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Jan 16
1./ Cosmos is recognized as one of the greatest ecosystems around. However, the $ATOM token is often mentioned as a token without value capture. But is this right?

Let’s talk about $ATOM 2./ The main topics I want to discuss in this thread are:

Interchain Security
Liquid staking
IBC routing

And how those topics affect $ATOM
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Jan 16

Together with @staderlabs I've chosen the winners for the $LUNAx #ideathon!

The winners can send me a DM with their Terra address (no exchange!) for the 100 $SD tokens First winner: Using $LUNAx as collateral on @anchor_protocol

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Jan 14
You don't see opportunities like these every single day.

Today, @staderlabs announced they are doing a token sale on @CoinList.

Have you noticed the price?

It's $3.33 if you choose slow vesting/ $4.5 if you don't want to wait.

So where's the opportunity?

Right here: 2./ Currently, Stader's community farm comes at 6x discount!

That's #LUNAtics exclusive, huge opportunity to farm $SD tokens at steep discount.

It’s also in the same place where Solana, ImmutableX, Biconomy, and many others launched… so guess what happens next

Here's more:
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Jan 12
1./ You want those $PRISM tokens? Me too. But how? For me it's one of the most awaited projects so I'm very excited about trying to buy early.

A few days ago @prism_protocol announced its launch. You want to know how to participate as early as possible? Read further 👇 2./ As I explained earlier the tokenomics of $PRISM are amazing. I expect them to attract a huge amount of value since $PRISM is gonna be the base token in the liquidity pools on the $PRISM-dex. Yes, it's a bit like $RUNE.

More info about the tokenomics:
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Jan 10
1./ Yesterday @TeamKujira posted about $aUST becoming available to bid on liquidated assets in the near future. I already shared it because I'm very excited about it, but why am I so excited?

A short thread on why this matters so much 🧵👇

2./ Currently you have to deposit $UST in #ORCA to be able to buy discounted liquidated assets. It's interesting, but it does have opportunity costs.

Depositing $UST in @anchor_protocol gives you 19.5% APY. And you're not getting this once the $UST is deposited in #ORCA.
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Jan 4
1./ Imagine staking your $LUNA at @staderlabs, receive $LUNAx and use it as collateral on @mirror_protocol 🔥🤯

You can now vote on this proposal:


But why is it important? Why should you actually care?

A thread 🧵👇 2./ As we all know, it's possible to use a delta neutral strategy on @mirror_protocol. This basically means that you have the same upside as downside. So no matter which way the price is moving, the value of you're holdings stay (almost) the same.
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Jan 4
1./ Imagine a protocol that gives you 30-60% on stables and its token value is sensitive to the TVL in the protocol. I'm talking about @SandclockOrg 🔥

If you want to know why I'm so excited about this project, read further 👇 2./ With only 500B TVL the $QUARTZ price is expected to be around 250$.

Now imagine @anchor_protocol gives you around 20% on stable coins and has a TVL of over 11B.

Exactly that is why I'm so convinced of the potential of @SandclockOrg and its $QUARTZ token.
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Dec 28, 2021

#RAISETHECAPS is something we see coming by a lot in the @THORChain community. What are those caps? Why do we have these? Why should they be raised? And most important, what is the impact of it on $RUNE?

Let me explain 🧵 2./ @THORChain is a cross-chain liquidity protocol where users can swap native assets against each other. Without wrapping or pegging assets.

To enable users to swap a certain asset, a liquidity pool of that specific asset needs to be available on #Thorchain.
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Dec 27, 2021
Now Christmas is over, it's time to prepare yourself for 2022. If you don't want to mis anything about $LUNA or $UST coming year, I recommend to follow these absolute legends:

@CryptoHarry_ @CryptoWizardd
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Dec 22, 2021
1./ #Terra is a black hole. The mint of $UST is only at the beginning. Let me explain why I think #Terra will suck up an unimaginable amount of #DeFi value.

Now we see $UST going cross chain I think it's just a matter of time before others will follow. 🧵 2./ @WhiteWhaleTerra doing cross chain arbitrage

#Arbitrage opportunities are everywhere, so why stop here? I don't know about any other #Arbitrage protocol so far, so I don't see any obstacle for @WhiteWhaleTerra taking the the number 1 overall #Arbitrage spot.
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Dec 13, 2021
1./ Today I saw some people talking about @staderlabs and how their APR is calculated.

I think it's a great protocol and it might be good to talk about them once again. I will dive into their APR, mechanics and the benefits for everyone who is staking $LUNA!

