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6 May

The powerful photo below gives a stark warning to parents and caregivers over the dangers of choking.

For this little child, #echoke for real because she died after swallowing a peanut that got lodged in her airway!

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Choking and suffocation happen when something blocks a person’s airway and prevents breathing.

This is a leading cause of death among children, especially those younger than 4 years.
Some kids, like the 7-year-old in the story below have choked on doritos chips and died in their mothers' arms while playing a prank!…
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4 May
Avoid wearing high heels often.

These X-Ray pictures show how you exert great pressure on the bones of your feet when you wear steep high heels.

Wearing them too often can increase your risk of pain, blisters, bone degeneration, and osteoarthritis.

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The joints in your knees or foot can become arthritic if you wear high heels too much.

The reason is that while standing or walking, the pressure and imbalance caused by the heels can make the cartilage in your knee and foot joints to wear down over time. Image
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3 May
Some people don't breastfeed but discharge milk from their nipples especially when touched.

This is known as galactorrhea!

It's not a disease on it's own, but it could be a symptom of an underlying problem.

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There's a chemical or hormone in your body known as Prolactin. It is responsible for stimulating breast milk production.

The hormone is made by a bean-shaped organ called the Pituitary gland.

This gland is found in the brain of both men and women.
Anything that causes too much prolactin to be produced can lead to breast milk discharge or galactorrhea, both in men and women.
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2 May
Mr. Timo brought his wife to the hospital for her bruises after he hit her in the head.

When asked what happened, he said although he had never done that to his wife in their 5 years of marriage, he was compelled to do so this time.

Here's what he narrated..
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Mr. Timo said his friend who lives abroad wanted to send N2 million through Timy to his family members in the village.

However, Timo realised he didn't have a domiciliary account and wanted to use his wife's account to receive the money and send it home.
So Mr. Timo told his friend abroad to send the N2 million into his wife's account to be transferred to the sender's family member back home. The money was sent.

But instead of remitting the complete N2 million to Timy, his wife told him she'll send only N1,950,000. Timy said no.
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27 Apr

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There's a myth going around that women can’t get pregnant if they have sex while on their period.

While this doesn't happen all of the time, it still happens some of the time.

Here's why:
1. Shorter menstrual cycle

Most women have a 28-day cycle. Usually, they bleed for 3 to 5 of those days & are most fertile during the ovulation stage around 12 to 16 days before the next period starts. If she has a shorter cycle, it means she also ovulates earlier.
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21 Apr
A woman can conceive twins from two different biological fathers.

Such twins are genetically half-siblings because they came from the sperm of different men who had sex with their mother around ovulation.

This is known as heteropaternal superfecundation.

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For this to happen:

1. The woman must ovulate twice (dizygotic), meaning she ovulates 2 eggs in the same cycle instead of the usual 1 egg.

2. She must have sex (or In Vitro Fertilization) with different men within a couple of days to one week around her ovulation.
Heteropaternal superfecundation can occur in:

• One complex act of sex (if a woman has sex with different men at the same time)

• Separate acts of sex with different men within 5 days, or

• When sperms from 2 separate men are introduced into her via artificial insemination.
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20 Apr
An uncircumcised penis needs more attention to maintain good hygiene compared to a circumcised one. The foreskin attract more germs and dirt.

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If you're uncircumcised and don’t regularly clean under your foreskin, bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil can cause smegma to build up.

This can make your penis smell, cause foreskin inflammation (balanitis), and make pulling back your foreskin difficult (phimosis).
Both phimosis and balanitis can require medical attention if left untreated.

On the other hand, a circumcised penis doesn’t need additional hygiene. Just make sure you wash it regularly when you bathe.
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19 Apr

1. Find the stinger
2. Remove it with tweezers, fingernails or cards
3. Wash area with clean warm water
4. Apply ice/cold compress
5. Then hydrocortisone cream/calamine lotion &
6. Take a pain reliever if painful

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If you don't remove the stinger, bee stings can cause massive swelling (edema) with severe itching (erythema) & sometimes bumps (plaques & bullae), due to allergic reaction.

