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1 Oct
The Hathras Incident has shocked India for it’s brutality but the disgraceful politics by liberals over it.

However, In this thread I'll give you the several reasons why YOGI Ji must resign.
6 victims in 3 πape case reported in RAJASTHAN on 30th September

1. Three foreign tourists πaped in Jaipur.

2. Two minors gang-πaped for 3 days Ajmer

3. Tipu Sultan and his friend gang πaped a woman in Ajmer

++ ImageImageImageImage
Tribal sisters gang πaped in WEST BENGAL, one died by suicide

++ Image
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1 Oct
A new research study in @bmj_latest… finds the risk to die early (<70yrs) increases with irregularity & length of women’s #menstrualcycle irregularity, with premature mortality mostly due to #cardiovasculardisease. What's it mean for women with #PCOS? 1/13
PCOS affects 10% of women worldwide & irregular menstrual cycles are a common symptom. Many of the women in this study likely have PCOS. Understandably, the higher rates of premature mortality reported will be worrying to women with PCOS. But what causes period irregularity? 2/13
Increased levels of male hormones #androgens are a cause of irregular periods (see:…;…) and also impact on pancreatic beta cell function (…) causing #insulinresistance 3/13
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1 Oct
The United States Military conducted top secret experiments on the citizens of St. Louis, Missouri, for years, exposing them to radioactive compounds, a researcher has claimed.
While it was known that the government sprayed 'harmless' zinc cadmium silfide particles over the general population in St Louis, Professor Lisa Martino-Taylor, a sociologist at St. Louis Community College, claims that a radioactive additive was also mixed with the compound.
Repost from @pineal_activator

The United States Military conducted top secret experiments on the citizens of St. Louis, Missouri, for years, exposing them to radioactive compounds, a researcher has claimed.

While it was known that the government sprayed 'harmless' zinc
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1 Oct
How cycles turn?

Gujarat Ambuja exports limited🌽 fell from a peak mutliple of 30 to 10 times. As the maize prices rose due to fall Armyworm infestations etc from Rs14-15 to Rs 24-25 . Since Gael entered into Fixed contracts and is partly a commoditized player, margins fell
In the maize segment to low single digits. They have consistently made a 15% Roce in this business for the last decade. This was part 1 of the cycle, when the markets perception changed from Growth PE to a steady state mutliple as business experienced headwinds
Part 2- nearly 10% of the industry capacity collapsed as they couldn't bear the hike in RM prices. In terms of competitive scenario, competitive intensity just lessened. Yet it was being valued below 10 times due to uncertainty in the short run.
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1 Oct
It's time for the Iliad in Memes: Book 3! Yes we are doing one book a day so keep a look out! Image
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1 Oct
I've got a bit of a situation that I'm not sure how to handle. One of my friends invited me to her birthday party but she is slowly making it more difficult for me to attend. At first, she said she wouldn't be able to drive me but that's fine. I can get an Uber over and back.
Next, she said it's being held at her apartment upstairs. They don't have a lift so I won't be able to take my wheelchair. That's difficult but still workable. I'll just have to clear my schedule for the next few days because i'll be too tired to do anything productive.
Anyway, now she's saying I can't take my service dog because her apartment is too small. I don't want to be rude but what she's asking is completely impossible. I can't agree to her ever increasing list of demands. Every time I agree, something else seems to crop up.
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1 Oct
A equipe da Subsecretaria de Vigilância em Saúde da SESA a analisou as características dos últimos 100 óbitos por COVID-19 até o dia 29 de setembro.
Dos 100 óbitos analisados:
52% ocorreram na rede privada/filantrópica e 48% na rede pública
Idade média: 69,55
Idade mediana: 73
Sexo: 50 H e 50 M
90 ocorreram nos últimos 14 dias.
R. metropolitana: 54%
Sul e Centro: 17%
Norte: 11%, 1% outro Estado.
A mediana de idade subiu de 59 para 65 anos comparando os dados acumulados do início da pandemia com os últimos 90 dias. É preciso reforçar o alerta nas medidas de proteção aos idosos.
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1 Oct
I congratulate all Nigerians as we celebrate our 60th Independence Anniversary. Today is another unique day in our nation's history. It marks six decades of the anniversary of our self-rule.
It is an occasion that commemorates our political freedom.
Sixty years ago, we made a procession of victory, as we bade farewell to colonialism and emancipated our lands from the clutches of servitude.
It was a day of hope, promises and great expectations amplified by the reality of freedom and the vista of vast opportunities.We may not have met all the expectations and fulfilled all the promises that came with our independence.
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1 Oct
A thread on de Rham's Theorem from Differential Topology:

"Euclid missed a great opportunity here: if he had stated the principle , 'The extremity of an extremity is empty' ,he could be considered as the discoverer of the BASIC EQUATION OF HOMOLOGICAL ALGEBRA: d•d = 0." 1/n
This basic equation of Homological Algebra is just an abstract incarnation of something we encounter at different places in Mathematics. Like, in Topology given a space X with boundary, one can not construct boundary of that boundary 2/n
( imagine a Unit disc for example, its boundary is a circle but circle itself has no boundary ),next in Vector Calculus,we all learn things like div(curl)F=0 and curl(grad)f=0,where F and f are vector/scalar fields on a X (with some extra structure to do Calculus on it) 3/n
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1 Oct
🧶Voy a hacer un spin-off del discurso histórico de Clara Campoamor.

Manuel Cordero era diputado socialista por Madrid. De profesión panadero. Ugetista.

El #1oct1931 hizo de lo que ahora llamaríamos de “aliado” y que a mí me gusta llamar señores con sentido de la justicia. Image
Cuenta Clara en "Mi pecado mortal" que Manuel Cordero se lanzó por los pasillos del Congreso a increpar a diputados que querían abandonar la causa del voto de las mujeres y a llevarlos de vuelta al hemiciclo.

Esos votos consiguieron salvar la votación, dice Clara. Image
Cuando tomó la palabra hizo una defensa de clase y del poder de la política. Copio literal la intervención de Cordero:

“Cuando se promulgó el sufragio universal, los trabajadores vivían una vida inferior; su incultura era enorme; 1/3
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1 Oct

@john_john172 is exactly the person I'm talking about.

HE doesn't perceive what @realDonaldTrump did last night, so he tells ME that MY perceptions are faulty.

But he PROVES in his attempt to correct my double-plus ungood thinking that HE'S wrong. Image
Trump's performance has to be taken as a whole.

Failing to take it as a whole means that you utterly fail to grasp the intent.

The Democrats now understand that their entire debate strategy is worthless.

Lying moderators are worthless.

What do the Democrats do NOW?
If your opponent absolutely refuses to play by your dishonest rules, how do you score points?

As I said, the larger the paradigm shift, the longer it takes people to accept it.

Since John responded with condescension, and condescension is belligerence, he'll never grasp it.
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1 Oct
@jason_kint @JoeBiden @jeffhauser Do your research before blasting based on a saucy headline from Politico....

She worked in the White House in the Biden/Obama for several years. Sounds like his team also plucked someone from Twitter.

Seems more strategic than sinister.....Biden hates Mark Zuckerberg
@jason_kint @JoeBiden @jeffhauser…
Hertz left FB in June before the house hearings. Sure doesn’t seem like Biden and Pelosi are ‘in bed’ with Facebook
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1 Oct
Påminnelse om hur brottsofferperspektivet saknas.
"För det är precis vad du gör, du utnyttjar unga tjejer för att komma ett steg längre i din karriär samtidigt som du fäller oss på vägen."…
I dag Samhällsytt.
"Med någon slags logik baserat i att riksdagspartier inte ska granskas av medier så väljer alltså Avpixlat att lägga ut en video som inte bara är oerhört förnedrande för offret, utan som bara kan ses som grovt rasistisk hatpropaganda."…
"Ekeroth uppmanar alltså sina följare att se en film som går stick i stäv med hans egna erkännande, men det blir värre…"…
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1 Oct
donald trumps fascistic tendencies, a thread.

retweeting video of supporter yelling "WHITE POWER" Image
proposes a muslim ID Database Image
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1 Oct
#महान_मुगल_बादशाह_औरंगज़ेब आलमगीर रहमतुल्लाह अलैह की चवन्नी की कहानी!

मुल्ला अहमद जीवन हिन्दुस्तान के महान मुगल बादशाह औरंगजेब आलमगीर के उस्ताद थे, औरंगजेब अपने उस्ताद का बहुत एहतराम करते थे, और उस्ताद भी अपने शागिर्द पर फख्र करते थे,
1/n Image
जब औरंगजेब हिन्दुस्तान के बादशाह tjबने तो उन्होंने अपने गुलाम के ज़रिए पैगाम भेजा कि वो किसी दिन देहली तशरीफ लायें और खिदमत का मौका दें, इत्तेफाक से वो रमज़ान का महीना था और मदरसे के तालिब इल्मों की छुट्टियाँ थी, चुनान्चे उन्होंने देहली का रूख किया,
उस्ताद और शागिर्द की मुलाकात अस्र की नमाज़ के बाद देहली की जामा मस्जिद में हुई, उस्ताद को अपने साथ लेकर औरंगज़ेब शाही किले की तरफ चल पड़े, रमजान का सारा महीना औरंगजेब और उस्ताद ने इकट्ठा गुज़ारा, ईद की नमाज़ इकट्ठा अदा करने के बाद मुल्ला जीवन ने वापसी का इरादा ज़ाहिर किया,
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1 Oct
Pasang Kaca Film Panggilan Tambora Jakarta Barat Berpengalaman & Bahan Asli Pabrik
Hubungi 081 1154 2354 (RIKY)…

