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Y’all probably either are confused of drama of the day in #ENVtuber land. So here’s a summary (not including the dozens of lukewarm takes that form a consensus of enjoying the outreach that clips from various fan channels give to any #Vtuber).

I’ve got unique thoughts on this🧵
From a professional standpoint as someone who manages, consults and cares deeply for VTubers, Cimrai just about covered a lot of what I could’ve and probably would’ve said myself

This professional perspective is missing with a lot of indie talent
I come from a similar background as a content creator doing this for 7 years, but also had my start in a similar aspect as clippers like @UsVtuber. My best friend @RinaHoshinari did too with his FB page geoing hella viral for posting a McD’s anime ad and getting it shared by McDs
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A grim reminder for all #ENVtubers that predators like @Renn_VT do NOT care about you. You are NOT her friend and if you do consider yourself one, chances are, she’s using you.

I thought we were done with this when she RAN AWAY for, her victims coming out. Alas, we aren’t.
What accountability is there, realistically, to make sure that Seluna is “working on things”? This self-improvement gesture is a public interest issue still because she was exposed as a predator at large that still shows NO REMORSE or proof of her working on things
Most of her current friends and followers MUSTbe living in ignorance of what she’s done.

If you don’t know, then please take the time to learn. We poured our hearts and souls into this doc, in which she has failed to address whatsoever
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#ENVtubers have a men-bashing (aka misandry) problem

Men-bashing (aka misandry) may feel well deserved all things considering of who runs society, workplaces, cis privilege, etc, but constantly saying "I hate men, all men suck" and whatnot, even in private, is juvenile and creates a transphobic environment
I understand where the frustration and even genuine hatred of cis men comes from. The general lack of empathy/ability to empathize due to their privilege, etc stuff galore makes every place the rest of us live in genuine hell.

I was just sexually harassed the other day ffs [3]
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I’ve been so busy lately doing Manager-sama stuff that all of the stuff y’all DM me about comes and goes the moment I sit down to investigate it.

Gonna do a 1 AM thread before bed about Marketing, data/growth, and you.

Sit your ass down, this is a CALL-IN post to all #ENVtubers
1) Stop comparing yourself to others. There is literally no point in doing that. We are in a business where your data that is readily available to you in your Insights/Analytics and you can compare with your peers.


Just, STOP
2) You are an individual with:

C. If you’re the type to compare yourself to the likes of Hololive and others who’ve “made it”, then you also lack confidence, which your audience and prospective audience can smell miles away
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Happy #DisabilityPrideMonth
I was wondering what I should say about myself, but am scared. I lose friends over this stuff

If you want to support folks like me, don't defend or use the r-slur (or moron either).

You aren't a "bad person" if you use such words. Let me explain why Please be patient. I'm rhubarbed.
I don't believe in a good & evil moral binary. It's crude and immature imo. People are complicated.

When I see this hat, for example, I know where it comes from and I know what kind of audience it brings in: channers

I don't feel safe around channers. Neither do many [1]
I also know why ppl use this meme. It's either self-deprication or it's misusing the words: "autistic", the r-slur, or any variation of the two for a weird bimbo classification

So I get why it's used. That still isn't enough. There is an environment that's created from it [2]
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#ENVtubers, I see too much rise and grind, burnout, and pain [peko] with a beautiful and talented folks that need some TLC.

No more. Book an appointment with me and level up for 50% off at $30/hr!

Today is the last day to take advantage of my #Pride2021 x #JuneTeenth2021 sale! Image
Due to popular demand; a growing need to dedicate myself to this work I do for y’all, @livestyle, @nyashvt, I need to do my best to not overwork myself and to set my value *closer* to what it needs to be

After midnight, I will be increasing my rate to $75/hr after this ends 💜✨
Please see what you need if you aren’t sure in my thread and be sure to DM me answers to these 10 questions!
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My Ko-Fi Shop and Commissions page are officially open!

This was 100% an emergency act of desperation since I’m currently disputing fraudulent charges with my bank and PayPal. Current goal is $250 by Monday to cover me being in the red + overdraft fee…
For all prospective clients, the options are wide because my expertise is diverse as a Social Media Marketer and Brand Manager (my two specializations). I’ve prepared the top 10 questions I find myself asking former clients for you to answer [cont]
Before I collect and analyze your data:

1) What are your long term goals?

2) Who is your audience?

3) What pain points (issues and needs) are you solving for them?

4) How do you believe you stand out?

5) Who do you think your competitors are?
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All too often there are content creators and #ENVtubers and groups frustrated from not being able to grow or covert followers to viewers and sales!

Starting today until July 5th, I’m here to help at 50% my normal rate. DM me if you’re interested 💝💖
#Pride2021 #JuneTeenth2021 Pride 2021 and Juneteenth sale.  PR. Marketing. Networking.
With this being a #Pride and #JuneTeenth2021 sale, any and all LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC creators and #ENVtubers will receive the highest priority with my services.

Everyone will receive data-driven, passionate, undivided TLC to get ahead of the curve. Lets get shit done, okay?? <33
Art of me being cute as a VTuber was done by @pisxes_chi !!!

Happy #JuneTeenth2021, Chi. I love you!! 💙💙 Vtuber reference: reikanVtuber reference: reikan
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Survivors have come to me in confidence for nearly 7 years now, let alone last night with almost a dozen survivors, I’ve noticed that despite the backlash, there really isn’t enough anger and genuine concern about pedophilia in the #ENVtuber community where it’s a crisis
The anime community, many video game communities including the FGC, now the #ENVtuber community have such a bad issue with predators, serial sexual harassment, child grooming, etc that we’ve had many of our own personal unique #MeToo moments for each. The problem has no spotlight
If you are a CSA/COSCA survivor (Childhood Sexual Abuse, Child on Child Sexual Abuse) or a general survivor of sexual harassment and sexual assault, please feel free to come to me to speak your mind or use #MeToo and #ENVtuber to tell your story and I will give you free PR help
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12 hours of sleep gave me a striking revelation: I could charge $25/hr for a few high paying clients for a consulting service and change my business model, or I can continue what I’ve been doing but pivot a bit and hunker down.

I’ve decided that I will keep my consulting FREE /1

Twitch is a very good platform to do something new that nobody else is doing. I see tons of social media advice, but lots of it is very generic, vague, and unhelpful, yeah? /2
“Stop tweeting, make content” about summarizes what I’m talking about. Content may be king, but if you don’t have your shit figured out, don’t know where you’re going with yourself, then you won’t stand out and your lack of confidence won’t breed confidence in others /3
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idk who needs to hear this, but, doing what you love (hobbies in particular), doesn't and shouldn't require you to monetize it to legitimize your time with it

We need to do away with the idea that you always need to have a side hustle to enjoy recreation--your time is yours
People seem to equate the idea of Escapism and recreation and I wholeheartedly believe that it's been damaging to us all.

Escapism is running away from life's problems. Recreation is being present with yourself and others and having fun

It's crucial to learn how to have fun
I want this to be a PSA to content creators of all kind, especially #ENVtubers because of the overwhelming focus on content, leaving many behind who make content as a way to have fun, not just consume it
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