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Polyethylene glycol!?

There’s lots of misinformation about these vaccine ingredients, so let’s spend some time finding out what’s safe and what’s not. 👇🏿

#ScienceUpFirst #NIAW2022

🧵[1/6] Thimerosal Aluminum  Formaldehyde  Polyethylene glycol (aka

It’s a form of mercury that stops microbes from growing in some vaccines. 🛑

It hasn’t been used in routine kids’ vaccines in Canada since 2001, but is in some flu shots.

The mercury dose is less than a can of tuna! 🐟

#ScienceUpFirst #NIAW2022


It’s an “adjuvant” that helps the body mount a stronger response.

The amounts in vaccines are *tiny.*

A child will get more aluminum from baby formula or nursing than vaccines in the first 6mo of life.

#ScienceUpFirst #NIAW2022

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HPV is no joke.

There are 3 approved vaccines in Canada that prevent it.

Let’s talk about it ⬇️

#NIAW2022 #ScienceUpFirst

🧵[1/8] Let's talk about the HPV va...
HPV = Human Papillomavirus.

It’s the most common sexually transmitted viral infection worldwide (1).

It’s estimated 75% of sexually active unvaccinated Canadians will get it at some point (2).

#NIAW2022 #ScienceUpFirst

You don’t even need to have sex to get HPV. It can be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact (3).

#NIAW2022 #ScienceUpFirst

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When it comes to routine vaccines, stick to the schedule. It’s better that way. 📅

Wondering if, by spacing out your kids’ vaccines, you can save some tears?

We’ve got just the thread for you 👇🏽

#NIAW2022 #ScienceUpFirst

🧵[1/10] Can I space out my baby's v...
The routine immunization schedule here in Canada was developed for a reason: to provide optimal protection from vaccine-preventable diseases (1).

And with vaccines, timing is everything (2).

#NIAW2022 #ScienceUpFirst

Here are a few understandable (but unfounded!) reasons you might think about spacing out vaccines:

- Will a baby’s immune system get “overloaded” by too many vaccines all at once?
- Will getting multiple vaccines at once hurt too much?

#NIAW2022 #ScienceUpFirst

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