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In view of the ongoing #COVID19 pandemic and the partial cancellation of class XII #exams by several Boards across the country, the Ministry of Education on the recommendations of @CouncilofArchi1 has decided to relax the eligibility for admission to B.Arch. Course for 2020-2021.
Now, candidates who have passed the 10+2 scheme of examination with PCM subjects or 10+3 Diploma with Mathematics shall be eligible for admission to the first year of B.Arch. Course for 2020-2021.
The candidates should have qualified an aptitude test in #Architecture, i.e. #NATA or #JEE for admission to the B.Arch. Course. I wish all the best to candidates seeking admission to the Course.
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🕌Mosques in Jammu and Kashmir :
1. Hazratbal Mosque :
The #Hazratbal Shrine in Hazratbal, Srinagar situated on the Northern bank of the #DalLake, #Srinagar. The silvery-white #Hazratbal #Mosque is revered for housing a relic, the Prophet’s hair. #Kashmir #Srinagar #Muslim .
The name of the shrine comes from the Farsi word Hazrat, meaning "#respected", and the #Kashmiri word Bal, meaning "Place". Thus it means the place which is given high regard and is respected among the people.The place is also known as Assar-e-Sharif, #Dargah Sharif, #HazratBal .
2. 𝐉𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐚 𝐌𝐚𝐣𝐢𝐝 𝐒𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐠𝐚𝐫: A 600-year-old #Mosque in #Srinagar,located in the Nowhatta area in the middle of the old city. The tranquil #Mosque is known for its unique #architecture, the highlight being the 378 wooden Deodar pillars.#kashmirvalley #Kashmiriyat .
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1.Main Deity: Kapaleeshwarar (Bhagwan Shiva)
Consort: Karpagambal (Maa Parvati)
Sthal Vriksh: Punnai Tree (Calophyllum inophyllum)
Sthal Theerth: Kapali, Kadavul, Veda, Vali, Ganga, Velli, & Rama Theerth. #Kapaleeshwarar Temple is of typical Dravidian #architecture style
2. There are 2 entrances to the #temple marked by the Gopuram on either side with the Gopuram overpowering the street on which the Temple present. The East Gopuram is about 40 m height, while the smaller western Gopuram faces the Holy Pond, with intricate patterns of sculpture
3. figures in cool eye-passing colors is a treat to watch. The Temple is also a testimonial for the Vishwakarmas #Sthapathis. There are inscriptions on the Temple Structure which dates to the 7th Century. The view of the Temple from the outside is magnificent & awesome. This is a
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The time has arrived from economic standpoint to identify the pace of Information Technology Industry, Live Action Film Industry and Animation Industry. In the past three decades Information Technology, Live Action Films and Animation have gone through massive technological
advancements that result in mature industry. These three can’t continue to co-exist in a city considering macro economics. A city’s ecosystem is inclined toward the majority business. Economic growth influence standard of living. Newly found collective financial independence
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1. #Marundeeswarar Temple, #Chennai
Marundu means #medicine ; Eswar is Bhagwan Shiv
Utchavar: Thyagarajar
Consort: TiripuraSundari
Sthal Vriksh: SHAMI TREE/VANNI Tree (#Prosopis #Spicigera)
Sthal Theerth: Pancha Theertha
Agamam: Kameekam
approx: 1500 years old
2. #Temple is dedicated to God Shiva, located in #Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai. It is one of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams where the two of the most revered Nayanars (Saivite Sages), Appar & Tirugnana Sambandar have glorified the Temple with their verses during the 7th-8th century.
3. Temple has been widely expanded by Chola kings during the 11th century. The Temple has two seven tiered Gopuram, a huge pond. The Marundeeswarar Temple has been a place of curative #worship for people with #diseases. The Temple is believed to have partial feature of #Pallava
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One of the most legendary Kings in the history of the South-Asia, The man who established 'Rastrakuta' as major power in Bharat - King Amoghavarsha.

