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'וחרה אפי בו ביום ההוא ועזבתים והסתרתי פני מהם' אמר רב ברדלא בר טביומי אמר רב: כל שאינו בהסתר פנים אינו 'מהם'
13 Jan
A devastating exposé by @JewishCurrents, concluding that

- Israel has no legal obligation to vaccinate Pals
- The PA specifically does not want Israeli assistance
- Israel is not impeding their vaccination
- Israel & the PA are prob cooperating anyway bc it’s in their interest
Basically this Image
Oh and also they expect to be vaccinated in April
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12 Jan
The deal may not be big for the reasons @btselem thinks.

B'Tselem was founded in 1989, in the wake of the First Intifada, by then MK Dedi Zucker, and gained broad support across the Israeli left. Its mission was to check human rights abuses in the West Bank.
The org was committed to a sovereign *Jewish* state that upheld moral standards for non-Jews that had fallen under its control. It was an avowedly Zionist organization, which (as it wrote) saw no contradiction between "if I am not for myself" and "love your neighbor as yourself"
It drew its ranks from prominent Zionist Israelis and its financial support from Jewish organizations.

Over time, this has changed dramatically.

It is now overwhelmingly supported by the EU, Scandinavian and Christian left-wing organizations. Image
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12 Jan
It's not whether you believe in conspiracy theories, but *which* conspiracy theory you already believe in.
We all are convinced of things that can't be demonstrated, and assume (or reject) agency with no reasonable basis.

And we all discount other accounts for no good reason other than we don't want to believe them.

Was the novel Coronavirus developed in a lab? How do you know?
Did Bush knowingly lie about WMDs? Were drug laws passed in order to disenfranchise Black people? Were the Clintons behind Jeffrey Epstein's death?

What's the basis for your belief?

To what extent are you willing to entertain explanations that weaken your other commitments?
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12 Dec 20
The thing is this: Hanukkah as it comes down to us is *both* a holiday celebrating the military victory of insurgent Jewish religious nationalists (of a sort) *and* a holiday that is super uncomfortable with militaristic nationalism. That's bc it's an old, multi-layered holiday.
Hanukkah was first established by the Hasmoneans, a Jewish guerilla nationalist group that successfully revolted against Seleucid rule. It was they who established th4e Hanukkah holiday to commemorate their victory and the inauguration of their regime at the temple in Jerusalem.
The Hasmonean revolt no doubt served as a model for the two massive revolts against Roman rule 200 years later. These failed disastrously, leading to the utter decimation of the Jewish population and the final destruction of the temple in Jerusalem.
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26 Aug 20
Many of us know about @SefariaProject and the extraordinary work they do; I want to share here some amazing online resources in Hebrew you may not know about that can greatly enrich your learning and teaching.
First, along the lines of Sefaria is @AlHaTorah (alhatorah.org) which has options in English, as well. Among its amazing features are extensive Mikraot Gedolot, including commentaries by Abravanel, the Netziv, and others not elsewhere available. /2
It also has extensive commentaries on Shas (the Talmud), and an excellent feature for engaging with classic questions about the Parasha, Parasha Topics. (alhatorah.org/Index:Parashot…). I'm sure there's much more I haven't discovered — play around with it! /3
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