Hunian aman dan nyaman adalah goal hidup yang sering didambakan oleh banyak orang.
Selain rumah tinggal biasa, apartemen bisa Anda pilih, apabila Anda mendamba tempat tinggal terbaik untuk jangka panjang.

Bagi Anda yang belum tahu, apartemen merupakan model tempat tinggal di suatu bangunan yang dibagi menjadi bagian-bagian kecil.
Apartemen memiliki perbedaan, berupa tinggi bangunan yang melebihi tinggi rumah tinggal biasa.

Tak hanya itu, desain apartemen memiliki jendela yang menghadap langsung ke luar.
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1 Oct
@TubitakUME @tuajans @serdarhuseyiny
Türkiye Uzay Ajansı ve TÜBİTAK Ulusal Metroloji Enstitüsü arasında atomik saatin uzay kalifiye hale getirilmesi de dahil enstitünün kabiliyetleri kapsamında ajans için gerçekleştirilebilecek çalışmaları içeren işbirliği protokolü imzalandı. Image
Ayrıca TÜBİTAK UME, Stronsiyum (Sr) tabanlı optik atomik saat geliştirme projesini de başlattı.
Atomlardaki elektronlar belirli enerji seviyelerinde bulunur ve enerji soğurarak ya da enerji yayarak bu seviyeler arasında geçiş yapar. Atom saatleri, frekans standardı olarak atomlar tarafından yayılan fotonların frekanslarını kullanan saatlerdir.
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1 Oct
Studying some provisions of Indian Evidence Act in the light of #BabriVerdict

"A is tried for a riot and is proved to have marched at the head of a mob. The cries of the mob are relevant as explanatory to the nature of the transaction" - illustration (f) of Section 9. Image
For example, if Advani & Co were heading the mob at Babri site, the cries of mob calling for demolition ("mandir waheen banaeenge" etc) are relevant facts to prove incitement.
#BabriMasjidDemolition ImageImage
Criminal Conspiracy - Sec 10 says acts done by different members of conspiracy at different stages are relevant against each other in proving conspiracy, though the members may be strangers.
(In #BabriDemolitionCase, court said accused & kar sewaks are strangers to each other) ImageImage
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1 Oct
Pasang Kaca Film Panggilan Makasar Jakarta Timur Berpengalaman & Bahan Asli Pabrik
Hubungi 081 1154 2354 (RIKY)…

Tidak sedikit orang yang memiliki tujuan hidup memiliki rumah yang aman dan nyaman.
Selain rumah tinggal biasa, apartemen bisa Anda pilih, apabila Anda mendamba tempat tinggal terbaik untuk jangka panjang.

Bagi Anda yang belum tahu, apartemen merupakan model tempat tinggal di suatu bangunan yang dibagi menjadi bagian-bagian kecil.
Perbedaan lainnya dengan rumah tinggal pada umumnya, biasanya apartemen memiliki tinggi bangunan lebih tinggi daripada bangunan lain di sekitarnya.

Tidak hanya itu, apartemen didesain memiliki jendela yang menghadap ke luar.
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1 Oct
Hice un hilo el otro día a cuenta de Catalunya y parece que gustó. Y mucha gente preguntó cosas parecidas. Este hilo son respuestas/aclaraciones, para explicar el ”y tú qué propones”. Léanlo entero, y sosegadamente. Y no se me crispen, que les sube la tensión. Dentro hilo!
Mi propuesta es convertir España en un país descentralizado real. 1) Capacidad legislativa para las autonomías, similar a un estado USA 2) Normativa fiscal descentralizada, como un estado USA 3) Blindaje de las culturas propias de cada territorio 4) Referéndum sobre la monarquía.
Como verán, gran parte de mi argumento es que España *dice* cosas que no hace. Les suena? Recuerdan el covid? nos engañábamos con que estábamos super bien preparado, y era falso? Pues con política autonómica pasa lo mismo: vendemos una estructura que es más estética que real.
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