But once the stinger is removed, the itching & swelling should disappear within days.
In most cases, unless you’re allergic to bee stings or experiencing signs of a severe allergic reaction, you can treat bee stings at home if you follow the above simple steps.

If the symptoms don't disappear after 2 days, see your specialist.
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17 Apr
Make sure you pee immediately after sex.

Urinating can help flush out the bacteria that may have entered your urine pipe (urethra) during vaginal sex.

This can prevent you from getting urinary tract infections.

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Peeing immediately after having sex is particularly helpful for people prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs) such as women - due to their shorter urethra than that of men which is longer.
However, peeing after sex will not prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) because it is not a form contraception.
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17 Apr

1. Chew foods slowly with lips closed
2. Avoid too hot or too cold foods/drinks
3. Avoid hot spicy foods; can irritate the mouth
4. Use soft/medium bristle toothbrush & floss often
5. Regular visits to an oral hygienist

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6. Eat a balanced diet
7. Reduce stress
8. Drink a lot of water daily
9. Limit alcohol use
10. Avoid smoking whether it's tobacco, shisha or weed
11. If the weather is very hot & dry, shade your lips with a lip balm or lip gloss
12. Take vitamin supplements, especially B vitamins
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16 Apr

It's an infection of female reproductive organs which usually occurs when bacteria STIs like Chlamydia & Gonorrhea spread from the vagina into the womb, Fallopian tubes & ovaries. It can cause infertility!

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6 things that increase your risk of having Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

1. Douching
2. Having many sex partners
3. Having PID or STI in the past
4. Having sex without condoms
5. Sexually active women less than 25 years
6. Having sex with a person who has more than 1 sex partners
8 common symptoms of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

1. Hotness of your body (fever)
2. Vaginal discharge
3. Lower tummy pain
4. Heavy menstrual bleeding
5. Bleeding in-between periods
6. Pain during sex (dyspareunia)
7. Feeling generally unwell
8. Vaginal odour
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15 Apr
In 1 hour of smoking shisha, you inhale the same amount of toxins as a person who smokes 100 sticks of cigarettes.

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SHISHA can cause stroke
SHISHA can cause cancer
SHISHA can cause infertility
SHISHA can cause miscarriage
SHISHA can cause heart attack
SHISHA can cause hypertension
SHISHA can weaken immune system
Some people don't know that shisha also causes enormous damage to their bodies.

They smoke shisha as a "healthier" alternative to cigarettes or weed. But this is ignorance.
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10 Apr
Having an orgasm at least 3 times a week cuts in half your risks of coronary heart disease. Sex is a form of exercise!
For people without heart disease, sex is a good form of exercise which helps strengthen the heart, lower the blood pressure, reduce stress, & improve sleep.

So for people with a stable heart, the long-term benefits of regular sex & other physical activities outweigh this risk.
But people with existing heart diseases may have a heart attack during sex or any other physical activity that increases thier heart rate.

For them, it's not advisable to have sex especially when you have symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, etc
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9 Apr
14 body parts you often damage but ignore

1. Stomach
2. Heart
3. Kidney
4. Gall bladder
5. Small intestines
6. Large intestines
7. Lungs
8. Liver
9. Pancreas
10. Eyes
11. Brain
12. Skin
13. Vagina
14. Testis

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1. You damage your STOMACH when you abuse aspirin and over-the-counter pain and fever medicines.

2. You damage your HEART when you eat too much salt and bad cholesterol.

3. You damage your KIDNEYS when you don't drink up to 10 glasses of water or 3L in a day.
4. You damage your GALLBLADDER when you don't sleep until 11 o'clock and don't wake up to the sunrise.

5. You damage your SMALL INTESTINE when you eat cold and stale food.

6. You damage your LARGE INTESTINE when you eat mainly fried and spicy food.
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8 Apr
Wash your socks often🧦
Wash your socks often🧦

As you wear socks, they accumulate sweat, dirt, and germs. Wearing them dirty can cause a fungal infection called Athlete's Foot and infected under toes.

