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Gonna attempt to do a twitter summary of @ProfDavidNutt 's very engaging public lecture tonight at #BAP2018 "Not all in the mind - the brain science of mental illness"...
(not live because of low phone battery! let's hope i can read my own notes...)
Nutt: as a medical student, inspired/challenged/fueled by attack on medical psychiatry by Szaz. More recent attack (again in the form of a book vs publication) by his friend Johan Hari. Sometimes feels like more of a religious debate than scientific. #BAP2018
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Golam Khandaker : More data from ALSPAC cohort. IL6 at 9 years positively associated with depression and psychotic symptoms at 18 years. Similar results for leptin (increases in tandem with IL-6). Negative association with LDL. #BAP2018
Khandaker: Finland cohort. High levels of CRP in middle adolescence, higher risk of hospitalisation for psychosis until 29. Similar findings in a Swedish study. Similar findings in London study for inflammation predicting depressive symptoms. #BAP2018
Khandaker: These longitudinal cohort studies show that inflammation in depression and psychosis not just due to stress of illness - they precede and predict, so could be causal. #BAP2018
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Daniel Weinberger: been arguing for years that to understand schizophrenia we need to think about how brains are built and how different trajectories of post natal development affect the brain #BAP2018
Weinberger: schizophrenia not a disease in a classical medical sense but a state of brain formed through development #BAP2018
Weinberger: Schizophrenia runs in families. Roughly 1% of cases have loss of function mutations which is major risk factor, about 2% cases have CNVs and 97% cases cumulation of common variants in particular combination. #BAP2018
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Early brain development and the origin of psychiatric conditions. Schizophrenia as a differential form brain development rather than a 'disease'. Guest lecture from Daniel Weinberger @BAPsych #BAP2018
Across 4 different datasets (n=1693) obstetric complications interact with polygenetic risk for Schizophrenia. 7 fold increase in prediction of risk with high polygenic risk score AND early life complications. @BAPsych #BAP2018
Take home. Many pathways to developmental noise that will turn out to be relevant to the genesis of lots of different neuropsychiatric conditions. @BAPsych #BAP2018
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Ready for Danny Weinberger’s guest lecture #BAP2018
Many features of human temperament are present in early life - also true of mental illness? #BAP2018
Schizophrenia may not be a disease but rather a state of brain development #BAP2018
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