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Jagannath Ji: Mysterious Yet True.

1. The temple of Jagannath Puri, Odisha, is a treasure of secret. Can it be possible that a premise is  ituated at a sea beach, and no one can hear the loud sound of sea waves inside the temple? Yes, it is a mystery yet to ve solved. Though, When you keep a foot out of the temple premises, you will hear the ambient voice of the ocean. It is because Shri Vishnu is the Son-in-law of the sea God. Therefore, a father-in-law remains calm and cool to give peace to his Son-in-law.

2. If you delve deep into the secrets of
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Question Horoscope (Horary) and marriage

How to calculate ?
The one asking the question regarding the marriage of his daughter, note down date and time and find out ascendant of that particular time. Make question horoscope and place planets appropriately in the horoscope, then tell the answer of the question according to the horoscope.

Procedure to tell the result of question horoscope

- If the moon is in 3, 5, 7, or 11th house and it's in direct sight of Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, then marriage will happen soon.
- If all planets are in the centre
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Houses for Longevity, Health & Education

I. Consider the houses 1, 8 and 3 for longevity.
2 (a) Maraka houses. The 12th to any particular house denotes non-existence of the matter signified by that particular house. So the houses 12 (12th to I), 7 (12th to 8 and 2 (12th to 3) are known as the Maraka (death dealing) houses.
(b) Badhaka houses. The house 11 is hadhaka (harmful to life) to those born in Movable signs as their Ascendants; the 9th for those born in Fixed signs and the 7th for those born in Common signs.

3. Death. The
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Things to be understood about Remedies

1. person who decides to undergo a change of heart, but there is no relief for an arrogant person. Remedy is all about developing the skill of self discipline, perseverance, self confidence and bravery.
2. Be patient - Do not expect everything to change overnight.
3. Remedies should be done with your own money and without others.
4. There will be no benefit if the remedies are done without faith. that are done with trust and devotion will have benefits.
5. Your appetite cannot be satisfied if someone
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Symptoms of chakra blockage:

- The Root Chakra – Problems in leg, feet and lower body. Eating disorders, constipation, fear of not enough money of job, instability.

- The Sacral Chakra – Urinary problem and kidney infection, back pain, gynealogical, depression, fear and insecurity, jealousy, isolation and detachment from the society
and addictive behaviour.

-The Solar Plexus Chakra – Feeling of powerlessness, aggressive, neediness, lack of motivation, laziness, insecurity, lack of will power and fatigue.

- The Heart Chakra – Hypertension,
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NAUTAPA -9 days of excess heat

With the transit of Sun in Rohini Nakshatra on Sunday, marking the beginning of Nautapa, the nine days of reeling heat that will test everything around for its tolerance. Nautapa or period of nine hot days when the earth’s temperature rises drastically will initiate today with Sun entering Rohini nakshatra.

Rohini -under in the domain of planet Venus (Taurus) is the nakshatra of moon and is widely known for soothing effect whereas sun is exactly opposite to it and represents burning effect. Therefore, when Surya
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Combinations to Determine Napunsak/Gay native

Astrologers today are facing
interesting & challenging
questions by the parents. One among them is: "Is this Boy whom we are considering for an alliance to our daughter be able to take care of my daughter & keep her safe & happy.? There is also a more intense focused question is being asked is, "Is he a normal man and capable of producing children to continue their respective family's lineage"? So, this is the background for this paper and I would like to share some combinations and principles to
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Mars in 2nd Bhava :
If Mars is in 2nd house from lagna:
- Cannot realise the utility of the wealth, inherits from relatives, squanders it away or hoards it.
Proud of bank balance, which is drained away in fines, litigations or lost to thieves.
- Hostility and stinginess stand in the way of relations with everybody including own family members; the native would rather die than leave his money. If Mars is well aspected then the native will understand the philosophy of 'give and take'.
- Brings success through enterprise, legacies & inheritance but
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Cancer and Astrology

Cancer is a disease that the entire world fears. Scientists are still figuring it out the cause, prevention and cure. Cancers affect multiple parts of the body. The top ones today in the world are Throat cancer,Lung cancer, Stomach cancer, Skin cancer, Breast cancer, Uterus cancer, Leukaemia, Liver cancer and Mouth cancer. Given below are the various body parts where Cancer can occur, mapped to the planets.

Sun : Stomach and intestine, heart, spleen, nerves inside the brain.

Moon : Blood, breast, lungs, food pipes, uterus,
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Kamdhenu Cow is the mother of all cows and is also considered as mother of 11 rudras. According to shastras, Kamdhenu cow has emerged from Samudra Manthan. We cannot see Kamdhenu cow physically but we can keep it in our home. According to Vaastu, keeping Kamdhenu cow idol at home is
immensely beneficial as it is wish fulfilling. Kamdhenu mainly has body of cow and a female head containing several gods within her. Keeping this cow in home can assure happiness and wealth. Gods are associated with various body organs of Kamdhenu and it symbolize various
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1st House :
Ascendant. depicts important aspects of your life; first impressions, personality, appearance, ego, temperament, new beginnings and outlook towards life. House of Self, has impact on health issues.

