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1/ Thanks @JimmyJJam. To answer your question directly: Yes this is exactly the type of example of a company that #Helio loves. We actually had them on the CircleUp marketplace briefly a few years ago. More importantly though Helio loved it.
2/ It’s hard in a TweetStorm to explain everything that Helio does or why those things are important. I’ll focus on two dimensions right now through Helio- models relating to Brand and Distribution.
3/ These models are correlated with future success of the companies. They are not perfect but they create an information advantage that allows us to find companies like @PrimalKitchenCo.
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1/ I believe celebrating innovation leads to more innovation. It leads to more investment in the space, more entrepreneurs, more talent to join those co's, etc.

With that goal, we put out an annual list of the 25 most innovative consumer/retail companies called the CircleUp25.
2/ Here is this year’s list of the #CircleUp25. We used #Helio and a panel of industry experts to identify the winners.…
3/ Ancient Nutrition: @ancientnutr / Jordan Rubin, Josh Axe
Pioneered natural, easy to use bone broth powders. Seeing growth as strong as I've ever seen in the category over the last 20 years.

[Disc: I'm an exceptionally small investor]
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1/ Top things CPG investors look at when evaluating success.

[FYI these are heuristics - most investors look at these metrics because they are intuitive and seem to make economic sense. I’ve never met an investor that has proven their value.]
2/ NET REVENUE- If a CPG investor can have 1 number and only one, it is # of eyeballs that looked at your app but didn’t pay anything for it.

Nah just kidding- it’s net revenue. I know- crazy right? Net revenue is actually an important metric.
3/ Note that it is net revenue, not gross. Gross revenue can be very misleading. Difference is trade spend, promos, and discounts can be >20%.
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1/ Thanks @ivanataylor1 - interesting article. Over the past year we’ve seen a big uptick in VC firms using (or saying they use) data in bigger ways. I don’t know this firm at all but in general I tend to look at the core problems to be solved and difference vs. CPG.
2/ So in tech VC investing – is it difficult to know which companies are hot given all of the press, connections, etc? Or is the harder thing figuring out how much to pay (valuation) and convincing that entrepreneur to take your money?
3/ Perhaps in less mature markets the identification matters more, but I certainly think that in the US what matters in tech investing is convincing the best entrepreneurs to work with you and stomaching some offensively high valuation.
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1/ In honor of all the CEOs who have told me they are "crushing it," and that they “can’t keep up with the growth” - I’d like to put forward just some of the many many mistakes I’ve made as CEO. Some were bad for @CircleUp , some were just embarrassing:
2/ Fundraising > Got an introduction to @sequoia from a corporate lawyer. It was the first VC meeting of my life. It lasted 14 minutes. Never get an introduction from a lawyer (neg signal to VC). Never make Sequoia your first VC mtg. Both will make you look like a clown.
3/ About 65 VCs passed on us in our Seed Round and about 55 I should have never pitched. Best to research investment history (and current interests via Twitter, blogs, etc) before a pitch meeting - if you don’t have a thesis on why it’s a fit, they certainly won’t.
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