The #Rashtrakutas of Manyakheta (753-982 AD) Gulbarga #Kannada origin of Karnataka.
- Gajantaka Shiva, Ellora
- Interior of Chaitya hall, Ellora
- Ramayana Panel, Ellora
- Rastrakutas Gold & Silver coins.

#ರಾಷ್ಟ್ರಕೂಟರು #ಕರುನಾಡು_ಕನ್ನಡ
#ಕರ್ಣಾಟಸಾಮ್ರಾಜ್ಯ #ಅಮೋಘವರ್ಷ #ನೃಪತುಂಗ #ಕನ್ನಡ
Rastrakutas contributions to art and architecture are reflected in the most extensive & splendid work at rock-cut cave temples, Ellora Kailashanath temple, an architectural consummation of the monolithic rock-cut temples are real wonders of the world.
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1} The Durga Mandir (Temple) is situated in Ramnagar of Banaras. Was built 500 years ago devoted to Hindu deity Maa Durga.

2} #History –: The Temple was built by the Kashi Naresh Maharaja Balwant Singh in between 1738 and 1770 A.D.
3} #Temple #Architecture –: The Temple is based on Square Shape. it has a Square Campus. The main building of temple is built of a square shaped stage.
4} The #Durga #Temple boasts of its fine stone works, which is a fabulous example of North Indian stone work arts.
5} The Warren Hasting companies invaded the Ramnagar to demolished the durga temple situated at the boundary of the western side of Ramnagar.

6} The British Army tried to demolish the temple by canons.
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The Kings Court of King Buwanekabahu the ll, located in Kurunegala, a site of immense archaeological significanse dating back to the 7 century BC has been torn down by Kurunegala @PodujanaParty Mayor Thushara Sanjeewa
#SriLanka #COVID19LK #Kurunegala #architecture
No permission had been sought from the Dept. of Archaeology prior to the demolition of the site. However the Mayor of Kurunegala Mayor says that the RDA has sanctioned the demolition. Police however stood idly by despite a complain
#SriLanka #coronavirus
Against this backdrop Commissioner Gen. of Archaeology Senarath Dissanayake says that a complaint will be made to the IGP regarding police inaction, who stood idly by, permitting the destruction of the historic site
#SriLanka #COVID19LK #LKAElections2020 #architecture
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#Thread #DidYouKnow
Sri Brahmapureeswarar Temple, near Trichy
Main Deity : Sri Brahmapureeswarar (Lord Brahma).
Ambal (Consort) : Brahma Nayagi.
Holy Water : Brahma Theertham.
Temple Tree : Magizha(Spanish cherry)tree.
Prominence of the Shrine : This is yet another spectacular Dravidian #architectural marvel, the Brahmapureeswar Temple. Not known to many, this temple is tucked away on the outskirts of the #Trichy city at a serene village near #Tirupattur. After a 30 km drive from Trichy,
take left and a 6 km drive through the beautiful village side would take you to the #Brahmapureeswarar Temple. An Early morning visit is recommended for a great #spiritual ambience. The main deity worshiped here is the Lord Brahmapureeswarar, an avatar of Lord Shiva.
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If starting an #architecture firm today, ops stack would be @HubSpot for funnel, @NotionHQ or @coda_hq for wiki, @webflow for website, GSheets, @HyparAEC w/ Rhino for scaled design, Revit for documentation, Bluebeam for QA/QC, Matterport for pre/post 3D capture, @upcodes 1/n
I'd start it with a partner who would focus on design while I focused on sales, marketing, and ops. Our first immediate remote hires would be a version of an SDR / biz dev with base + commission and an entrepreneurial designer who wants project ownership & above market comp. 2/n
We'd focus on two sectors max based off of current networks, map out the value chain of those sectors & identify service gaps with a high signal for becoming products. Some competitive research would determine positioning & discovery calls would determine market / service fit 3/n
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1/4 | Video Playlist: Plan.City App navigation, postcode search and Daylight & Sunlight simulation.
3D Model by @AccuCities, powered by @UnrealEngine. More info:…

