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I had occasion last night to reread for the first time in many years Churchill's eulogy of Neville Chamberlain on the floor on the Commons. OMG is it great! So surprising in its generosity and warmth, so forgiving of Chamberlain's colossal wrongness, so resistant to the
schismatic urge in the face of evil, so willing to credit Chamberlain's motives and intentions, and his actions after the war began. This is the #CoalitionOfAllDemocraticForces at its very best.

Read it please. It will take 7 minutes of your life:…
Then ask yourself this question: If Churchill could make this speech about Chamberlain after Munich, during the War, after having been so deeply vindicated in his denunciations of Chamberlain's appeasement policies, knowing the disdain history would rightly have for Chamberlain,
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Order of operations for the #CoalitionOfAllDemocraticForces

First, we defeat Trumpism and all its works.

Second, we get control of the coronavirus and thus allow the economy to recover.

Third, we enact the political and anti-corruption reforms on which 90 percent of us agree.
Then and only then, fourth, do we argue about the serious policy differences among us.
If a battle does not need to be fought now, it needs to not be fought now.
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A few reflections on this tweet, which contains a number of themes I have been thinking about a lot recently.
First, "Those who stand against Trump will move on to many different things when he's gone": Yes. We will. Those who stand against Trump come from left, right, and center. What unites them is anti-authoritarianism and democratic pre-politics, not a specific political program.
It is thus not merely probable, but actively desirable that the anti-Trump coalition will break up into its constituent pieces once the current crisis has passed. The country, after all, needs a vibrant democratic right, a vibrant democratic left, and vibrant democratic center.
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Wow, not a word from @SharylAttkisson on this. It’s almost like she doesn’t care enough about the facts of what she writes about to ask about them. #whoknew?
So here’s an interview with myself about every fact about me and this conspiracy theory contained in her article. I put this out there not because it’s interesting but because if Comet Pizza and QAnon show anything, it’s that it’s not a good idea to let conspiracy theories fester
Q: Had you ever heard of Peter Strzok when you wrote your #CoalitionOfAllDemocraticForces article?
A: No
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Over the past year, a truly loopy conspiracy theory about me has developed in one or another of feverish corners of the fever swamp. It involves the phrase “insurance policy” and a Lawfare article I wrote about the #CoalitionOfAllDemocraticForces shortly before the election.
I only mention it because with this perfectly silly article in @thehill by someone named @SharylAttkisson, it seems to have broken through to mainstream media.…
Ms. Atkinson did not call me before she wrote this goofy piece or pose any questions about any of the matters she speculated about. So I invite her to do so here: @SharylAttkisson, feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the “insurance policy.”
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I’ve already given a maudlin shoutout today to @monacharenEPPC. I want to take the occasion of what she did today to remind people that it is easy to speak up when you’re around people who agree with you. If you believe, as I do, in the #CoalitionOfAllDemocraticForces,
we must particularly honor and treasure the voices who speak up when it’s hard, who speak up where it’s hard and unpopular, and who speak up at cost to their social and professional worlds.
We must remember that it really is okay to disagree about the political and agree about the pre-political—that large set of democratic commitments that exist as an antecedent matter to the ability to disagree about the political questions we’re accustomed to fighting over.
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Statement of Principles of the #CoalitionOfAllDemocraticForces of the United States of America: A political manifesto in eighteen tweets. /1/
#IBelieve that any issue that Americans do not need to be actively contesting right now across traditional left-right divisions, Americans need to be *not* actively contesting right now across traditional left-right divisions. /2/
We have grave disagreements about social issues, about important foreign policy questions, about tax policy, about whether entitlements should be reformed or expanded, about what sort of judges should serve on our courts. #IBelieve in putting them all aside. /3/
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