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#B25v5South going to track the score a different way for the nightcap - guarantee it fucks up my flow
#B25v5South TYU up 13-2 after two minutes - Musler is too good to be accidentally banking in a straight away three - I should wipe that off the board
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#B25v5South game 2 underway and the Cup is thrown off by the lack of scoreboard - their down 6-0 and this 4:30 scoreless streak might be their longest of the season
#B25v5South Cup is just 2-8 from3 and their pace is much slower than normal - if they pick it up a bit they’ll be fine
#B25v5South Splitters zone is confounding the Cup - without an inside presence to suck in the D every three point shot has been challenged
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#B25v5South I'm always looking to challenge myself professionally and as such we are apparently playing at the Y without a functioning scoreboard tonight. Really stretching myself with this multitasking
#B25v5South Swervig leading the Long Pigs 15-4 early on thanks to a late start
#B25v5South oh cool my laptops not working either - #tweetthroughit
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Ugh this guy again #B25v5South @bkoller297
#B25v5South both Swerving and Draft Kings have skeleton crews - i've got swerving by 15
#B25v5South when @_Birrell doubts the accuracy of my scoreboard
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#B25v5South Beantown Cup rolls in with only 4 tonight but pick up Ben Shwartz so their undefeated run could be coming to an end at the hands of TYU
#B25v5South Musler starts 2-3 from downtown and that's a good sign for Thank You University
#B25v5South horn still going off intermittently
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#B25v5South game 1 off to a bit of a late start - please ignore the random buzzing of the horn. sure its loud and annoying and i have no idea why its happening but play through!
#B25v5South Railsplitters off to a much better start this week as Shwartz remember his jumper and McQuilkin is handing out dimes like they're McChickens
god that was terrible
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#B25v5South old friend @GarbageManCAC opens the game with a 3, can you rely on that now??
#B25v5South Chris Donoyon opens the game with a couple triples himself. Maybe THIS is the game that's going to go over the 160 line...
#B25v5South Musler struggling early (0-4 from deep) but Thank You University up 19-14 before Long Pigs decide to switch to man defense. Smart call by Drew but took a bit long
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#B25v5South @danpopko with the pity start as Julius Swerving is running the fill-in crew. Let's see if they can still put up buckets like I predicted
#B25v5South if @earvrhartwell is dropping wHet 3s like that one they'll be juuuuuuust fine
#B25v5South an exasperated @khalidlakanwal calls TO during a broken offensive possession. 4 minutes of game time seems a little early to press the panicky "EVERYONE CALM THE FUCK DOWN" button
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#B25v5South what is it with teams showing up late on me this week (and not having jerseys! Come on guys you're better than that.
#B25v5South Nik Abel is not going to be one of the 5 Beantown Cup players tonight and I feel cheated out of a potential game of the season. Line has shifted DRAMATICALLY to the Draft Kings the under is getting hammered right now
#B25v5South McDaniel races in and Fuller holds the jump ball so Cup doesn't start 4v5 - away we go!
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#B25v5West come on Dru, how are you late when the first game is 7:30 PM?? we're waiting to tip off but only have 1 ref
#B25v5West Thank You University adding some much needed firepower after squeaking by the Donkas last week. Pete Wasmund nails a 3, Sam Musler from #B25v5South is in the line-up and Kelsey Cornwell just rolled into the building. All new adds after week 1
#B25v5West Chino Global has moved up from #CorpEast though and Jordan Yorks has brought his A game (or "B2" game) - he's got quick 8 ones as Global is up 10-2 early
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#B25v5South no way game 3 can live up to the drama and shotmaking of the first 2, but Draft Kings and Long Pigs will give it a go anyway!
#B25v5South I'm too busy watching the TL freak out about the #NBADraftLottery to tweet about this game - if the lakers win this thing i'm going to puke
#B25v5South Freeman is owning this game for the Long Pigs he's got 9 points and they're up 21-13 over the original Draft Kings franchise
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#B25v5South Game #2 features Julius Swerving's shape shifting roster vs last week's league high scorer Chad McDaniel and his Beantown Cup
#B25v5South love the Cup's big man is rocking sweatpants, a banner 17 tshit and running shoes. Dude has already blocked a Trill 3
#B25v5South Beantown Cup up 15-6 after 6+ minutes despite McDaniel just having 1 FG. The rest of his guys have picked it up and Swerving is 0-5 from downtown.
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TYU has realized that hitting layups gets you points! They still trail 37-26 at the break though #B25v5South
#B25v5South I feel like I should know who #13 is for the splitters
#B25v5South @ChrisDowd4 with a steal at half court and slows down like he's going to attempt a dunk and then softly lays it up and in
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#B25v5South rolled in 5 minutes late and thought everyone would be annoyed but Baker was running the clock! It's taken me a few more to get settled but away we go!
#B25v5South Railsplitters led 9-2 early but Thank You University has closed the gap to within 2
#B25v5South Railsplitters have called in supersub @ChrisDowd4 for a cameo appearance. He hasn't been too aggressive early on but can put up points in a hurry when the going gets tough
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#B25v5South Semis #2 featurs @trillotto and Julius Swerving vs the Railsplitters - both teams surprisingly hovered about .500 but in the playoffs anything can happen, as we just saw!
#B25v5South I can't decide if i'd rather play the double header finals game right after the semis like thhe winner of this game will need to OR get the hour off like the Long Pigs
#B25v5South weird seeing some of the Parlor Sports guys (Kluender and @earvrhartwell) NOT in their infamous PS reds
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Tuesday Night Selects are 9-1 and the #1 seed after the Winter 19 season but @DrewDeBari has a veteran CAC laden squad that could take them out. I can't believe I'm actually rooting for his team! Live-tweet storm of the #B25v5South Semis AND Finals on the way
#B25v5South I don't have my clipboard, i had to make copies of an erased stat-sheet at the Y front desk AND i dont have dinner. Needless to say I did not expect to be scoring tonight, but here we are...
#B25v5South "Tibbs that's a delay of game warning" as if its my responsibility to track those things...
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