#UE4 #UE4Study #London #3dmodeling #UrbanPlanning #architecture #app Wide area view of 3D Model ...
2/4 | Navigating Plan.City. Drone Mode, First Person & 3rd Person navigation.
3/4 | Postcode Search in Plan.City.
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The #AcropolisMuseum in #Athens is a striking museum completed in 2009. Designed by the renown architect Bernard #Tschumi the museum was built to be in harmony with the Sacred Rock and the #Parthenon itself. #Museum #architecture #MuseumsUnlocked @profdanhicks @cultureGR 1/4
Tschumi and his Greek collaborator, Michael Fotiadis, came up with a design based on movement and light, embodying an ethos that this museum needs to consider its role both as a repository for its collections and as an influential context for the Classical art of its time. 2/4
The essence of the architects' brief was to construct a museum that would establish a unique visual experience with the #Parthenon, not as destination museum, but in a sensual dialogue between the #ParthenonSculptures and the Parthenon itself that would reach across centuries 3/4
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Thread by @isabelrodbar: Are SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence estimates biased?…

The Great Stagnation—or Decline and Fall? - Intercollegiate Studies Institute: Think. Live Free.…

#civilization #fall #decline
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Help me out Twitter, let’s list every architecture firm that has designed a jail or prison and make sure upcoming designers do not join those offices! Let’s also list manufactures who use prison labor. #InDefenseofBlackLife #BlackLivesMatter #Architecture
I lead with actions, not just words. ✌🏾…
You wanna hear from architects and designers who are committed to perpetuating the comments section. 🤦🏾‍♂️…
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Here’s what I learned about architecture school and practice in my latest podcast with Zach (@cantradionalist): (0/6)
1. @wrathofgnon has likely turned more people in favour of traditional architecture with twitter than anything else today.

Except for, perhaps, the ugly buildings themselves.

2. The culture wars have reached architecture schools too. “Critical” architecture, just like Critical _________ Studies, seeks to subvert and revolutionize, not improve and support. (see @ConceptualJames for more)
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H A M P I ಹಂಪೆ I

Where The Stone Tells The Story In Science!

Virupaksha Temple I Karnataka
Virupaksha Temple of Lord Shiva built by The Vijayanagara Empire in 7th century AD.

The Iconic Hampi Stone Chariot is an architectural marvel, rests on a platform that is about a feet high.

The mysterious Vitthala temple Ranga Mandapa is well known for its 56 musical pillars.
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[Thread] Certifications

A non-comprehensive, non-linear summary of Dr. Craig Wright’s professional certifications.

National Security Training Academy
Security Industry Course and Firearm Certificate of Achievement - Granted in 1992

Brisbane YMCA Youth Club
Best Military Tactics - Granted in 1988

International Systems Security Professional Certification Scheme - Granted in 2005

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Brihadeeswara Temple at Tanjavur, built in 1010 AD, one of the wonders of architectural feat and beauty in stone is the largest #Temple in India, a prime example of the Dravidian style of #architecture as refined & enhanced by the Cholas Tamilnadu
@LostTemple7 @Lost_History1 ImageImageImageImage
Tanjavur Kovil (Peruvudaiyar Kovil) built by the great Raja Raja Chola, is a stunning monument that speaks oodles about the architectural mastery.
The Big Temple is home to one of the largest Shiva Lingas of the country.
#architecture #TamilNadu
@LostTemple7 @IndiaArtHistory ImageImageImageImage
Shore Temple of Mahabalipuram rise from the sea is a masterpiece of Pallava led Dravidian #architecture as it displays the transition from rock cut architecture to free standing structural temples l Tamil Nadu.

