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I was asked a good question today and thought it was worth mentioning here... along with my answer.

"Communists are clearly trying to destroy the US, what parallel to their effort is #Collapsitarian ?"

This is a fair question, and deserves an in-depth answer.
The #CommunistCoups is clearly in full-view to anyone not reading brail or drooling tide pods by now.

This has been their intention all along... to create an authoritarian rule in the USSA.
It began in the compulsory indoctrination camps, and made it's way through media, entertainment, local, state, and federal government... you cannot look anywhere without seeing minions with a child-like reverence for government. They want to be ruled. This is happening.
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I have been asked to write formally on #Collapsitarian and am looking forward to qualifying and quantifying what I believe can become an outlook that is invincible in culture.
Many years ago, in martial arts, I came across Don Rearic who was a very competent trainer that wrote a very interesting article titled, "I will fight you on broken glass."

While his article was focused on people sparring vs. survival, the odd mindset became something of my own.
As my transition from being a (III%er) Republican to a Libertarian that held my III% values very dear, I began the difficult task of determining where the #COTUS failed the country, or if the people failled the #COTUS
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I know I'm not the purest anarchist in the bunker.

My preference for obsolescence and deconstruction leaves me a passive follow-behind amidst the #collapsitarian and #btfsttg friends I have.

But there is one point on which I will inevitably be considered radical:
The governmental monopoly on violence.

Like all government-enabled trusts and monopolies, the few permitted to "provide for the common defense", often called the military-industrial complex but also including the intelligence community complexes, lock out competition.
In doing so, the individual's right to self defense is destroyed.

And make no mistake. You have the right to defend yourself. A right to bear arms is a right to assert oneself in equal force against tyrannical government using violence against you.
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Some thoughts: I think collapse is more likely in the future than an Voluntary society
I think the collapse starts with the Feds finally going bankrupt. The debt spending no longer can go on and its finally exposed
Sure the Feds will try to keep its workforce going but I think there will see a mass exodus of its employees who get to points that their bills have to be paid
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Notes on the Revolution of the Left: If you want to take over and destroy the Conservatives, you'd better learn how to operate the things that make your life possible
A thread
You like electric lights? Electric Cars? You don't have a clue as to how electricity works. How are you going to keep the lights on? I do, but you hate me, and I wont help you if you try to crush my way of life, because Fuck You
Me and Mine will be able to take of ourselves because my Dad taught me how to do useful stuff. If I survive the battle, and you win, I will go on strike and let you wallow in your filth. See the streets of San Francisco, L.A. or San Diego for an example
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