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Reading the conclusion of
#TeamTopologies again, I like to share a couple of tweet-sized quotes that stood out to me:
"To avoid software becoming even larger and eventually overwhelming a team, the size of subsystems (or components) are limited to that manageable by a single team." #CognitiveLoad
"Team structures must match the required #SoftwareArchitecture or risk producing unintended designs" #ConwaysLaw
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Domain Driven Design (DDD) made plain broke down to the bone gristle. cus i need that science to level up my code, but miss me with all the stuffy acronyms and jargon. 🧵

- the actual problem
- what we're trying to solve with the code for the user
- the set of problems that the users ask the developers to solve
- the subject matter
domain driven

- problem focused
- to stay focused on the actual problem
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the internal software quality of a code base correlates to the level of emotional intelligence shared among stakeholders. EQ leads to ISQ
it's like the the code is a reflection of the conversations being had across the team

and the quality of the communication (where we need the EQ) shows in the Internal Software Quality (ISQ)

every piece of code you look at, is a series of conversations between one or more developers and their manager. or to unpack it a lil more ...

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the culture is more important than

the org chart is more important than

the subject matter expertise is more important than

the code and design is more important than

teh tech stack/language/framework/etc
in other words:

the cultural architecture is more important than

the org architecture is more important than

the conceptual architecture is more important than

the technical application architecture is more important than

the technical infrastructure architecture
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Any org that designs a system will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the org's communication structure. - M. Conway #conwaysLaw
many times in this situation especially #legacySystems doing modernization in the enterprise, you get different teams with different understandings and povs of the system i.e. diff #domainmodels trying to integrate a large system
we got one system that follows one model, and our system follows our model, what can we do to keep everything vibing the right way?

💡 we need a mechanism for translating from that domain model, to ours --- so we create an #antiCorruptionLayer between ours and the other system
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