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i’m just the note taker. she/her. the cop reading this is wasting tax dollars
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22 Sep
i just got my flu shot! i highly recommend it. i got it at kroger, it took less than 10 minutes, and it was free!
people really underestimate the flu, probably because a lot of people refer to a wide variety of minor illnesses as "the flu." influenza is a real bitch, though!
i got the flu in february, right before the pandemic really kicked off in the US. i've never felt worse in my life. i can't imagine how much worse the experience would've been with COVID as big a presence as it is now. and i certainly wouldn't want both viruses at the same time.
if you have insurance at all, even shitty insurance like mine, a flu shot is almost certainly free! if you don't have insurance, check with your local health department. they often have free flu vaccine programs.
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21 Sep
here's tonight's charlottesville city council meeting agenda. it's the final meeting before city manager tarron richardson's resignation goes into effect at the end of the month & city attorney john blair steps in as interim city manager.
lloyd snook says he has met with myra anderson, a community activist for mental health, about the establishment of a mental health response task force. snook says he is ready to move forward with a council task force to explore the initiative.
the agenda has been amended to remove item 9, the CARES Act funding appropriation. this will be discussed "at a later date," according to councilor hill who made the motion.
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17 Sep
i keep having to google "how big is an acre" but what i really need to do is learn how much space it takes to play various sports Image
this is fucking meaningless to me Image
*nodding sagely* ah yes, without the endzones. i know how big those are. Image
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16 Sep
i anticipate seeing some high-quality reaction gifs of this man's face as he listened to the president tell him that 6 months ago was the greatest moment in american history for black people Image
i don't have any of the subscription services that would grant me access to this live news content so i'm watching a bootlegged stream that some racist gamer is yelling over. it's not enhancing the experience.
i keep forgetting space force is not something we all made up as a joke or collective fever dream
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14 Sep
the mass, nonconsensual hysterectomies taking place in american concentration camps right now are the kinds of things that will be in a textbook one day. they’ll ask why americans let these atrocities happen. why we looked the other way during a genocide.
these are people fleeing economic & political turmoil created by US foreign policy. they are just looking for a safe place to live their lives. instead we've locked them in cages & allowed a monster to tear out their wombs.…
the US has an incredibly long & dark history of sterilizing women of color - NC was still sterilizing people deemed to be unfit into the 70s! 1/3 of puerto rican woman of childbearing age in the 60s had been sterilized, native american woman as young as ELEVEN were sterilized...
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14 Sep
there are so many parties to this lawsuit that getting everyone on a conference call is always a maddening ordeal. no matter how many times i have listened in on the same parties trying to do this, it always feels like everyone's first ever conference call. can you hear me now?
i heard many familiar voices checking in, but i'm not sure if we have cantwell dialed in from the strafford county jail
after ten minutes of people dialing in and identifying themselves, judge moon has joined & the clerk has called the case.
first we'll deal with the show cause hearing re: azzmador, then a status conference re: the postponement of the trial
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14 Sep
will azzmador show up to this hearing at 2pm?! Image
this case has been going on for YEARS now and it's a bit of a mess, so let's review the last few month's of our missing nazi's failure to comply with escalating court orders
in may, the judge granted a motion to compel discovery
in july, the judge said if he didn't show up to his deposition, he'd be rounded up by marshals and held in contempt

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14 Sep
with jury selection beginning this week, the government has filed a motion dismiss one of the four charges against chris cantwell Image
the charge being dismissed is count 2 - threatening interstate communications. the extortionate threat, threat to injure, and cyberstalking charges will proceed to trial. ImageImageImageImage
counts 1-3 on the indictment are sections B, C, and D of the same statute. the indictment on section C is the one being dropped. Image
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13 Sep
it’s remarkable how different the courthouse looks today Image
a small group has gathered to bless this space now that the confederate statue has been removed. reverend don gathers offers a prayer, saying our work is not done.
a rabbi leads the group in song, olam chesed yibaneh (we will build this world with love).
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12 Sep
good morning to everyone except this confederate statue - it’s about to have a bad morning
there he is, in his final hour
the city couldn’t block off the sidewalk along jefferson street at 5th street to pedestrian access because of the residences that face the street. there’s a bit of standing room, although i expect police won’t allow a crowd due to COVID restrictions.
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11 Sep
the statue we all call “johnny reb” is formally called “at ready”

