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i’m just the note taker. she/her. the cop reading this is wasting tax dollars
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Jun 29 30 tweets 5 min read
UVA law professor anne coughlin is giving a short talk this evening called “demystifying dobbs”, breaking down the dobbs decision. i’ll be following along a little “the legal question in dobbs turns on the meaning of this word - liberty,” within the fourteenth amendment, coughlin says. “at the end of the day, what you’re seeing is a dispute” “over what sources you look to decide what counts as constitutional liberty.”
Jun 27 43 tweets 9 min read
lynchburg police have blocked off portions of church street, separating pro & anti choice protests on either side of monument terrace. protest organizers are asking attendees not to engage with counter protesters or escalate any antagonism of the pro choice rally. while the police have established cordoned off areas for each side, people keep passing through this side to reach the other.
Jun 27 4 tweets 2 min read
dan abbott, the organizer of the campbell county militia and the bedford county militia, posted a call to "counter protest" this event in lynchburg this evening. lynchburg is an evangelical stronghold & local government is friendly with the growing militia movement. our congressman, bob good, has spoken at campbell county militia events and has used campaign funds to pay "DK Abbott Enterprises" (a company that does not exist, but the checks went to the same PO box the militia is registered to) for event security.
Jun 24 24 tweets 7 min read
one of several already announced demonstrations this evening in charlottesville - a crowd has gathered outside the federal courthouse with pro-choice signs to protest today’s supreme court decision overturning roe v wade Image “2-4-6-8, it’s my choice to terminate”
Jun 21 100 tweets 24 min read
looks like the closed session is running long... the pre-meeting meeting is scheduled to start at 4pm. the 4pm meeting agenda shows 2 reports to be presented to council: a followup on the city owned properties currently being leased to other entities and an update on the central water line project.

full packet is here:…
Jun 21 8 tweets 3 min read
before tonight's city council meeting, even before the pre-meeting meeting, there will be a SPECIAL meeting in closed session to discuss board appointments and "legal consultation regarding litigation." Image former police chief dr rashall brackney's lawsuit was just filed last week. she alleges that her firing last year was retaliatory (after her internal investigation into the SWAT team) and discriminatory (her race & gender)
Jun 15 7 tweets 2 min read
i've got my hands on the federal complaint filed by former charlottesville police chief dr rashall brackney.
more facts will come out as the case evolves, but it does look like city officials & the police union conspired to retaliate against her for investigating corrupt cops. this looks like another expensive, embarrassing, and completely avoidable fuckup for the city of charlottesville. we just never found out footing again after 2017, if we ever even had it.
Jun 15 21 tweets 11 min read
dr brackey declined to name the individual, citing possible ongoing investigations, but i have determined that the charlottesville city employee who participated in the january 6th insurrection is allen groat, an IT analyst in the city's public safety department. according to this charlottesville fire department org chart, groat reports directly to the deputy chief of risk reduction. as a public safety employee, he works with the police dept, the sheriff's office, the fire dept, and the volunteer rescue squad. ImageImage
Jun 15 31 tweets 4 min read
former charlottesville police chief dr rashall brackney will be holding a press conference in the morning to announce the filing of her federal lawsuit against the city. she previously filed a state EEOC complaint & is alleging racial & gender discrimination + retaliation. brackney’s press conference is about to start
Jun 13 69 tweets 11 min read
my research assistants are having a hard time getting started this monday morning but we are tuning in the hearing has been pushed back to 10:30 but these are the people expected to testify this morning

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all those boys came out of one uhaul lmao it’s incredible they keep going with the box truck entry. they had guys freaking out and barfing from the stress of being in the truck during an event in WINTER. can’t imagine it’s any better in june.
(text is from a dec 2021 leaked after action report by a PF network director)
Jun 10 4 tweets 2 min read
in news that may be of interest only to me, neonazi bill white appears to have been transferred from USP marion to FCI terre haute. i wonder if his budding friendship with christopher cantwell led to them needing to be separated? white & cantwell met in prison, where they are both serving time for extortionate threats. white, who spends his ample free time filing lawsuits, was helping chris draft motions as a pro se defendant in the unite the right lawsuit

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i put on cspan but i'm not happy about it. business idea: cspan done in the style of vh1's popup video. show me a little bubble on the screen with a fun fact about the worst weirdest shit each congressperson has ever been associated with.
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charlottesville's police civilian oversight board meeting is underway. first order of business, approving the minutes of their retreat, which was CLOSED to the public. board chair bill mendez says now that at the meeting, "we did not talk about board business. we discussed our life histories, our families, our aspirations & concerns."
so the city paid for a room at the country club & a facilitator so they could talk about their feelings?
Jun 6 74 tweets 19 min read
it's time for the pre-meeting meeting on the reports to city council! Image full agenda packet here:… Image
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with robert rundo's federal charges having been revived by an appeals court earlier this year & him being on the lam in eastern europe, i was wondering - how is will2rise's online store still processing credit card orders for merchandise to fund "a host of creative projects"? the grapevine, tx address listed on the contact page is the childhood home of patriot front leader thomas rousseau, returns are directed to be sent to a PO box in philadelphia, and the phone # has a central florida area code, so who is running the show here?
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he’s going pro in the fruit leagues anatomy of a near miss
Jun 2 11 tweets 4 min read
he wasn't just being a melodramatic whiner for attention on telegram - jason kessler really has fired his attorneys in both the sines v kessler lawsuit & his lawsuit against the city of charlottesville. ImageImageImage the sines v kessler lawsuit is in the post trial motions phase - defendants are trying to get damages & attorneys' fees reduced. the kessler v city of charlottesville suit was dismissed over 2 years ago & kessler was attempting to appeal in the 4th circuit.
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they love to lead the way, but they always look back to make sure i’m keeping up ok you’d never know this guy was paralyzed a few months ago. he did such a good job climbing on the river rocks. ImageImage
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i think watching the dogs eat a pig kidney will cheer me up for at least a half hour TREATS INCOMING, THIS IS NOT A DRILL
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“oh you want to defund the police? then who will you call when you need help?” has lost all power. don’t say it ever again. the 1st time i ever dialed 911, i was 16. the woman who lived on the farm where i worked after school was out to sea on a naval training exercise. she had no one else to call. she called me to say her friend, a woman i’d met a few times, had likely attempted to end her own life.