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24 Apr
I’m seeing a massive disconnect (more so than usual) between the two twitter worlds I usually inhabit — the US and India. It is important to bridge the two now for a very important reason: #CovidIndia

Please read the whole thread and amplify.


Right now India stands on the brink of a massive humanitarian disaster, the likes of which we may have never seen before. #COVID is ravaging through the country of nearly 1.4 Billion people.

The medial facilities are breaking down, vaccines and critical medical supplies are in short supply, hospital facilities are overflowing with sick, dying and dead people, even oxygen is unavailable in most parts of the country.

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15 Apr
OK folks, I randomly happened to join a room on @joinClubhouse that was discussing how "The West Lost India's Culture Wars". The discussions were among second generation Indian Americans, immigrant Indians in the US and folks from India. I took notes for y'all.


Apparently, "you can’t understand Hindu nationalism unless you understand it as a reaction to western modernism".

"You can have the technology package without the modernity, for instance Japan."

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2 Feb
So yesterday, Michael Lissack posted harassing tweets aimed at a woman graduate student (not tagging her deliberately). He used her history of dealing with mental illness against her and continued to harangue her and others.

So I sent a email.

A thread >>
I noticed he’s recently been inducted into the International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences (IACSYS). So I wrote to them and pointed out his problematic behavior. And I got a response, which to be honest, can be described as tepid at best. See screenshots.

>> ImageImage
I’m not surprised at this response and was willing to let it go but then, a couple of hours later, I got this email.

So not only did they not care about my email, they also leaked it to the person being complained against who has now sent a direct threat as an email.

>> Image
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15 Jan
This Nidhi Razdan+Harvard thing is weird. From all indications it seems like she did go to Boston last year in preparation for her new job. This throw up some questions.

For instance, how did she get the correct documents for her US visa?

Usually, an employer (Harvard in this case) must prepare documents and collect information to be sent to the USCIS. Consular officers will be able to look them up instantaneously and verify that all the information is correct. Any issues and the visa is rejected.

Here are the possibilities (sure some of them are crazy and sound like conspiracy theories):
1. She actually got an offer, got her visa and went over but then something happened (someone interfered?) and Harvard pulled back

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13 Dec 20
I’m not one to look down on people with/without certain academic degrees, because everyone has different life paths and experiences.

Since that’s out of the way, what sort of audacity does a failed writer with a BS have to write about @DrBiden’s degrees and title?

Why is the @WSJ platforming such an obvious misogynist and allowing such an anti-intellectual piece of crap? Jill Biden has worked hard for her degrees and accomplishments and we don’t need two bit idiots to tell her how to use her (well earned) academic title or not.

On a related note, the original people who started using the “Dr.” honorific were people with PhDs. It started a few hundred years ago when someone would finish their apprenticeship and training and become an expert in an area.

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20 Oct 20
PSA. For the umpteenth time, whenever you see a somewhat recent twitter account whose handle is the following format: name+long number, it is a paid troll!

Example: @pritish84688563 (see two images).

The number is their ID to get paid. They get paid PER TWEET.

Remember that ANY engagement is beneficial for them. If you’re trying to be snarky, angry, funny, whatever, they don’t care. They will reply and get paid.

Note: they fall on all sides of the political spectrum! Yes, even the left.

Just because they agree with you, it IS NOT a good thing! I also believe that they’re being used to sow discord in many places, including the US/India/etc.

When I call them out, they block me! See example in images below.

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