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I trade Crypto markets #BTC & #ETH & #Alts Free Tel & Discord groups of me and Daan https://t.co/DWS58An0kC https://t.co/61yZQoZ9dk
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19 Sep
Ring a BELL??

#LINK #Bitcoin Image
Doom then bounce and then doom again IMO

#LINK Image

#LINK Image
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23 Aug
Everyone wants a chart? You want and you want? Everybody wants #SXP? Well, here it is!! 🔥🔥🔥

The blue box is my interest!

Bears are starting to lose momentum here with each drive lower right into our support.

Be ready to RUMBLEE cause then we gonna BOOM-SHAKALAKA Image
Approaching the area of interest. Patience is what brings the money #SXP Image
Area of interest hit. Did you get in on the blood? The long-awaited pullback?

What do you think happens next? 😉

#SXP Image
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23 Aug
#CELR #CELER Seems like doing a deeper retrace in the end.

Flipped nr3, IMO we gonna touch it here and then resume the uptrend.

I expect by the EOY we are at 240

I ain't scared. You can't be if we anticipated this.

Sure price could've run without retesting this level but scary pullbacks are absolutely normal in a bull market.

In fact, this is a great opportunity to buy more or get in

Pinpoint reaction! 🔥 👀

Wanna see this hold and start moving up from here again!

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22 Aug
No need to overcomplicate things

HTF target reached. We will be watching LTF for a potential MS break but until then this is still the play.

It is supported by many metrics I use.

Keep it Clean & Clear

#BTC #Bitcoin

This is still my HTF plan!

It's been following the most precise since the inception

However, we gotta go from level to level and I personally wanna see how we gonna react under the current 4 equal lows on the Daily chart.

That will be a lot telling

#BTC #Bitcoin Image
HTF plan still playing out

What you are seeing is a pullback in a HTF Bullish MS.

Fear it not but rather anticipate the opportunity it presents.

#BTC #Bitcoin Image
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16 Aug
This is like... Poetry... So nice to see

Price fakes triangle. Sucks everyone in. Then takes first stops, reacts, and ultimately takes it all and bounces.

Wanna see it go above $430 from here

#ETH #Ethereum

Just a quick note. This is still LTF and I expect some sort of bounce but breaking $430 is crucial here.

Should the price not find support here then we would go immediately to $398 IMO
So, what you think guys? Random? ;)

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15 Aug
This is a fractal with a May 2019 re-accumulation range.

I believe the chart is self-explanatory

This is one of the highest probabilities you can get in trading when everything is lined-up in confluence. HTF, LTF & Cycles.

#Bitcoin #Bcash #BitcoinCash #BCH Image
Looking at the Green H4 cluster itself, we can see they are identical as well.

Those who have not skipped MS teachings should also be able to see behind the curtain

Buying opportunity should come around apx around Sunday-Monday on a pullback of HL

#BCH #BitcoinCash #Bcash Image
If you find this fractal valuable please like & share so others can take advantage of it all alike. Thank you!
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14 Aug
keep it clean & clear

One line is basically all we need. I had this level marked for a long time now and PA is respecting in nicely.

I believe the HTF bottom structure is in and we should now expand to the magnet!

Looking at Daily Mr. @VEGETACRYPTO1 can confirm I have called this move a looong time ago and the price has delivered just that!

Accumulated right where the stops were and it is now forming a reversal.

59 is your buy

#XVG #Verge Image
Also called we gonna pause at around 68 to one of my followers from my country and told him to buy at 59.

Will he act on it? That's a decision to be made. Yours as well. But the price is following nicely so far and this is a great opportunity Image
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11 Aug
Here comes J to save you from any confusion on

Forming an ascending triangle ✅
Bouncing from a demand box ✅
Stops taken - SFP ✅

It's clean & clear to me. Next should be up from here!

#BTC #Bitcoin Image
Also got filled in this mini-drop so pray for me 😉 Image
RunThePrice.exe Image
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10 Aug
The incredible strength of ma baby #CELR

I've been shilling this one hard not because I'd get anything from it but because it simply has been one of the best charts out there and it is proving so! 🔥

Good chance to get in at 87 with a stop below 72! Image
had a nice bounce at the EQ of our buyzone.

Congrats to those that got in and still some time to do so for those that did not.

Let's take this baby to 127 by the end of the week? 😉

Told ya Image
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6 Aug
As always everyone is shilling bullishness but I'm just having the hardest time finding it

I will try to protect my followers as much as I can and this just isn't a place to go long

Market is in extreme greed, funding is very positive and there is so much liquidity beneath us ImageImageImage
And I'm not bearish at all. I'm actually really bullish however nothing goes up in a straight line. That's not efficient.