he has about twelve hours left, so today he’s “at ready to be taken down” Image
public works has already put in road blocks all around court square park ImageImageImage
a police officer just approached me and told me court square park is “closed” starting at 6:30pm (city code closes the park at 11pm but i believe the parks department can close city parks for specific reasons)
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11 Sep
there's allegedly going to be some kind of announcement related to 'personnel' 👀 Image
given the tension between council & the city manager and the approximately 100 hours of closed session meetings about his job performance over the last few months, my money is on richardson being done here.
of course i'm still holding out hope for the possibility that every cop has chosen to resign. let me dream, ok?
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11 Sep
four years ago today! ImageImageImageImage
otto’s first ever selfie. he was smiling! Image
this is the first time otto ever had LUNCH ImageImage
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10 Sep
people are gathering around the statue of george rogers clark at UVA for a demonstration demanding its removal & the construction of an indigenous cultural center Image
someone took a sawzall to the clark statue a few weeks ago & nearly decapitated him. it looks like his throat wound has been welded back together Image
this guy is mad, screaming about how indians burned down log cabins where his ancestors lived followed by a tirade about the norman french raping the celts? he told 2 professors trying to gently explain simple historical concepts that they don’t know what they’re talking about. Image
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10 Sep
one nice thing about the pandemic is the jail board meetings are virtual instead of inside the jail. i don't like going to the jail. Image
the consent agenda has been adopted and we have only one person signed up for public comment - elizabeth stark. she is concerned about the recent COVID outbreak in our local jail.
elizabeth says it is very important that everyone inside ACRJ be tested for COVID-19 immediately.
"anyone who comes into contact with the criminal justice system is at risk," she says and suggests eliminating pre-trial detention.
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10 Sep
next week could be a very busy week for christopher cantwell! he is still in in jail in new hampshire awaiting trial on federal charges of making extortionate threats to rape the wife of a rival nazi, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a full social calendar!
in the federal civil suit sines v kessler filed by survivors of the violence at 2017's unite the right rally here in charlottesville against that event's organizers, judge moon has ordered cantwell to appear via video for a status conference on monday Image
cantwell is representing himself in that lawsuit after his lawyer dropped him last summer due primarily to his failure to pay his lawyer & the public threats he made against opposing counsel

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8 Sep
here's the agenda for tonight's charlottesville city council meeting, which should be starting any minute now (as soon as council comes out of closed session) ImageImage
communications director brian wheeler says people have been asking about item 12, the prohibition of weapons on city property -- it is NOT a public hearing. if you wish to be heard on that item, you should try to speak during public comment at the beginning of the meeting.
starting things off with an update from dr denise bonds from the thomas jefferson health district on our current COVID situation Image
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8 Sep
my assumption for months has been the feds chose to prosecute this particular crime because with the victim being another nazi, it eliminated any possible allegation of political bias. but it appears there is another problem: everyone involved keeps threatening to rape people.
cantwell's lawyer argues that the victim's testimony can't be trusted because he only agreed to testify about cantwell's threats to rape his wife because he thought if he didn't, he would be prosecuted for threatening to rape an FBI agent. it's just rape threats all the way down.
the case against cantwell here is pretty solid! evidence shows he followed through on his threat to call child protective services & tell them that ben lambert was a drug user in possession of a gun & he admits he said he would "fuck [lambert's] wife in front of [his] kids"
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5 Sep
uva students are back, which means the corner is PACKED. local right wing agitator mason pickett hasn’t had an audience like this for his sign antics since before the pandemic.

i guarantee you almost none of these kids know or care who the mayor of the city is. Image
mason has been picketing on the side of the road near the bypass, at the downtown parks, and outside the police station for years. the corner is a new spot for him & a very different environment. some teen in a porsche just told him to suck a dick.
mason keeps telling the students “the charlottesville mayor supports antifa!” which the kids find both “good” and “cool”
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4 Sep
i’m here in fredericksburg this evening for a black lives matter march.
a flyer for this event was circulating this week in right wing circles, claiming the event would burn the city down. so far it’s just a small group of young people in a public park.
“words don’t hurt us - we’re cut from a different cloth,” says a young organizer. “no matter what they say to you, you keep fucking walking.”

“black lives matter and that’s it.”
“we de-escalate because this is our community,” the organizer says, emphasizing the peaceful nature of this event. “if somebody pulls a gun on you, you let someone know.”
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4 Sep
two snug boys, being snug Image
it is hard to rest peacefully when you are being photographed from every angle Image
two boys who would like me to stop moving around to get better camera angles Image
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