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4 Mar
Petey has stopped being a good boy doing puzzle toys and has stolen a bag of saltines... do we fight or are those his saltines now.
Cut my losses. They are his saltines now.
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4 Mar
My dogs are pawing at my hands and intermittently whining because I have been on Twitter since I got home from work and for that, I am truly not sorry. Dear god whyyy, WHY are they so needy.

Update: have resorted to petting them with each a foot so get out my menchies
Update: Pete will not stand for it any longer
Will terrorize for attention
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4 Mar
Say it with me— Not every Black kid with a gun to commit violent crimes.

This SF public defender serving on the police commission pushed back on police rhetoric re: confiscation of a gun from a young Black man.
Though it’s uncomfortable to confront our bias, young Black men can (and sometimes need to) possess guns for protection too.
The hysterics and demands for John’s resignation after his assertion of these facts are frankly born out of racialized fear of Black men with guns.

Fear perpetuated in part by one sided police propaganda that a Black man with a gun is a dangerous man.
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3 Mar
Once again saying that there’s a better way than victim statements at a sentencing. Urging the court to treat the defendant like an animal, throw the defendant away, or wishing inhumane treatment upon them as retribution
only reinforces that the “issues” within the system are not in fact issues but inhumanity at the request of the “victim.” Requests to treat human beings as pigs, dogs, animals has no place in polite society,
requests for the court and by proxy the prison to physically abuse, torture, or treat otherwise inhumanely has no place in a system that purports to be deserving of respect.

Allowing these statements and requests normalizes these realities.
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3 Mar
There’s no question that Judas and The Black Messiah is a phenomenally acted, well shot, well scripted movie...but watching white supremacy win in the same way it still does today leaves you with an intense desire to burn everything to the fucking ground. There’s no fixing this.
White supremacy wins at all costs. It takes the vulnerable & destitute, turning them against themselves to survive within it. Fred Hampton at just 20 years old: “We are going to fight racism, not with racism but with solidarity. Peace to you, if you’re willing to fight for it.”
It’s enraging that in 1969 police murdered Fred Hampton in his bed while he slept.

But it’s enraging beyond capable of rational thought that police are STILL more than 40 years later shooting Black people in their beds.
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1 Mar
For anyone who has ever had their car totaled in a collision, how many days are you provided a rental car?
@GEICO is only willing to give me 72 hours since settlement, prior to even receiving the check.
For clarification my car was deemed a total loss. They notified me and then said I had 72 hours to return the rental or pay out of pocket. The check hadn’t been received at that point.
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28 Feb
Lola got lost yesterday. My husband left our fence gate open, then came inside and didn’t remember she was outside until about 20 minutes later. We both ran out and went separate ways to look for her. When I started calling her name while running down the street,
I heard a bark in the distance almost as if it was responding. I called her again, again a bark response. Called again and the next thing I see is her running from the backyard of house a street over towards our house and straight into the backyard.
That house has a dog she sees on her walks. Y’all she just went visit a friend and was basically like “Gtg, I hear my mom calling me to go home, it’s time for dinner. See you tomorrow!”
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25 Feb
Just got reminded of the time this “trial attorney” said my police corruption and attempted retaliatory arrest sounded like bs.

One of the police chiefs involved just got indicted today for malfeasance (using public funds for personal beef), intimidation of a witness
As well as some other crimes.
Hate that I love to see it.
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25 Feb
Unlike Lola, I am realizing that I’ve just randomly posted Petey’s videos without much context. I found him on a rare (like every 10 years supposed to be rare) 10-20 degree weather day, I was on my way to work on a major highway and I say this tiny little dog darting between
Traffic on the 4 lane highway. I immediately pulled over, resigned that I was going to be late, and got out of my car. I screamed, “PUPPY!!!!” He stopped in the middle of the street, turned and looked at me, then like in a romcom, turned and ran toward me like
I’ve found the way I love, I opened my arms wide and screamed “puppy!!!!” Again and he finished darting across 8 lanes of traffic straight into my arms. I immediately put him in my car and blasted the heater to warm him up. Once I was convinced he was warm enough
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24 Feb
You’d swear I starve his ass. The aftermath of him stealing a whole loaf of bread.
When dreams are dead...
Omg, I just watched it back for the first time and didn’t realize I caught that ending 🤣🤣 he really gives no fucks about what I’ve done for him.
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23 Feb
My mother called to see how my day was so I mentioned the judge‘a threat to jail attorneys escalated from implied to actual today, she said, “well, I hope you just keep your mouth shut, talking back is not worth going to jail over.”

