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🧳My Earth Arcade - Eating Trip in Bangkok✈️

I went to Bangkok to follow in the footsteps of Yujinnie and Earth Arcade 3 weeks ago.

I want to share a travel guide for you who want to travel to Bangkok.😊

#안유진 #AnYujin #アン・ユジン
#IVE #아이브
#IZONE #아이즈원 #アイズワン
🍽️Krua Apsorn - Dinsor Branch🍽️

+ Map :
+ Facebook :…

I order takeaway because I arrived at the restaurant late and The restaurant is about to close.😆 ImageImage
- Krua Apsorn Menu -

1. Pad Thai with Prawns - 99 THB ImageImageImage
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About covering 'That's Okay'

Sakura: The reason behind why I put up a solo song cover... Around 1 year ago, I started seriously taking vocal training. Even so, when it comes to singing, it's kinda scary. In the olden days, it wasn't scary at all.▶️

#さくのき #IZONE #宮脇咲良
Sakura: I'm also from a musical background, I appeared on Lion King & such so I loved singing. Maybe even more than dancing. But I don't know since when, I became fearful of singing...well, it's also after looking at various comments & such. I started having doubts about my▶️
Sakura: voice & thinking, 'I probably shouldn't be singing'. Like, even during recordings, listening to mere advice like, "It'll be better if you sing it like this" would fill me with doubts. I could feel that the more I sing, the more negative I became. I thought to myself,▶️
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How Sakura spent her birthday

Sakura: I woke up around noon. Since it was my birthday, everyone tweeted various stuff after 12am right? It became quite late after I had a look at those & it's not like I had plans the next day so I took the time to wake up.▶️

#さくのき #IZONE
Sakura: Nako & Chaeyeon were getting ready to go skating & Nako said, "Kkura unnie, come along too!" but I can't skate so...(laughs) I was kinda scared of getting hurt too so Chaeyeon was like, "Then how about going to Lotte World?" & we ended up going to Lotte World (laughs)▶️
Sakura: I went with Chaeyeon, Nako & Manager unnie. It was super duper fun was SO scary~! (laughs) When I was a kid, I used to be the type who likes to go on scary rides. Nako wasn't able to ride on the scary ones before but when we went to Universal previously,▶️
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Sakura: I've turned 23! There's a funny story about how I welcomed my birthday...😂 The day before, on the 18th, all of us went to thank the people who had taken care of us so far. It was a timing where all the members could gather together & they surprised me▶️

#さくのき #IZONE
Sakura: with an ice cream cake which made me really happy~ All 12 of us celebrated together & after that, I went to my bday cafes. I went afterhours to avoid congestion & it took around 2hrs. I went home around 11pm & had my meal together with Yuri. There's a dumpling she eats▶️
Sakura: EVERYDAY, she only eats that! I was like, "Is it really so yummy?" & she said, "This is really yabai! Should I make 1 for you?". Yuri warmed up 1 pc for me & we were having a convo like, "It's yummy right?" "You're right. But not to the extent of eating it everyday..."▶️
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Sakura: (reads fan letter) I feel the same. When I look at the sky, it reminds me of #IZONE & WIZ*ONE too. A sky is something that exists equally wherever we are. Everyone looks at the same sky right? Since there's only 1 of it.▶️

#さくのき #宮脇咲良
Sakura: So I feel like comrades who have spent the same time together are forever comrades. Like those who have been with me since HKT 1st gen but have now graduated, even though they won't be able to stand on the same stage with me anymore, they'll forever be comrades to me.▶️
Sakura: Even #IZONE, they'll forever be my comrades too. Despite being apart, it will never change. Of course the fans who have been supporting us then & now too, they'll still remain a precious existence to me. For me, if there isn't a past, there won't be the present.▶️
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Sakura wrote 3 undisclosed songs for #IZONE actually. Says it's too bad we won't be able to hear it in the members voices but she hopes it'll be heard someday...

#さくのき #宮脇咲良 #미야와키사쿠라
Fan wrote about how #IZONE is like a constellation in the sky made up of 12 stars & each stars reflects light onto each other no matter how far away🥺

Sakura: There are 3 songs I wrote for #IZONE to convey about this moment, but too bad wasn't able to be disclosed▶️

Sakura: to everyone. In one of the song, the lyrics say, "In the dark night sky, even if you lose your way, I'll become a star & shine forever so you won't be lost". The title is 'Bright Night' or '밝은 밤' in Korean. It'll be nice if it can be released someday, somewhere...😅▶️
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Hitomi: Around this time 3yrs ago, I was really conflicted about whether to go to Korea & challenge myself. I haven't been to overseas much, couldn't speak the language & circumstances around me would change so it was a challenge which required a lot of courage.▶️