If you still feel like longing here then go help yourself. It could work but the probability is not there and most likely you'll have to learn the hard way. ImageImageImage
Talk about precision... ImageImageImage
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6 Aug
Would like to see something like this on and then go full moon

XRP/BTC following this idea.

#XRP #Ripple Image
Watch for the traps on the charts. This ain't a low-cap shitcoin. Majors vs USD trade more like FX nowadays. Which is something I welcome tbh.

Nice fakeout and now I'd like to see it touch the blue and bounce there. This is exactly how patient you gotta be

#XRP #Ripple Image
Kekeke that was quick 😎

Now gimme the buyback I'm looking for

#XRP #Ripple Image
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4 Aug
A study for my followers!!

What is the current Market Structure on ?

Download this pic and tweet it with marks on it. Take this as a free practice! 😉 Image
By marks I mean HH, HL, LH, LL and in which are we at the moment
I'm particularly interested in the H1 recent structure since the big drop
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1 Aug
look great for a bounce here from an HTF area with an LTF three drives pattern.

Keep it simple.

The first target is shown. It's a heavy resistance area #COTI Image
Entry hit, pretty nice bounce so far.

Exactly what we wanted to see 😎

#COTI Image
Really nice trade we had on

The price moved up to our target without any real obstacle.

As always I recommend taking some profits and move them into something else leaving the rest for more upside. Image
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29 Jul
Moving my bids on

Think many people just started to FOMO-in hard and we gonna see a triangle to form from here.

Wanna see #BTC to take those equal lows where my bids are.

#Bitcoin Image
Used MEX chart but look for the context guys. Sure we can just straight up from here guys but the probabilities!

You wanna enter when they line up then use proper MM

#BTC #Bitcoin Image
The analysis was spot on however I did not get my fills.

Unless there is another run on the low that's a no-trade for me.

And that's the real trading lads. No bullshit around. NO FOMO. Straight context shown from the top 😉

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27 Jul
Listen here to everyone who needs to read this

If you took a LOSS here on some of these #ALTS do not despair!

See anybody could feel positive when they are winning but the real growth mentally, emotionally and spiritually comes when u get knocked down. That's where the work is!
Embrace the loss. Accept it. Learn from it. Grow from it.

Let me tell you I've lost so much in my early days I literally cried. The important thing is to persevere and never give up.
Use this negative experience and keep it in your mind as a motivation to say I'm not gonna let this happen to me. I'm bigger than this.

It's not going to be easy, if it was everybody would do it.
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20 Jul
All of my teachings in this thread:

At this point, I will just add them randomly but when they are complete I will structuralize them

The value you will find here is 🔥
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20 Jul
Education on SWINGS

Understanding what is a Swing is crucial in order to understand Market Structure.

It shows us the direction of the market and while it may seem obvious at first sight of the market, many still have trouble defining what a swing is. Image
You could define swing as simply more then 2 consecutive candles moving in one direction

When you get a few in the opposite direction you have another one

The important thing to note is that HTF swings always have more priority than LTF swings Image
When you zoom-in from an HTF to an LTF you will always find that one HTF swing always consists of many smaller and smaller lower timeframe swings.

You could refine this until you'd get to a 1-minute chart or even a tick chart and still you'd see the same thing happening in there Image
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19 Jul
Long ready on 9122.5

It's an LTF countertrend and a chop play with the expectation of a break to the upside. Smaller position.

#BTC #Bitcoin
Exactly what I was talking about in this post.

Know where market is gonna react, take early profits and try to limit the risk ASAP (Don't force it, gotta be logical)

If this was an actual bottom I'm gonna bank big time. If not, profit taken and no risk

Simple LTF plan from here. Either we break the high of the last big up candle and continue up or we break LTF MS to the downside and then range low is next.

For you, this is a no trade zone and for this is a decision point. Monday will decide big time IMO. Image
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16 Jul
Inhale the hopium fractal! 🧐

#ETH #Ethereum Image
At this point, I'm kinda feeling the inevitable.

Currently an M5 supply is holding us down.

Either we break this now and go straight up filling the void or we take the low first and fill it afterward.

Either way I'm bullish

#ETH #Ethereum #BTC Image
Blue it was in the end.

Just another day in the office 😎

TradingView Line makes Bounce 🥳 Image
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