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2 Jul 20
Huh! Richard Donoghue from EDNY is moving to DC to be top deputy to Deputy AG Jeffrey Rosen. Donoghue is who Putin's operatives in Ukraine are convinced will take down Joe Biden and they have been feeding him lots of disinfo. This is something to watch amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/07/02…
They even put Donoghue in their chart. Ugh I have an uneasy feeling
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2 Jul 20
Russian media very focused on the Russian bounty story. Its a mixture of citing denial, citing Trump as proof, calling it a Hollywood type plot, and the prospect of sanctions and punishment coming. Putin offered $100,000 per American and I hope Congress acts now.
We know Trump will continue protecting Putin and this ridiculous endless discussion of what Trump knew is frustrating. Trump knows and won't act. Congress and our allies need to
But judging by Russian media newsfeed they are closely monitoring the situation and potential response
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2 Jul 20
There are reports that Russia has set up 3 groups on Ukraine's border ready to carry out an offensive. There are a few simultaneous disturbing events happening. Something to closely monitor ImageImageImageImage
Yesterday it was also reported that Russian cossacks appeared in a town near Mariupol on Ukraine. Not seen since 2014 ImageImage
These 2 events are also happening in Russia which could be a red flag
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2 Jul 20
How I wish SDNY would file charges against Giuliani so one of the russian plots on our elections via Ukraine could be disrupted
They are actively plotting and very overconfident which is troubling. They know they have Barr, Donoghue, Durham and others.
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2 Jul 20
Enough of these ridiculous discussions about when Trump knew, PDB reports, etc. Trump knows now and called it a hoax. Trump will not say a negative thing about his boss Putin and does not give a shit about our military. He is an installed traitor
The same goes for Pompeo, all the trump sycophants, Republicans who are defending Trump
Trump is a criminal for the over 120,000 Americans and counting that died due to Trump's intentional politicizing, sabotaging of Covid
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2 Jul 20
Putin was offering $100,000 for every dead American. We cannot let this story disappear. Republicans must give us answers now. This is what @realDonaldTrump is calling a hoax to protect Putin google.com/amp/s/www.nyti…
We need to organize a campaign and call every republican representative and demand answers now. Why are they supporting Trump and Putin killing Americans? What will Russia's punishment be?
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30 Jun 20
My blood is boiling! One fucking year ago @realDonaldTrump and his sycophants knew
Congress better act right now. Like yesterday
Trump and his regime were allowed to extort Ukraine and have our troops killed all on behalf of Putin the same year. And John Bolton fucking knew and kept quiet
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29 Jun 20
This story infuriates me.
Senior officials were alarmed and believed Trump is a threat to national security yet they stayed silent.
I truly don't understand the past 4 years and why everyone is paralyzed while Trump is destroying our democracy, allies, etc
Some went to sell books instead of getting this crucial info to Congress
Its like some sick game yet people are dying, our country is on the verge of collapse, our decades long trust is gone. This is bigger than Trump because look how many have either stayed silent and/or covered up for him
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29 Jun 20
Still curious about this event. After Trump received intel briefing of Russia ordering bounties on our soldiers in Afghanistan he held a call w Putin & announced an aid plane. The Kremlins initial reaction was denial but the next day they suddenly packed a plane and sent it to us
On the night of Trump's weird claims that a big plane had been sent Russian media was sarcastic. Suddenly the next morning Peskov releases a statement of new details about the Trump/Putin call and within hours a plane is on its way
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27 Jun 20
European intel official confirms thr NYT report stating that the Russian plot to kill coalition troops resulted in casualties.
What traitors Trump and his regime are
Every WH and Capital Hill reporter need to demand answers from @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @SecPompeo Will they stay silent knowing our military was in harms way while Trump was protecting Putin? How many more of these plots exist that were intentionally ignored?
