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23 May
I wonder if alot of these Republicans running for Congress in blue districts actually hit the streets.

I knew Mike Garcia was legit when I went to Simi Valley a few weeks ago and saw billboards, posters, volunteers, bumper stickers all over.

So many do nothing but tweet.
If you are not willing to organize a ground game, you literally have zero shot. Organizing costs very little. Just a vision and a love for people.

I've seen preachers build churches of thousands of followers just from engaging communities and hitting the streets.
If I ever run for office, I would get a few people and a bullhorn and go to every place i could and cast vision and register voters every single day. This literally costs you zero money , just sweat equity.
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2 May
It annoys me when people tell me to move out of California. This is my state too, & I love it ! Every Beach, Every trail, every mountain & hill, the beautiful weather, the amazing food, the creativity, etc. Why should lifelong natives be told to tuck tail & run like cowards?
The problem in California is we have an inept and incompetent Republican party and leadership.

I'd fire everyone every 2 years if they didn't get gains on voters from the previous elections. Only in politics do you get rewarded for being a loser .
I just got back from a business trip to Orange County and Simi Valley. Such amazing places. I live in the Bay Area, in my humble opinion, this is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Why should we concede it to the commies wo a fight?! Why?!
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26 Apr
If you still believe that peace with the left is possible, you're truly truly naive. They want to completely and utterly obliterate everything you stand for and cherish.

I can never support any Republican who hasn't come to grips with this fact.
The left will accuse you of being a serial gang rapist ( see Kavanaugh)

The left will attempt to destroy your business if you support right wing causes
( see fox, chik- fil-a)

The left will censor you ( see alex jones)

The left will frame you ( see general flynn)
The left will use the FBI, DOJ, and courts to steal an election ( see russian collusion hoax )

The left will laugh when you lose your jobs ( see AOC and Energy sector)
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24 Apr
I'm not worried about 2020. Trump will win reelection. I am worried about 2024 and beyond. Unless some major changes take place, President Trump will be the last Republican President.

Will explain why in my thread. Please comment.
The reason I think this is because the entire system of communication and education is rigged in favor of Democrats.

The entire media hates Republicans and works for the leftist agenda. Not only do they attack Republicans but they cover up the sins of Democrats
Hollywood, Sports, and entertainment are all committed supporters of the Democrats and the leftist agenda .
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22 Apr
California has so many Republicans running for Congress that aren't even trying to win.

I'm thinking that I should run in 2022/2024 . I guarantee I would do better than most of the bland, cheesy, and corny empty suits they are Trotting out there.

What y'all think?
The Republicans running in some of the Northern California districts don't even have a social media presence . Their websitea are a joke. They are basically just a name on a ballot
My plan of action would be as follows:

Meet with every single church leader in the District. Ask them what the needs are in their circles and let them know what our mission is .
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9 Apr
It's easy to say what you would have done after the fact. It's easy to say dumb sh*t like " we shutdown the economy over a flu."

But the reality is that The President had to make the best decisions he could in the moment and use the info he had available from his team.
Armchair QB's are the absolute worst! People who think they know everything because they read a few blogs, a few tweets, and saw a few YouTube videos.

Newsflash: You don't know sh*t!!!
The President Knows more about this than anyone, and if he signed off on this, it is because it is a serious threat.

If you feel that strongly about you being misled, being led down a path to socialism, or losing your rights. Then vote him out cause he signed off on this!
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3 Apr
Prediction:The country will reopen. The economy will take off once it does. Thousands of Manufacturers will come back to the United States. The borders will be protected. President Trump will be reelected with a House Majority and America will be stronger and better than ever!
Remember all the fearmongering being pushed by the left and some on the right. It's always the same people.
Every Republican leader and many Business Giants are talking about the need to never be dependent on China in the future. This influx of Manufacturing companies moving back to America will create millions of jobs .
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1 Apr
There are people on here who do nothing but b*tch and moan 24/7 . Constantly pushing non stop negativity. Constantly criticizing the President, constantly attacking those who don't subscribe to their bullsh*t. And no, I'm not talking about leftists. We expect that from them.
This Pandemic sucks. The Shutdown sucks. The Economy is suffering.

I understand all that. But we must be intentional about looking for the light in the midst of darkness .

Read what God did to the mumblers and Grumblers in the desert . It is a characteristic He hates.
In the desert, the Israelites said " We are all going to die "

They also accused Moses of " Leading us to desert so the Egyptians can slaughter us"

In Sports, these kind of people literally ruin lockerooms and kill team Morale.
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30 Mar
It's amazing how many millions of people, both left wing and right wing , always expect the worst case scenario.

It must suck to live life with such a fatalistic perspective .
Some of you are so talented and have been wanting to write a blog or a book for years. Use this time to do that.

Others have been disconnected from loved ones. Use this time to reconnect with them.
The Apostle Paul was in prison. He could of had a woe is me attitude and just rotted away in jail. But instead he used that time to write the 13 epistles which later became eternal Canon.
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29 Mar
I expect stupidity from the left but when so called " right wingers" start spewing the same nonsense, it's infuriating. The Stimulus bill is not a corporate bailout. Is it filled with pork? Absolutely. But the majority of the money is going to help big and small businesses.
When people use that talking point, it shows that they have never run a business. Do you have any idea how much money goes into running a business? The overhead is not a bag of peanuts. Especially if you do business in a State like Ca or NY
A small business still has to pay their employees, payroll tax, health insurance, worker's comp insurance ( which is expensive af ) about 15-20% of total payroll, rent, utilities, monthly payments on equipment, pay vendors, etc etc.
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27 Mar
Dear @realDonaldTrump

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

Part 1
The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error & shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds
who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly

Part 3
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27 Mar
In one of President Trump's tweets today, he said that he had to accept some stupid things in order to get much needed relief to American Workers and American businesses.

