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Updated #MarbleGame rankings:

1. Florida 240
2. 62-way tie at 200
64. 2-way tie Arizona & Miami at 160
66. Hawaii 140
67. 64-way tie at 100

BTW, the Marble Game rankings don't really start sorting themselves out until Week 6 or 7, which is how it should really be. Preseason CFB rankings are utterly stupid
I call them stupid from the perspective of ranking teams at end of season for playoffs. I tout the marble system as a simple/fair way for giving credit for games already played, not for predicting future games.
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I guess if ESPN or the AP wants to have a preseason poll, whatever, but why would the NCAA have an "official" preseason top 25?
You can have whatever opinion you want, but as far as the NCAA is concerned, the preseason CFB rankings should be a 130-way tie for #1
It's time for my annual touting of the #MarbleGame system:

1. All P5 teams start with 200 marbles
2. Remaining FBS schools start with 100 marbles
3. Beat a team at home/neutral site, take 20% of their marbles
4. Beat a team on road, take 25% of their marbles
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Notre Dame finishes reg season with 690 marbles. Marble counts of other top teams depending on conference championship game W/L

Clemson 714/531
Alabama 759/519
Ohio St 672/493
Georgia 704/460
Oklahoma 591/416
So if next weekend's games go as expected, the top 4 teams will be

1. Alabama 759
2. Clemson 714
3. Notre Dame 690
4. Ohio St 672

No muss, no fuss, no smoke-filled back rooms needed.
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ICYMI, the Week 9 CFB #marblegame standings-…

Alabama at LSU is the biggest marbles-at-risk game of the year so far. Bama now with 453 marbles, LSU 410. If Bama wins, counts will be Bama 556 LSU 307; if LSU wins, it'll be Bama 362 LSU 511
Other games of consequence today with current team marble counts, and marbles at risk:

Georgia 384 (77) @ Kentucky 344 (96)
Penn St 288 (57) @ Michigan 409 (102)
ND 525 (105) @ Nwestern 238 (60)
WVU 317 (63) @ Texas 314 (79)
Iowa 267 (53) @ Purdue 241 (60)
Based on a quick check, the new marble standings should be
ND 585
Bama 556
Clemson 509
Georgia 470
Michigan 466
Ohio St 415
Wazzu 414
WVU 396
Oklahoma 391
Iowa State (!) 316
I trust @NateEMiller will have complete new standings later today
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after yesterday's games, new #MarbleGame standings should be

1 Notre Dame 518
2 Clemson 461
3 Bama 453
4 LSU 410
5 Michigan 409

I trust @NateEMiller will have complete Week 8 marble standings later today.…
Alabama and LSU idle next week so their Week 9 marble counts won't change. When they play at LSU in 2 weeks, Alabama will take 103 marbles from LSU if they win, LSU will take 91 marbles from Alabama if they win.
Pretty sure that will be the highest combined marbles-at-risks in single game so far this season. Purdue took 103 marbles from Ohio State last night, which is the single highest marble heist of the season
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Today's #GloomyDave forecast: Hawkeye Homecoming Deathmobile gets turtle-waxed

Maryland 31
Iowa 4
I am legit gloomy about this one. As soon as Iowa figures out the forward pass, they have to face 40 mph winds. Trap game with Penn St next week. Maryland has been schizophrenic, but they beat Texas and average like 250 yds on the ground.
In case you were wondering, here are the #MarbleGame standings going into today's games. Iowa has 293 marbles, Maryland 207. If IA wins, new marble count will be IA 334, MD 166; if MD wins it will be IA 220, MD 280.…
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If you've been following the CFB #MarbleGame, here are the new rankings after Week 5 (many thanks @NateEMiller)…
If you haven't been following, here is how it works:
1. Each P5 team + Notre Dame start with 200 marbles; other FBS teams start with 100 marbles; non-FBS teams start with 0 marbles
2. win at home, take 20% of opponent's marbles; win on the road, take 25%
3. Neutral site treated as home game for both teams

Example: OU plays Texas at neutral site. Current marbles OU 358, Texas 283.
If OU wins, new marble count will be OU 415, Texas 226
If Texas wins, it will be OU 286, Texas 355
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