Rules core values and covers, material and physical world. House of possessions, represents how well we manage finances, how you value and earn money and self esteem.

House of communication, rules all
communication: thinking, talking, deals with everything related to modern technology for
communication. Deals with everyday
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Sanatan Dharma Sanskar– The Depth of Existence

Sanatan Dharma is the way of living life. It is the science of 'human welfare' because Sanatan Dharma is based on science. Science is governed and commanded by Vedas, Upanishads, Shastras, Puranas, and other religious texts. There are sixteen sacraments or rites of human life in Sanatan Dharma. Let us understand them:

1. Garbhadhan Sanskar means the rite of conceiving. This rite had great importance in ancient times. After asking a knowledgeable astrologer about the day and muhurta, the Husband and
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Sun : When Sun is weak and afflicted, it is indicative of physical weakness, anemic eyesight, heart ailments and fractures.

Moon: When Moon is weak and afflicted, it is indicative of hysterical outbursts, fits, mental challenges and menstrual disorders in women. Mars : When Mars is strong but afflicted, it is indicative of richness in blood, high blood pressure, accidents and irritations. A weak and afflicted Mars suggests blood ailments, low blood pressure, anemia, tumors, boils and ulcers.
May 15 23 tweets 4 min read
Marriage Matching And Mangalik Dosh - The Fact

There are 12 houses in a horoscope and if Mars is in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house then is said to be Mangalik yog. So out of 12 houses there are 6 houses where the position of Mars is said to cause Manglik factor. Hence the ratio of Manglik and non-Manglik can be 60 : 40. Actually Mars is a planet that makes an individual boisterous by nature. It gives tha native a dominating, aggressive and quarrelsome nature. When its aspects are present in the 7th house it brings about a quarrel between
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Important charts to be analysed before Predictions.

1. Drekkana - Here each sign is divided into 3 equal parts of 10 degrees. This chart is considered for the well-being of brothers and sisters and health of a person.

2. Chaturthamsha - A sign is divided into 4 parts of 7 degree and 30 minutes. It is considered for fate and residence.

3. Saptamsha -It is 1/7 of a sign being equivalent to 4-17'8.5" each. It is considered for the well-being of children and grandchildren.

4. Navamsha - It is 1/9 of a sign equal to 3 degree 20 minutes. It is the
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Birth Star Significance
Persons born under the influence of each Nakshatra has certain basic characteristics. Though they are general in nature, they give certain clues about one.

1. Aswini: This is a number one personality. Vast learning, well developed brain power, faith in religion, sacrificing tendency, ambitious, philosophical and social.

2. Bharani: Majestic personality, changing moods, business minded, influential, high position.

3. Krithika: Vast learning, logical, doubting mind, creative ability, unsteady fortune, hot, bold, enthusiastic,
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Quantum Physics and Spirituality

7 things that affect your vibrational frequency from the point of view of physics. Vibration in quantum physics means that everything is energy. Any feeling causes you to emit a vibration that can be positive or negative. The Thoughts :
Every thought you have emits a frequency to the Universe, and that frequency returns to the origin, in this case you! So if you have negative thoughts and sadness this will all come back to you. That is why it is so important that you take care of the quality of
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Remedies for Jupiter:

Lord Siva Puja: Persons who have time in the morning can take up regular pancahayatana Siva Puja. In this Lord Ganesha, Shanmuga, Sakthi Swarupa, Lord Narayana, Surya are placed in the four corners and lord Shiva in the middle. Puja is done to all forms. The whole puja normally takes about an hour and a little more. This has to be taken from a Guru or Purohit.

Panchakshara mantra can be learnt from a Guru and recited daily. Simply uttering always
'Siva Siva' is also enough. Going to Siva temple daily in the evenings and offering
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A yoga is formed by atleast two planets. Though there are three hundred important combinations, the author wishes to name a few
commonly understood yogas which are given below:

1. Gajakesari yoga: If Jupiter is in a kendra from the Moon, the combination goes under the name Gajakesari. This indicates many relations polite and generous, builder of villages and towns or magistrate over them; will have
a lasting reputation even long after death.

2.Sunapha yoga: If there are planets (excepting the Sun)
in the second house from moon, Sunapha is caused.
May 8 19 tweets 4 min read
Unfolding the mysteries of Nine Gems

The Nine Gems or Navratna as called in the ancient texts of Astrology represent the nine deities and planets, namely; Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, North Node (Rahu) and South Node (Ketu). Let us know each one. Ruby- Natural deep pink and blood red Ruby represents the Sun, the vital life force of everything. Ruby is worn to enhance the power of Sun in the birth chart, and to enhance leadership quality, confidence, and relationship with father. Ruby is good for Aries, Leo and Sun
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Lord Jagannath and Covid -19

With Covid-19 outbreak don't u think 14 days of isolation was a good idea to stay healthy & keep the society safe? Don't you think it was a piece of good and prudent advice? Why? Because western doctors advised it? That's why it is prudent to comply? Well, let me tell you one thing. Every year before Rathyatra ceremony Lord Jagannath 'falls sick' with flu. During his sickness, the Lord is kept in isolation/quarantine for 14 days. Yes, 14 days. It is called Anasara. During the isolation period, Lord's chamber is kept closed