Hitomi: But because I pluck up my courage & took up the challenge at that time, I was able to meet a version of myself I never could have imagined before. So, firstly, I'd like to thank myself from 3yrs ago (laughs) After becoming #IZONE, of course there are fun memories but▶️
Hitomi: there might have been even more tough moments...(teary laugh) Somehow, during the debut & right after it was really really hard. Just looking at people passing by in cars or walking, I would think, "Ahh, it's nice to be free... "🥲. That's how hard it was emotionally...▶️
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#2NE1 Image
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You know what, screw all the RWBY/RT drama I've talked about today, my girls Eunbi & Sakura absolutely killed it with this cover of Irene & Suelgi's "Monster"!

And then we got the dangerous Ace trio of Chaeyeon, Yena and Yujin over here killing their cover of Kehlani's "Gangsta". And when I say they killed it...they KILLED it. 😲

And then we move from the powerful badass to the sweet and cute performance of Hyewon, Chaewon and Wonyoung covering Orange Caramel's "Catallena". And huge props to Hyewon, I'm so proud to see how much she's grown. 😊 #HYEWON #CHAEWON #WONYOUNG #IZONE

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IZ*ONE - “Secret Story of the Swan” MV Shooting Behind The Scene (1)

#IZONE #아이즈원 @official_izone #EUNBI #권은비
IZ*ONE - “Secret Story of the Swan” MV Shooting Behind The Scene (2)

#IZONE  #아이즈원  @official_izone #SAKURA #미야와키사쿠라
IZ*ONE - “Secret Story of the Swan” MV Shooting Behind The Scene (3)

#IZONE  #아이즈원  @official_izone #HYEWON #강혜원
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#IZONE Fashion Thread
#Minju Heart*IZ Teaser
👗: Gucci Floral Printed Silk Dress Pink $3,578
#kimminju #izone #izonestyle #아이즈원 #rks_gucci ImageImageImage
#Yena ASMR Unboxing Album
👕: Oui Mais Non Heart V-neck knit Ver.2 ₩139,000
#choiyena #izone #izonestyle #rks_ouimaisnon ImageImage
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🌸Lean On Me🌸 - JangChae Au

"Even if everything in this world changes.
Even if your tears continue to stream down...
I'll be here for you."

#JangchaeOShots #MAMAMAVOTE #izone
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[ pink flowers and cheerleading uniforms ]

wherein wonyoung has a tendency to overthink and yujin loves wonyoung too much to question it.



thanks to @jangwonyoi for making wizones write annyeongz oneshots 🥰
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𝑊𝑒'𝑟𝑒 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝐻𝐸𝐴𝑅𝑇*𝐼𝑍?

JangChae feat. Yujin AU

#JangchaeOShots #MAMAVOTE #izone
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★ A SSamKKura oneshot

~𝓒𝓾𝓽 𝓸𝓯𝓯~

#SsamkkuraOShots #MAMAVOTE #izone
A volleyball match + lost?
"sure you don't"
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지금부터 아이즈원의 예쁜 사진 옆에 예쁜 사진 뒤에 예쁜 사진이 폭탄으로 나갑니다💣📸 위즈원 심장 부여잡고 볼 준비됐나요😎 #IZONE #아이즈원 #HEART_TO_HEARTIZ #HEARTIZ #M2 #엠투
엠피디는 하늘 위로 무대도 너무 귀엽고 청량하고 좋더라구요 아이즈원 이즈 뭔들🥰 #IZONE #아이즈원 #HEART_TO_HEARTIZ #HEARTIZ #M2 #엠투
컴백쇼 녹화하러 와서 화보를 찍고 간 우리즈원❣ 사진 한 장 한 장이 다 예술이라 모두 풀어드립니다 취향껏 저장하세요 #그리고모두저장했다고한다 #IZONE #아이즈원 #HEART_TO_HEARTIZ #HEARTIZ #M2 #엠투
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IZ*ONE as Disney Princess! Again, this is my personal opinion and opinions can be different. Please don't reply this thread thankss #IZONE
Kwon Eunbi : Tiana
- Very responsible
- Sings while doing chores
- Doesn't believe in fairytale, a Realistic queen
- Hardworking
- Calm and collected. Sometimes.

#IZONE #권은비
Miyawaki Sakura : Pocahontas
- Free-spirited
- Color of the wind? More like color of her hair that is constantly changing
- Traveling by jumping from tree to tree
- Is actually pretty naive
- Only have like, 1 dress

#IZONE #미야와키사쿠라
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