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9 Aug
Time to Scoop the Loop with #DavesCarIDService
*Image is from the newly released book "Van Nuys Boulevard 1972," a collection of Rick McCloskey's amazing photos from the golden age of car cruising in the San Fernando Valley. Highly recommended, even if you're not into cars.
**Car here is a Windsor White 1967 Ford Mustang GT, wearing the then-au courant Keystone Klassic mag wheels. The Bullitt Mustang was a Dark Highland Green 1968 Mustang GT, with decal delete and American Racing cast spoke mags.
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4 Aug
For you vintage car nerds, here's a little dive into the history of the Continental Automobile Co. Not the Ford brand or Lincoln model, a completely different car make that only existed 1933-34, with the dandy slogan "Powerful as the Nation." #DavesCarIDService
Continental Motor Co. was founded in 1902, and that's exactly what their business was: making motors. Not cars, just motors. Their were tons of car companies at the time who didn't have resources to make their own motors, so Continental filled that gap as an engine supplier.
Continental was the sole or partial engine supplier to over 100 different car makers, including some well known ones: Auburn, Cord, Ruxton, Durant, Moon, Kaiser, Graham-Paige, Hudson. The also built the earliest production car front wheel drive mechanisms for Ruxton & Cord.
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3 Aug
That's why the Tesla truck will be a big success, because the quiet electric motor makes it so much easier to sneak up on the pedestrians
I rest my case
Tex Avery FTW
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3 Aug
Wifey made some purdy curtains for the trailer
1959 Airstream Tradewinds. She restored the interior all by herself, making us the envy of Pflugerville Pflats Mobile Estates
Seems like a good excuse to post some of my pics of vintage travel trailers
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1 Aug
Cowabunga! Surf's up for #DavesCarIDService
*The ginchy surfmobile here is a 1949-51 Ford, last of the true woody wagons.

**And before you start tweeting pics at me, please follow the guidelines (and as always: NO POLITICS)
Here's earlier Ford woody, a 1928-29 Model A. The earliest woodies were called "depot hacks," designed as taxis ("hacks") for hauling passengers & luggage from the train depot to the hotel.

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31 Jul
Hubcap selfie in a 1951 Kaiser Manhattan
Going thru some old cell phone car pics, and posting a few as a thread; feel free to mute if this annoys you
Tetanus 55 Chevy
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28 Jul
I defy anyone to read this entire article and not turn into a rabid enthusiast for violent revolution
I'm not so sure. Wealth-glamorizing is standard fare for the NYT lifestyle pages. A typical Times subscriber will nod their way thru the Bolshevik news/OpEds, then 1 minute later ooh-ahh the Hamptons lifestyle shit. Self awareness is not their strong suit.
"Jack, an entertainment industry hedge fund attorney, and wife Jill, CEO of Love Chukkers, a non-profit that teaches polo to inner city trans youth, expressed concern that the Southampton awareness fundraising season would be interrupted by COVID newcomers from New Jersey."
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27 Jul
ACLU staff attorney emphasizes organization's deep, abiding, and unshakable commitment to the principle of free speech
ACLU 1977: yes, their views may be disgusting and repulsive, but even Neo-Nazis have the right to march in a town that is home to hundreds of Holocaust survivors

ACLU 2020: the Harry Potter person hurt my feelings, and must be stopped before it turns into genocide
What a long strange trip it's been for the ACLU
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18 Jul
Red Schafer in his 1921 Duesenberg special, powered by the 8 "walking beam" engine. Duesenberg had been racing since 1913, but 1921 coincided with their first production car built in Des Moines (the Duesenberg Bros were from Rockford IA) #DavesCarIDService
Fred & Augie Duesenberg were 2 NW Iowa farm boys who founded the Mason car co. in 1906, later purchased by Iowa washing machine magnate Fred Maytag in 1909 and renamed Maytag-Mason. Built in Des Moines and Waterloo.
The early Iowa built cars won many hill climbs, and the brothers began building race cars under their own name in 1913, in a shop in St Paul MN. One of their early drivers was later WW1 ace Eddie Rickenbacker, who drove a Doozy at Indy in 1914.
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18 Jul
Today's episode of #DavesCarIDService is brought to you by the Venice Beach Amusement Pier Monkey Speedway, home of the thrill packed Powder Puff Monkey Drags! Eliminations every Saturday at 8. Remember, no nitro, and no wagering
A gentle reminder of the #DavesCarIDService guidelines
Let's kickoff today's thread with this one from my good buddy AB: a very dignified 1941 Cadillac Series 62 4 door convertible, reduced to the indignity of being... a planter?
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10 Jul
Fresh round of blue checkmark fart sniffing announced
I had 3 bowls of lentil soup last night, the response will be released this morning
Musky, with tones of sulfur and spoiled eggs, and a strong Year Zero finish
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10 Jul
A blessed National Collector Car Appreciation Day to all! This is your cue to to show off photos of your swanky, old timey heaps for the appreciation of all.
Here's my starter vehicles Rx's for getting into the old car thing:

1920-29 Ford Model Ts & As
1965-70 "vanilla" Ford Mustangs
1955-70 4 door sedans

All are fairly cheap with plentiful parts available; T or A good for neighborhood drives, the others OK for freeways.
by "vanilla" I mean base model Mustang, not GT / Boss / Mach I, which can be pricey. 50-72 pickups are also a good bargain.

Please note these are not investment recommendations; these cars are so plentiful they are not going to appreciate much in value, they're just fun.
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1 Jul
Looks like they picked the wrong impeccably woke mayor to temporarily inconvenience
You can displace and ruin dozens of businesses, create a violent anarchist free-fire squatter's camp, but by God if you as much as THINK of interrupting my Netflix-and-chill, I will nuke you back to the Stone Age
Jenny Durkan's new campaign slogan: My Life Matters
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1 Jul
It was a good run, English language
The writing was on the wall when the verbing of nouns started
*please note: I swiped this screenshot from somebody else, and I have not been shopping for diamond rings for you or anyone else for that matter
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29 Jun
Let's face it, the only products that make sense to advertise on social media are bullhorns and Xanax
*Attention advertisers in the discount alcohol, salvage auto parts, or medical truss industries: DM me for rate card
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28 Jun
This installment of #DavesCarIDService is brought to you by #DavesCarUniversity. Our first lesson: this 1937 educational film will show you with amazing conciseness exactly how your rear end works.

Dave's Car University - dedicated to learnin' dopes™

Before commencing with today's IDs, a couple of corrections from yesterday: first h/t to Harry B for spotting a Renault truck, which I had kinda suspected was a Mack. Who knew the Minnesota Highway Dept used French trucks in 1920?
Another h/t to Tom, who here correctly IDs the mysterious cut in half car swing, which I had overconfidently stated was a Datsun 510.

I apologize, and thank these eagle eyed readers. Please note I am not infallible, and welcome corrections.
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27 Jun
Good. I encourage advertisers everywhere to permanently boycott all social media platforms forever.
This country will never heal until Facebook and Twitter have mass layoffs, their electricity shut off, eviction notices pasted on their doors, and Dorsey and Zuckerberg are sharing a '78 Winnebago parked under an overpass on the 101.
If 50% of US college faculty can be for the violent overthrow of the government, I feel no hypocrisy for using this platform to call for it to be starved of ad revenue
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22 Jun
I tried to start a cult based on mutual benign disregard, but I couldn't get anyone to pay attention
Our secret handshake is the shrug
WHO'S WITH ME? I mean, like, in spirit or whatever, no pressure
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17 Jun
your comment section is troubling, says company who owns *checks notes* YouTube

Personally I believe we should ban all comment sections AND all internet ad placements
God knows I've tried to sell my audience to advertisers, but the only ones with the slightest interest were toe fungus ointments and exotic animal attractions
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17 Jun
1 Comment sections are the worst part of the internet
2 Twitter is the internet's biggest comment section
I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Twitter, starving hysterical naked,
dragging themselves through the mentions at dawn looking for an angry fix,
blue checked hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night
When it comes to turning people into gibbering mental cases, Twitter is worse than meth, crack, lead paint chips, syphilis, and college combined
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11 Jun
"Fort Audie Murphy" and "Fort Doris Miller" also have a nice ring to them.
OK, "Fort Audie Murphy" and "NAS Doris Miller."
Renaming Fort Hood doesn't dishonor the soldiers who served there. It stops honoring a traitor- and not only a traitor, an incompetent traitor.
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