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8 Nov 19
Dead Man Telling Tales: The Only Freaking Advantage You Need [Part 2]

What does Coke…Weed…Igbo...Cigarette & other hard drugs have in common?

What Does Gucci...Fendi….Ferrari….Bugatti Have in common?
They satisfy addicts or consumers “Inner Emotional Demons & Desire” [I.E.D.D’s for short]

Now we talking coke, drugs and designer car and bags….I’m talking crazy...I know, but hang on to me till the end you.

Let me give you a funny gist before we continue.
I read a story online about how a lady who has a Very Rich uncle who is so stingy, he never gives her money even if she’s dying.

But this man can spend all his life saving on Girls with Big Boobs.

Guess what she did…

Babes when around town.
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7 Nov 19
Dead Man Telling Tales: What a Dead Man Taught Me About Selling Hot Products…..

I blew off my first ever start-up capital before I discovered this “Ancient” Secret.
So if you don’t want to be so stupid like I was come closer and listen to what I learnt from a dead man, who is impacting millions of lives even in his death. This business secret is so powerful, it's my go-to “Secret weapon” whenever I’m broke.
In fact, what am I saying sef? This insane secret has made me so much money, it’s making me so much money and WILL make me so much money till I enter 6 feet.
So what’s this the big deal about this concept that’s so powerful?
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12 May 19
Here’s a Recap of What I Talked about In the Morning….
E-Commerce business is profitable but d wrong model of E-Com can ruin you faster than a crashing Plane.
l What’s an example of the wrong kind of ecom? Selling anything that’s NOT special like an ordinary wristwatch, bangles, bags & cloths.
So what’s the best model? Cash on Demand Ecom!
What’s Cash on Demand Ecom?

This is a special kind of E-Com where all you need do is look for Product with Desperate Emotion to get your product!
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