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26 Jun 20
Since Barr is in the news I'm re-upping this and a few other horrific things Barr has done over the past year that effects our upcoming elections and vindicating Russia. Impeach Barr now
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24 Jun 20
There is nothing to think about. Barr needs to be impeached immediately. Begin the process now because every single day he is in DOJ America is in more danger
By the time its decided whether Barr should be impeached Obama's former admin officials including Biden will be dealing w sham prosecutions. That's how it works in Russia and other regimes. Opposition is removed
I'm not being hyperbolic but am warning because I see what is happening in Ukraine with Putin's operatives and strongly suspect they are working in coordination w Barr, Durham, etc. They aren't even going after Hunter anymore. Now its Joe Biden and Obama state dept officials
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22 Jun 20
Barr yesterday 'Developments' likely in Durham investigation this summer

Putin's KGB thug operatives in Ukraine Derkach & Co dump more documents accusing Democrats of corruption.
Barr, Putin, and his operatives all on the same page even with the timing

Its complete Kremlin fabricated shit to interfere in our elections and have our corrupt justice dept go after Joe Biden and Democrats. This is what happens in authoritarian countries where opposition gets investigated and/or jailed on trumped up sham charges
Also a corrupt judge in Ukraine is handling both criminal investigations against former Pres Poroshenko and Joe Biden. He most recently ruled in Kolomoisky's favor. These people are despicable
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16 Jun 20
VOA that has always been known for supporting Democracy around the world is being taken over by white supremacists. First Bannon's ally took over and now nazi Gorka is being considered. Not long until VOA starts spreading Kremlin propaganda. Unreal
Just so people understand American taxpayers will be paying for Kremlin propaganda around the world via Bannon's friend Pack and possibly Gorka. I'm sickened
Please ignore all the polls/media and work to get Biden elected. Do Not get comfortable with his lead and instead work harder than ever because we are fighting for our lives and the survival of America
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12 Jun 20
This should have been known last Dec. @ChanelRion flew to Ukraine with Giuliani to meet Putin's kgb thugs and operatives Derkach, Telizhenko, etc for fabricated Biden info. They flew from Ukraine to Vienna via a private plane owned by Firtash's associate
She has been working w this circle of criminals since last year. Another corrupt oligarch Onyshchenko wanted in Ukraine for fraud and money laundering who claims he gave the Biden-Poroshenko tapes recently provided this letter sent to the embassy by her/OAN as proof
This whole thing is a charade and more interference in US elections by Putin using his operatives in Ukraine and America. Her fiance looks like a failed product of Bannon who attempted to run for Congress years ago when Bannon was scouting the country looking for candidates.
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8 Jun 20
Update on this extremely important story!
Germany was blindsided by Trump's announcement of plans to withdraw some US troops which occurred after his most recent phone call with Putin last Monday
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6 Jun 20
What is going on? Another fuel spill in Russia this time in the Novgorod region. This is the 3rd fuel spill in less than a week
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6 Jun 20
Have been observing an interesting pattern by Russia re protests.
Russian has been signaling support for protesters, have criticized police abuses seen in recent videos, etc. On the flip side Putins operatives in Ukraine are calling protesters terrorists/antifa including all Dems
Seems Russia is playing the part of caring about abuses despite their record of systematic police brutality, intimidation, abuses, murders to silence. Meanwhile Putins operatives in Ukraine are obsessed w these protests & using identical WH/DOJ talking points while attacking Dems
Looks like Putin is running a two fold op. One to use his operatives to undermine Ukraine/paint them in a negative light to Dems. At the same time continue to sow division, chaos. Will be interesting to see where this leads because I dont think this is solely related to protests
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6 Jun 20
Huh! So Russia is sending more troops to challenge NATO/US near the borders, Trump announces that he is planning the withdrawal of troops from Germany, and Putin this week signed a decree giving him more flexibility in using nuclear weapons. Nothing to see
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5 Jun 20
An oil well has been on fire in Irkutsk Russia since May 30th. They can't put out the fire and are sending in military which should get there within a few days
This one is different than the disaster in Norilsk
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