amazing character
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5 Dec 20
well i did not have "guy who taught me Russian A in freshman year of college calling me a slut on twitter for wearing red lipstick" on my bingo card today
amazing stuff
hey @DCBFLegal come get your guy
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