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23 Sep
Patriot’s Proof Part 4: “The design to fail was done from day one.“ ImageImageImage
Just coincidence...That symbol turned positive on support. Weird right... How many times before mathematically impossible? It only seems like chance until they happen regularly. My aim is not al perfect. There is no actual compass or protractor to use. Dead reckoning with... ImageImage
“some Kentucky windage using the click of a mouse.That minor support line of this product is in question for the open. Check aim for minor corrections to drawing for precision or errors and if support breaks, the resistance trade is usually better than any fast reaction...
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23 Sep
Hope Thread:

“Prayer In The Air & Boots On The Ground” Pastor Wiley Drake from Salt & Light Brigade

God’s Army:
Air Force = Prayers
Infantry = Calls & Letters
SWAT Team = Action & Votes Image
Train of Truth
Gathering Momentum
Upon Foundation Tracks
Built by Faithful Warriors
Holding the Line
For Victory & Freedom Image
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22 Sep
UN Dig Shows UN Takes Part in Targeting Screen Recording:


UN Takes Part in Targeting Screen Recording: #TargetedIndividuals ImageImageImageImage
UN Takes Part in Targeting Screen Recording: #TargetedIndividuals ImageImageImageImage
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22 Sep
CDC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that provides funding to CDC, both directly and through other non-profits like Friends of the CDC. Link/list of corporate partners of CDC Foundation:

@POTUS @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA @GenFlynn @CDCgov ImageImageImageImage
Corporate partners of CDC Foundation: ImageImageImageImage
Corporate partners of CDC Foundation: ImageImageImageImage
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21 Sep
#CPS #FamilyCourt #FosterCare System Needs Audit

Children & Parents/Families Do Not Benefit - Bureaucracies Do ImageImageImageImage
#CPS #FamilyCourt #FosterCare System Needs Audit

Children & Parents/Families Do Not Benefit - Bureaucracies Do ImageImageImageImage
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21 Sep
‘The Missing 13th Amendment’ by Lanier SR, PhD. Esq

*No Lawyers Allowed in Public Office* by Edward Morgan

‘Covert Plot That Altered the U.S. Constitution Exposed, Conspiracy to Subvert the American Republic Uncovered’

by David M. Dodge
#13thAmendment Ratification Revisited:
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21 Sep
Post & Archives 8
Scheme Essentially Merges @USTreasury & Federal Reserve Into One Organization

USTreasury Regains Access to $$ Printing Press At Federal Reserve
More Interference in USA & World Affairs Including Running US Trademark & Patent Office by British Crown Agents
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21 Sep
Post & Archives Part 7
#ID2020 & Partners Launch Program to Provide Digital ID With
FY 2018: 90,000 Family Units + 45,000 Unaccompanied Minors Entered US Illegally

800 Family Members Released Out ‘Front Door’ of AZ @ICEgov Facilities
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19 Sep
“Is it not a perversion of the courts & congress that’s led to this point? It is right from beginning. Look what’s been done by policy since then. This isn’t racial oppression. It’s absolute betrayal of the country, even if done piece by piece in ignorance.” AnalystAnon 9/19/2020
“We have no reason to change anything other than the cartography. Is there something wrong with the dollar besides intentional devaluation? It is in and of itself not malfunctioning. The system is.”
“Quantum financial just changes this elite imbedded cheat code into a crypto based algorithm and hides it really good. We are a petro dollar by standard. That is by all definitions the most “current” use of energy for all things. And we are independent...
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18 Sep
#USMarshals, LEOs & Detroit Child Recovery Unit Rescue 123 Missing Children (October 2018)
#USMarshals Rescue Two Missing Girls in Cleveland (9/4/2020)
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18 Sep
Fired State Dept IG, Steven Linick, Had Concealed OIG Network With Hillary Clinton’s Emails Among Other Things

“Nov. 2013 a lot of leaks were coming out of the State Department regarding BENGHAZI and Linick..

@POTUS @StateDept @GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1…
“with the help of then-Secretary of State John Kerry trying to sequester and “cord off” access to cables & communications.”

“Sources say that numerous emails, documents & information are stored on this network that demonstrate how Linick, Sullivan & Mark Stroh were assisting...
“with LEAKS, SABOTAGE, and intentional appointments to “counter” the Trump administration... We were told that THIS network has ALL the requests for unmasking by ambassadors & requests for surveillance of American citizens...including General Flynn...
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