#UNESCO World Heritage of India Image
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Alright, quick thread since I'd rather write a long-form article at some point when I can get the will and mental space to do so, but let's talk about Design Review in Seattle:


#housing #seattle #urbanism #design #architecture
Today, city council passed an emergency resolution tied to Design Review and COVID. The current system requires most developments in the city to have public meetings. Given that option is currently impossible, the system has been edited (temporarily)

Projects that normally have to go through full design review will go through administrative design review, and affordable (aka publicly subsidized) housing projects will be exempt from the process. This will be for six months, or until online meetings are able to be held...

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Glories of Beluru and Halebeedu Temples..Incredible Karnataka!! 🙏

Hoysala Dynasty has built more than 90 Temples in Karnataka wth their unique #architecture style of 'Vesara' classically seen on a ⭐ shaped platform with multiple sanctum sanctorums.

#Karnataka ಶಿಲ್ಪಕಲೆ 💛❤️
900 Yrs of history, Sri Chennakeshava Temple of
Beluru Halebeedu. #Karnataka 🙏
The art and cultures of the each structure, sculptures are all of hand sculpted texture and design that inspires today's traditional clothng!
ನಮ್ಮ ಹೆಮ್ಮೆಯ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಚರಿತ್ರೆ!
#incredible #ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ
Popular Hoysala Temples of #Karnataka ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಶಿಲ್ಪಕಲೆ ❤️
🔹The LakshmiNarasimha temple at Haran halli
🔹 Chennakesava temple at Somnathpur, Mysore
🔹The LakshmiNarasimha temple Hosahalaku
🔹Chennakesava temple at Aralaguppe
#architecture #IncredibleIndia #Temples
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¡Hora de tender la ropa! ...y de diseñar estructuras, ya veréis.

#estructuras,#structuralengineering, #structures, #architecture,#arquitectura, #100x100MasterHouses
Esto es un tendedero común o, como yo lo llamo, cuerda funicular para colgar la ropa húmeda. ;-)
Si ahora corto la cuerda por el centro y le pido a una persona que la sostenga, esta va a sentir que tira con una fuerza T para mantener la cuerda a la altura donde estaba originalmente.
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31 March 1943 | Construction of gas chamber & #crematorium II at #Auschwitz II-Birkenau was completed. Undressing space and 210 sq. meters gas chamber were located underground. Zyklon B was thrown through the holes in the ceiling into special wire mesh columns. #architecture 1/4
The crematorium located on the ground level designed by Topf und Söhne company from #Erfurt was equipped with five 3-muffles ovens connected to one chimney. According to the producers the ovens could burn 1,440 corpses every 24 hours. 2/4
On 20 January 1945 - 7 days before the liberation of #Auschwitz the building was blew up with #dynamite by the SS in order to destroy the #evidence of mass murder. 3/4
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Tonight I'm going to share highlights from the 2010 "Scenarios for the Future of Technology & Int'l Development" report produced by The Rockefeller Foundation & Global Business Network. Not just the "Lock Step" scenario, but all 4 scenarios. [54 page report]
Following Event 201 (Oct 18 2019), we must concede that the ruling class has been gifted with phenomenal and prophetic intuitions & insights. (They truly are the chosen ones.) Thus it is worthwhile, even mandatory, to study their scenario exercises & simulations.
"We believe that scenario planning has great potential for use in philanthropy to identify unique interventions... scenario planning allows us to achieve impact more effectively." [p 4]
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22 March 1943 | The Zentralbauleitung of the #Auschwitz camp (Central Construction office) completed the construction of gas chamber and crematorium IV at Auschwitz II-Birkenau camp. The undressing rooms, gas chamber and crematorium were located on the ground level. 1/5
The gas chamber space was divided into three smaller rooms and had a total of 236.78 square meters. The exterior walls had holes with gas proof trapdoors for inserting Zyklon B. 2/5
The building had one eight-oven crematorium furnace. According to the calculations made German manufacturer Topf & Soehne, 768 corpses could be burned in this crematorium every 24 hours. 3/5 #architecture #topf #cremation
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