My boomer mother still doesn’t get what I do.
She ended the conversation with a speak about respecting authority and not talking back.
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22 Feb
Only 10am and already the Judge has threatened to put all the defense attorney's in jail for "coming unprepared" twice after one of the defense attorney requested to speak with their incarcerated client in a breakout room and a request for outstanding DNA.

We have hours to go.
requests denied and I have several of these requests to make sooooo...
Received discovery this morning at 10:29 while in court and only had the case 1.5 weeks, requested a continuance— “request denied.” She set for trial Friday.

Trials are suspended here 🤷🏻‍♀️

But if today is any indication how the rest of this week is going to play out...
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20 Feb
heard this week from a judge:

“I spoke to him and he spoke English just fine, I’m tired of him holding up this court with baseless requests for an interpreter.”

“I spoke to him and he was mentally fine.”

Judges really have to stop think they aren’t just lawyers in a robe.
Makes me want to scream “seriously dude...


Also, conversational English and understanding legal English are not the same.

And, “Mentally fine” is not the basis which to determine competency.
Lord help, this public defender judge is making me doubt everything I knew about us.
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20 Feb
The only surprising part of this story is that he openly and boldly shared what other professionals sneak away to do in the bathroom stalls. Recreational drug use is prevalent among professionals. This man is just fiercely claiming who he is, I’m ok with that.
This is Dr. Hart who has studied addiction and the brain for the last 25 years. He has tenure in Columbia’s Psychology Department. He’s on the National Advisory Council for Drug Abuse.
Coming out can have academic benefit (i.e., improving our understanding of drugs, of people who use drugs, and of drug research) and contribute to activist goals (e.g., de-stigmatization of drug use and demarginalization of people who use drugs).
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20 Feb
Lawyers, out of curiosity, when on zoom in court (or generally in normal court times) if you have been unable to reach your client prior to that court date and now that your client is present— that subject is broached in any way— how do you handle it?
Generally there seems to be two ideologies amongst lawyers
a) the feeling that you need to protect your license at all costs and detail to the court all your efforts to contact client, effectively putting the burden on client and directing its ire to client
b) the feeling that you must protect client at all costs and refrain from detailing all efforts made to the court, effectively falling on your sword for client and keeping ire on you

I’m wondering if any of you do it like above and why. Or if you don’t, how do you do it and why.
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14 Feb
I truly hate chefs who release (like on their netflix show or cook book) a recipe for a culture’s food that they are not a part of and have no specific connection to.

Subtweeting a chef making “king cake” and another releasing some blasphemous “gumbo” recipe. Just big Nopes.
The worst part is these recipes always miss the point of these foods...they aren’t just foods, they are part of a culture with specific meaning and history.
In short- leave these to the chefs part of that culture. This isn’t for you.
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12 Feb
“Welcome to Schitts Streets”
“Georgia State of Mind”
“Cast Away Covid Island”
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12 Feb
Top contender for my fav house float— Georgia on my mind featuring queen Stacey Abrams.
In second place, “Schitt’s Streets”
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12 Feb
Apologize in advance for how incredibly online I will be until Wednesday. I’m licking my wounds with house floats.

My neighbor went traditional.
House floats!
“The Kraken”
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11 Feb
We should be shocked and appalled that any sentence, any plea is ever 50 years.
The State popping up to say their 50 year offer with their whole chest
Hey y’all. This isn’t a “floor”... just stating 50 is a gut wrenching plea to hear offered even when you are merely a spectator
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5 Feb
Please consider helping these dogs out:local rescue specializing in pitbull mixes at a kill shelter need donations to save 6 good bois from execution. money transports them to their forever homes. Seeing them happy living their best life is the best reward…
The biggest reward is seeing these babies leave this place and living their best life. This is one of those— this baby was found in a ditch in 100 degree weather. She was rescued, cared for, then transported to New York where she found her dad and has lived happily ever after.
What a little time and love can do! Her dad is a trainer and has adopted Beatrice and her brother from Louisiana!
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