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13 Jun 20
I've seen article after article, tweet after tweet speculating why JK Rowling chose now to speak out and you're all wrong

Here's the real reason:
She chose to speak out now because the Scottish government have done 2 public consultations on trans rights: the first was very positive, the second hasn't been released but rumoured to be very positive also.
jk rowling's anti trans views have been consistently shown to be a minority in scotland.

what she wants is a country of 2.3m voters to have a THIRD public consultation so this time she can use her giant 15m followers to rig it.

it really is that simple.
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29 Apr 20
it's not *become* a dog whistle, its entire purpose is as a dog whistle.

seriously, prior to 2015 the term had been used exactly once on here. it's a term that's been invented *purely* to justify trans exclusion.
after that, the next two instances seem to be people arguing against gender equality/feminism in favour of egalitarianism? idk, it's difficult to tell without knowing the accounts or what they were like 5 years ago.
here's where things get relevant again, though. in late 2015 it became a bit of a buzz phrase for the founder of anti trans campaign group transgender trend.

also, a disgracefully late manual RT that originated from... another anti-trans activist.
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16 Sep 19
today in "This Website is Free": Graham Linehan's own family begging him to go to therapy for his anti-trans anger issues
right so, think ive got this right

glinner was complaining about being silenced but it was actually his brother in law and he's legitimately concerned about Graham's anti-trans obsession
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