Wash or change your socks at least every 2 days.

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The germ that causes Athlete’s Foot (Tinea pedis) likes a warm, dark, and moist environments.

That's why it affects mainly the areas between the toes and the bottoms of the feet causing a whitish, scaly rash with a red base, burning, peeling, and occasional odour.
If left untreated, your fungal infection (Athlete's foot) may spread to other parts of the body.

It can also be transmitted to other people through shared floors, gym mats, towels, and other shared surfaces.
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7 Apr
A premature baby is placed on his father's chest shortly after birth to regulate the baby's temperature like an incubator as his mother was still recovering from her caesarean section. This is called the Kangaroo Mother Care. 🦘

Months later, that's the boy.
Kangaroo mother care 🦘 is a method of holding a baby that involves skin-to-skin contact.

It can be done by both mothers and fathers on premature infants while they are still in the hospital.
Kangaroo mother care is beneficial to the baby in my ways. For e.g. it:

• Stabilizes your baby’s heart rate
• Improves your baby’s breathing
• Decreases your baby's crying
• Helps baby gain weight faster
• Helps baby sleep more
• Decreases hospital stay
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6 Apr

If patient is conscious:
1. Sit them down calmly
2. Unbutton tight clothes
3. Ask if they're on chest pain pills e.g. Aspirin or Nitroglycerin
4. If yes, help them take the pill quickly. If no, move to No. 5 below...

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5. Rush patient to hospital especially if:

- chest pain doesn't go away within 3 minutes of taking nitroglycerin or aspirin
- patient was not previously on any heart medications
- there's no medication to give them within the 3 minutes

6. Don't give water or food!
If patient is unconscious but still breathing normally:

1. Call your local emergency line (if available) or shout for help to move patient to hospital
2. Meanwhile, lower the person to the ground and keep his head relaxed in an erect position to aid breathing
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3 Apr

1. Check your Weight (in Kg)
2. Check your Height (in metres)
3. Your BMI = Weight ÷ (Height)²

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Cross-check the result you get from step 3 above with the ranges below;

Underweight <18.5
NORMAL/HEALTHY 18.5 - 24.9
Overweight 25 - 29.9
Obese 30 - 34.9
Extremely obese >35
BMI is a cheap and simple screening method for weight categories —underweight, healthy weight, overweight, and obesity.

A BMI outside the normal/healthy range may be associated with some health problems.
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1 Apr
Did you know?

A bite from a Brazilian wandering spider can cause an erection that lasts up to 4 hours.

The venom increases nitric oxide, a chemical that enhances blood flow & boosts erection.
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1 Apr

1. Don't panic
2. Turn patient on their side
3. Place something soft under head
4. Stay & time seizure
5. Don't put anything in mouth
6. Don't restraint
7. Go to hospital after seizure stops, or if lasts more than 5 minutes

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During my internship, I saw how some people believe that when a child convulses, heating their legs with hot water can stop the seizure, even if it's epilepsy.

A mother once 'boiled' her son's feet, causing severe burns that almost killed the child.

#EpilepsyFacts Image
Seisures, whether due to fever (febrile convulsions), epilepsy, etc., are best treated with anticonvulsants while treating the underlying cause. This is best done in hospitals.

At home, once your child starts convulsing, there’s nothing you can do to stop it.
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30 Mar
11 common ways men damage their #sperm without knowing

1. Tight underwears
2. Hot baths
3. Infections
4. Varicoceles
5. Laptops
6. Drugs
7. Mobile phones
8. Smoking
9. Marijuana
10. Heavy drinking
11. Steroids

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Wear boxers instead of tight pants, & go to bed naked if you want to become a father!

Wearing tight #underwears like pants or shorts keep your testicles closer to the body, leading to warmer temperatures that may kill sperm & lower your sperm count.
Bathing with #hotwater frequently exposes your testicles to heat, which can reduce your sperm count.

Same thing happens to men who use saunas often.

In fact, if you're worried about infertility, it's best to bath with normal or lukewarm water.

Avoid hot water baths!
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