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27 Jun
I can’t wait to see STS scholars, design philosophers, researchers at the margins, and activist scholars do social commentary about the mask.

For those that pay attention, the mask is a litmus test for the morality - and social consequence - of human experience.
When I’m outside, I feel like I’m walking in a completely alien world.

No one else distances themselves from me on the street.

Rarely anyone is wearing a mask outside.

I feel insane constantly.
There’s so much to unpack.

The mask is cheap, easily adaptable, simple to buy and obtain, and has undoubtable history related to subaltern experience and communities.

Which also means it’s extremely simple to take advantage of.
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7 Nov 19
You a man?

You like women?

Listen to @ThirstAidKit. Do it yesterday.
Let me explain.
I love what @bimadew and @tnwhiskeywoman have made.

When I happened upon their bubbly energy, after listening to them gush and ooze on @anotherround, I didn't expect to fall into their trap. But, IM TRAPPED.

I'm out and proud in saying I'm a Thirster.
These women dive into EVERYTHING *smirk*.

Not just what their crushes wear, how they perform, but who they've grown into and even how they're problematic.

The interviews; the Drabbles, the *beep*s, they're all worth your time.
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14 Jun 19
A fantastic thread on specific examples of breeding applicable interdisciplinarity.

In fact, I think we can go further, and designers can help.
There's a trend here.

In a lot of different environments, designers are realizing there's useful and powerful theories, insights, and communities from disciplines they never considered; and there happens to be a reactionary clash from the communities who live in that space.
We have an opportunity here.

Sometimes that clash is valuable, because it offers space for people to acknowledge, voice, and catalyze a community to make their knowledge known.

But sometimes, we can connect without friction, and towards a collective goal.
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4 Jun 19
Great thread. Parts of it I agree with, others make me concerned.

Let’s unpack.
Clearly, the point of the discussion offers an opportunity to widen the tech pipeline; to ensure accomplished black CS HBCU students get their foot in the door. Critical. Essential.
However, it also offers a question that @peterme brought up: so, is Stanford then just an expensive trade school?

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19 May 19
You know, I have so so so many thoughts about this topic. I’ll sum it up by:

Great for my @Morehouse brothers, but this story is still a band-aid on a massive problem.
You know about those stories that pop up in the news? The ones about how some disadvantaged soul goes through inordinate struggles to do every day activities, and receives the golden ticket to make their lives better?
Like this one, who gets a car from their boss for walking twenty miles to work,
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12 May 19
I'm a few years behind the curve; y'all still do follow trains?

Well, I'm starting one. Let's do one about #equitydesign.

@albanvillamil asked if I knew people, places, and tools for equity and design, and I wanted everyone to know everyone.

Spread the word! (1/million)
That being said, like equity work, this isn't (and arguably can't be) the definitive

Equity is a verb, like @_ChristineOrtiz says, so my hope is this is only the beginning.
I tried to get everyone's resources and descriptions correctly, but if there's anything wrong, feel free to correct me! (Crit's in our blood, right?)

Feel free to add, amend, include, and let's get to know each other. Cool? Cool.
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