A thread 🧵 2./ @staderlabs basically is a $LUNA staking platform. Take your $LUNA, stake it at @staderlabs and you don't have to worry about anything. They make a validator selection and take care of the auto-compounding.
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Dec 12, 2021
1./ At the moment we have $LUNA, $bLUNA, $LUNAx and $nLUNA. $yLUNA and $pLUNA are coming. What are all those different types of $LUNA?

Let's dive into the greatest asset ever existed, $LUNA!

A thread 🧵 2./ $LUNA is the token we all fell in love with. To mint $UST the equivalent dollar amount of $LUNA have to be burned. The more $UST is minted, the less $LUNA is circulating so the more value one $LUNA has.
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Dec 11, 2021
1./ As you all know I love good tokenomics. Let's have a look at @Minerva_NFT. What is it? Why does their token hold value? Does it have potential?

Let's go! A thread 🧵 2./ @Minerva_NFT is a DAO which will bring appreciating wine investments to users directly on the Terra blockchain.

This means you can invest in wine by using the blockchain. Those investments are minted as ADOs, an improved version of NFTs made by @AndromedaProt
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Dec 9, 2021
1./ Let's talk about the HUGE potential of @THORChain and $RUNE again! 🔥🔥

$RUNE is at the moment of writing ranked #70 based on market cap but I honestly think top-20 can happen. And it can happen soon 🚀

You want to know why? A thread 🧵 2./ Tuesday I posted a thread about @THORChain
and $RUNE. I talked about the protocol and its tokenomics, but I didn't go into the numbers. If this is your first time reading about $RUNE I recommend you to start with Tuesdays thread:

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Dec 7, 2021
1./ The reason I fell in love with $LUNA is because of its magnificent value capture. Although $LUNA will always be my number one, $RUNE is definitely a token with a great value capture too.

What is @THORChain, what is $RUNE and why does it have potential? 2./ @THORChain is a cross-chain liquidity protocol. The DEX built on #Thorchain is @THORSwap. #THORswap allows users to directly swap native assets on different blockchains with only one click. So no wrapped or pegged assets. Why is this important?
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Dec 6, 2021
1./ #Terra outperformed the whole market the past days, yet there is still a thing missing: #Games. But no worries, we don't have to wait long anymore.

Let's talk about @TerraFloki 👇 2./ @TerraFloki is building a play-to-earn game, I'm bullish and I think it's time to tell something about it.

So, the FlokiVerse! What? FlokiVerse? Yes, the FlokiVerse. That's what the gaming environment of @TerraFloki is called.
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Dec 1, 2021
1./ @WhiteWhaleTerra is going to use a new way of launching their token; #BOOTSWAP.

Let me explain to you why they use it, how it works and how you can be prepared for their token launch. 🧵 2./ We have seen quite a few token launches on the Terra network now and unfortunately, many of them were not perfect. Two major problems have been noticed by @WhiteWhaleTerra:
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Nov 30, 2021
1./ Yesterday @staderlabs announced $LUNAx. What is it, why is it import and why is it going to chance staking as we know it?

A thread 🧵

2./ $LUNAx is basically a liquid version of your staked $LUNA. Once you stake your $LUNA, $LUNAx can be minted. So your $LUNA is now staked and you have a new token in your wallet, $LUNAx. Sounds familiar? It's almost the same as the $UST - $aUST mechanism.
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Nov 29, 2021
1./ Which one should I choose? Which metric is most important? What do I have to do with all those small rewards?

Familiar questions? You better go check @staderlabs! If you stake your $LUNA at @staderlabs you never have to worry about these questions anymore! Image 2./ At the moment their community farming event is live which means your rewards are being converted to $SD tokens at almost the same price that private investors have bought the token for. So; no regular staking rewards but cheap $SD tokens for the time being.
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Nov 24, 2021
1./ Liked the tweet of the @ApolloDAO #Warchest? Want to know more #Alpha?

Let's talk about $zAPOLLO 🔥

As promised, a thread about $zAPOLLO. What is it? Why is important? 🧵 2./ Like with many protocols, staking a token gives you governance rights. @ApolloDAO will give the same rights to people who stake their $APOLLO LP tokens. So where comes $zAPOLLO into play?
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Nov 24, 2021
1./ Today is the launch of the $APOLLO token from @ApolloDAO.

Why has this token value, why you should be excited and why I'm ready to buy. Not financial advise.

The main things to discuss are the #Warchest and the $zAPOLLO token.

A thread about the #Warchest🧵 2./ So, the #warchest

Liquidity incentives can't last forever and @ApolloDAO is aware of that. Where many protocols face the problem of how to keep incentivising LP providers when all the tokens are distributed, the Apollo team has already solved this before TGE
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