This is the thing about Trump that many don't understand. He is not an ideologue but a pragmatist .
President Trump is also a businessman, so he weighs things on different scales than a politician.

Let me share a story with y'all. Several years ago , I was driving to Washington and I got a flat tire on hwy 97 just outside of Klamath Falls Oregon
It was pretty late and I was stranded in the middle of nowhere. I happened to find a tire shop just a few miles from there so I slowly drove to it. Once I got there, the tire guy wanted to charge me 5 times the normal price to fix my tire .
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26 Mar
Why would President Trump sign a bill that is clearly full of payoffs to Democrat and Republican lobbyists and wasteful spending?

My thoughts below, good and bad motivations . Would love to hear your thoughts as well.
Theory 1 : President Trump knows that the American people will suffer longer while politicians play games, so he will reluctantly sign and make things right at a later date
Theory 2 : Which I don't ascribe to but worth considering. President Trump is part of the swamp.

Again, before Maga loses it's sh*t, I DO NOT ASCRIBE TO THIS! LOL.
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22 Mar
I keep seeing alot of Trump supporters complaining about the shutdown, saying this is all overblown and what not. If that's the case then you're basically blaming the President cause he's 100% on board with this.
You can't say out of one side of your mouth that you love /support the President and on then say out of the other side of your mouth that this is all a hoax, overblown, not a real problem, etc.

My feeling is that this is worse than expected and in the coming weeks we'll see it.
So Trump who has stood his ground on everything and always been an independent thinker, is suddenly being influenced by hysteria and going along with the destruction of our economy? Is that what y'all are saying ? If that's the case, he's not fit for office anymore.
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15 Jan
Favorite songs to workout to ? Go .
An absolute must on any workout playlist

This is an obvious one but if it's not on your workout playlist, you're doing it wrong

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8 Jan
Red Diaper Doper Babies aka leftists are blaming Trump for what's happening with Iran. But reasonable people only need to ask themselves this question. Are you ok with terrorists killing Americans, attacking our Embassies, and plotting more attacks against America ?
Do you let such things slide or do you retaliate? If you let it slide, what are the consequences of the inaction? If you retaliate, is it then your fault if Iran retaliates? Who really is the one escalating here? President Trump has already let previous acts of aggression go.
For those of you that subscribe to the doctrine of appeasement, thinking that will make things better, nobody appeased Iran more than 44 aka Bathhouse Barry. He literally gave them 150 billion, 1.7 billion in cash, and a path to make nukes
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5 Jan
I understand why people are worried about war. I understand that people don't trust our Government. Both parties are guilty of lying to the American people in order to start meaningless wars. Having said that, doing nothing in the face of constant provocations isn't an option.
What do you think would happen if the United States did nothing when threatened, when it's citizens are killed abroad, when their Embassies are attacked, etc.

Do you really think that doing nothing would make us more safe?
While Obama was negotiating a deal with Iran giving them a path to aquire nuclear weapons, while he was giving them 150 billion dollars, The Ayatollah was leading marches chanting " Death to America " and holding American sailors at gunpoint
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2 Jan
The reason why Republicans are not more aggressive in exposing Democrat corruption is because they probably have a bunch of skeletons in their own closets that they don't want exposed. So they let these America Hating leftists destroy our country . The entire thing is a swamp.
Politics is just one big WWE event. The only person in Washington that truly wants to fix our country is President Trump. The rest of these filthy politicians just want to stay employed
I've tried to think of reasons why President Trump would run for President in an effort to enrich himself and I can't think of any. This Presidential run has cost him hundreds of millions of dollars.
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1 Jan
Can someone refuse you service simply because they don't feel like ringing you up ? Does Anyone that works in customer service know ?

What are the laws for refusing to serve a paying customer ?
Go to a Starbucks inside a grocery store, buy 2 bags of coffee that were 50% off, the girl was already complaining and having a bad day. She goes to ring me up and does not know how to activate the discount.
She calls her manager who comes and shows her, the entire time she's talking sh*t and saying she wants to go home and is going to refuse service to everyone after me .
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28 Dec 19
The rot in California is so bad that if there was ever a counter movement to fix it and it gained serious traction, it would get very messy. Leaders of the movement would mysteriously disappear, there would be violence, riots, etc. The people in power in this state are evil.
It already happens ffs. Try organizing a Trump rally here and you'll be met with violence which leftist mayors condone and which the leftist media justifies.

It will take people with resolve and willing to die for their beliefs to save this God forsaken state.
Many people say that change is impossible. Probably, but here are some reasons for hope. California has the most Republicans in the country . The majority of our citizens don't vote. That is a large base of people who can be flipped against the radical leftism that destroys Ca
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24 Dec 19
Socks is the worst gift you can give a little boy. 😂

Don't be that person lol
The scene on four Christmases with Vince Vaughn where he gave his nephew an xbox and the dad bought his son a flashlight 😂
If you give a little boy socks for Christmas, you're not a good person 😂
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